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The Best Dog Doors and Cat Doors

Pet doors are the single most useful and ideal pet product you can buy for your pet. Dog doors and cat doors help with potty training, free you from 'door man' duty and, most of all, give your pets freedom to the outdoors. Large dog doors give guard dogs access to every area of the property while pet doors for walls and pet doors for windows can give your pet an escape route in case of fire or other emergencies. 

Don't be afraid of ruining doors or walls with the pet doors available through Patio Pacific! Our electronic dog doors for sliding glass doors do not require any cutting into doors or walls - you can even take them with you when you move!

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  1. Cat Mate 210 Screen / Glass Fitting Cat Door

    Cat Mate 210 Screen / Glass Fitting Cat Door

    Regular Price: $49.99

    Special Price: $29.95

    The Cat Mate 210 Glass / Screen Fitting Cat Door is designed for installation in weak materials including screen, plate glass or thin wood panel.

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  2. Petsafe Pet Screen Door

    Petsafe Pet Screen Door

    Regular Price: $20.69

    Special Price: $16.55

    As low as: $15.26

    The Petsafe Pet Screen Door installs simply in screen with a sharp knife and hammer. Support is by the screen only so heavier screen is better.

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  3. Ideal Pet Passage for Screen Doors

    Ideal Pet Passage for Screens

    Regular Price: $27.50

    Special Price: $24.99

    The Ideal Pet Passage Cat Door for Installation in a Screen is a quick and easy 'snap in' pet door which re-uses the screen you cut out for installation thus allowing for a perfect screen match.

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  4. SureFlap Micro-Chip Cat Door and Wall Liner

    SureFlap ™ Micro-Chip Cat Door and Wall Liner Kit

    Starting at: $14.99

    The SureFlap ™ Micro-Chip Cat Door and Wall Liner Kit allows purchase of the Micro-Chip Cat Door and any number of wall liners to allow installation in a wall.

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  5. Petsafe Magnetic Cat Door and Tunnel Extensions

    Petsafe Magnetic Cat Door and Wall Liner Kit

    Starting at: $6.31

  6. Cat Mate 308 Wall Liners for All Elite Series Cat Doors

    Cat Mate 305 or 306 RFID Cat Door and Wall Framing Kit

    Starting at: $12.69

    The Cat Mate 305 or 306 Electronic Cat Door and Wall Framing Kit provides both the Cat Mate Electronic Cat Doors and the needed Wall Liners for installing the electronic cat door in a wall.

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  7. Cat Mate 307 Elite 4-Way Locking Cat Door and Wall Kit

    Cat Mate Elite 307 Cat Door and Wall Kit

    Starting at: $12.69

  8. Petsafe (formerly Staywell) 310 Wall Liner

    Petsafe 4-Way Locking Cat Flap and Wall Kit

    Starting at: $6.31

  9. Cat Mate 234 / 235 Cat Door & Wall Liners

    Cat Mate 234 or 235 Cat Door and Wall Framing Kit

    Starting at: $9.00

    The Cat Mate 234 or 235 Cat Door and Wall Framing Kit allows purchase of the Cat Mate 234 or Cat Mate 235 Cat Door together with Wall Liners to allow installation in a wall of any thickness.

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  10. Ideal Screen-Fit Pet Door

    Ideal Screen-Fit Pet Door


    The Ideal Screen-Fit Pet Door is easily installed through the screen of a screen door, window or sliding screen door.

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Q - Where do I measure my pet for a pet door?

A - Measure your pet from the floor to just comfortably above the top of its back ('withers'). Don’t measure to the top of your pet’s head. All pets normally duck their heads when passing through a pet door and pick their paws up (unless they're ill or arthritic). For width, open a door the minimum distance the pet needs to walk through comfortably. Another approach is to cut an opening in a piece of cardboard and see if your pet can pass through it easily. Don’t push.

We recommend that the top of the flap be about the same height as the top of the pets shoulder. Remember to give a little extra height for a wall-thru installation or when tall and short pets must share the same door.

Q - I took my new panel pet door home and it was too short (or too tall), what do I do?

A - A frequent misconception is that all sliding glass doors are the same height. People frequently say "I have a standard height sliding glass door". Not necessarily so. In fact, sliding glass doors vary in height from around 74" to over 10 feet in height and the maximum adjustment range of any pet door is only about 4". So, you really should take a moment to measure before you purchase.

Q - How do I measure my sliding glass door for a pet door installation?

