10 Reasons Why You Should Have a Dog

Besides the obvious reason that they are so cute and adorable, I am here to give you 10 more reasons why you yourself should go out and get a dog, or for you kids begging your parents to let you have one, here’s a little something to aid your convincing.

1. They give you a reason to go out, be active and workout. Take your pup out to go play fetch, go on a run, play frisbee, whatever interests you. Dog owners tend to be much more active than those who do not own dogs because they are out spending time with their pups. It eliminates the time being spent in front of that computer screen, or television screen for you and your children.

2. When no one else is around they give you someone to talk to, play with, and just hangout with. They are great companions and can keep you awesome company when no one else is around. You can also teach them cool tricks like this one.

3. They provide you with protection. They are always around to protect you, even when you don’t need protecting. Dogs don’t like to see their beloved owner being mistreated, they will not stand for it!I know when I was little I had a rottweiler and whenever ANYONE and I mean anyone would hurt me or even just mess around with me, Zeuss was right there to back me up if I needed him.

4. They always love you, even when it may seem like no one else does. There is nothing like the love and attention you get from your dog.

5. They have a great way of making you a bunch of friends. You take your cute dog out for a stroll through town and you’re guaranteed to have conversations with complete strangers who may even end up becoming one of your good friends.

6. Not only is your dog capable of making a bunch of messes, but they are also just as capable to clean up those messes. You drop your plate of food on the dirty floor, before you even get the chance to grab something to clean it up, your dog has already vacuumed it up for you.

7. They can sense those times of stress and are there to calm you down and keep that stress to a minimum. Dogs are a great outlet from the issues you have going on at the time.

8. They are a great way to teach your children some responsibility. They will always want to be the ones taking care of the new puppy, and that is good for them to learn at a young age. It will also teach them to make sure to pick up after themselves so their stuff doesn’t get eaten or chewed up by the dog.

9. They will never disappoint you. You may get really mad and angry with your dog for chewing up your new pair of work shoes or peeing all over the carpet you got cleaned last week. But, they will be the only one to never betray or disappoint you.

10. But most importantly, they will always be anxiously awaiting your arrival home, and giving you lots of love right when you walk through those doors.

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