Estimated Shipping Times

Estimated Shipping Times Map

Shipping times shown are estimates for FedEx ground delivery after shipping from our plant in California. In some cases a purchase may be direct shipped to you from the manufacturer in which case shipping / delivery may take a day or two longer or shorter depending upon the point of origin.  Shipping and delivery dates cannot be guaranteed.

Shipping costs are calculated automatically depending upon the shipping mode chosen, the point of origin and the weight or size of the package(s). Since our volume is large, our shipping rates tend to be low. We have no way of calculating a return shipping cost nor do we pay for return shipping expense.

Transit times do not include the ship date, weekends or holidays.

The best assurance of satisfaction is to ship in a timely manner. However, if you have an important delivery date and not much time, please call our customer service staff who will gladly confirm stock check or anything else that will give you the information you need to make an appropriate shipping method decision.  We can help best if called in advance.  800-826-2871 (press 2 during business hours).

Residential ground delivery is Tuesday through Saturday. Never on Monday.  Air shipments are always delivered Monday through Friday.

International Shipping  The shopping cart will offer shipping charges for most international destinations.  Please call customer service, 800-826-2871, if you have any problems.