A- Measure inside the track, very top to very bottom (see illustration), then select the door that falls within that height range. Remember that you'll need some clearance to get the door over the track wall and into the track! Call us if in doubt.
Measure your track height to fit a patio panel pet door
Where to Measure for a
Patio Panel Pet Door

Q - Do you make a pet door for conventional up-and-down sliding sash windows?

A. Yes we do. The Thermo-Sash™ door is perfect for this.

Q - Do you offer custom-sized pet doors?

A.- Yes, we have variety of custom sizes to choose from especially for French doors. There are custom sized options for both door entry and wall entry and we've also got you covered if you need a dog or cat door for your unusual sliding glass door, or a sidways sliding glass window

Q - Do you make pet doors for my very large dog? He’s over 220 lbs.

A - Yes we do and for every installation type. We carry pet doors from small to Extra Large and even Giant-Sized.

Q - I don’t want to cut a hole in my front or back wooden door. What do you recommend?

A - See our line of through-wall, window or sliding patio door options. Basically, any place you can open a hole to the outside, you can install a pet door. Call us to discuss your particular problem.

Q - How can I keep my neighbor’s cat (or other animals like skunks, etc) from using the pet door?

A - Choose an electronic pet door. These are available for all installation types and all, generally, work the same way: Your pet wears a collar 'key' that the door responds to. They simply unlock and the pet pushes through as he would any pet door. You may use one of these doors to keep one animal in while letting another out. However, be careful here. Some of the smaller sizes control in only one direction. That is to say, they will not unlock for an animal coming in, but they will allow any animal that fits to go out. Others will control in both directions.

Q - How do I adjust the magnet strength on my flap?

A - Only the Endura Flap has variable magnet strength. You can rearrange the magnets to either make it have increased wind resistance or to make it easier for pets to open.

Q - I'm interested in getting a cat door, but all the openings seem very small. Can a cat really fit through it?

A - Generally speaking, yes. Cats can fit through very small openings. The best way to tell if your cat will fit through an opening would be to get a piece of cardboard and cut out the dimensions of the pet door you are interested in. Try to get your cat to go through this opening. If can get through it then the flap size should be fine.

Q: Can you close off the pet door when you’re not using it?

A: Most pet doors (with the exception of kennel use type doors) will come with some way to close it off when not in use. The more common types are the slide in locking covers, such as with the Endura Flap Pet Doors. These ones will slide in from top to bottom. The Hale Pet Doors have a top load or a side load option avaliable. There are also some locking covers that snap into the front of the pet doors. The Plexidor has an keyed lock in the Medium through X-Large flap sizes, and an extra cover that you can screw on for extra security. Cat flaps do not have a locking cover, but most will have either a 2-way lock or a 4-way lock.

Q - What's the difference between a single flap and a double door or wall mount?

A - A single flap pet door has one flap inbetween the outside and the inside of your house. A double flap has two flaps, usually one on the inside and a second one on the outside of the house. Single flaps are cheaper and depending on your climate, a great choice. Double flaps insulate better and are recommended if you live in areas that get quite cold. Note that it takes a little more patience to train a dog or cat to use a double flap compared with a single flap. 

Q - My dog already uses a dog door. Will he have a hard time learning how to use the Endura Flap?

A - With the proper training, your dog should get the hang of it. To make it easier for your dog to learn how to push the flap open, you can adjust the magnet strength. With the proper training your dog should get the hang of it.

Q - I’m having trouble installing my door. Does have any suggestions on how to install them?

A - Yes, we offer suggestions for how to install your pet door in various materials.

Q - Does perform installations in my area?

A - No, only distributes and ships pet doors from our warehouse. If you need help finding an installer, please refer to our Professional Pet Door Installation page

Q - I want to replace my existing pet door with a different model, what should I do?

A - Most of the time you will have to amend the opening, but the only way to see if a replacement door would fit right into your existing cut out would be to measure your current opening. Then look for a product that has matching dimensions.

Q - Do you have any pet doors that are fire rated?

A - Unfortunately, there are no current fire rated pet doors available.

Q -  How how high should I put the pet door?

A - Pet doors must be installed at least 1" above the tallest part of the dog's back and at least 3" from the floor so you do not jeopardize the the integrity of the door. We strongly recommend measuring your pet

Q - I’m not sure if I fit into any of the above categories. I may have a special problem. May I call you for advice?

A - Of course. Call customer service toll-free at (800) 826-2871 7am to 4:30pm Mon-Fri. Patio Pacific is always committed to helping you solve any pet door problem you may have.

Q - (After purchase of a pet door) How did I ever get along without it?

A - We're sure we don't know!


Do you have a question that wasn't answered? If you do, please email it to us at