6 Funny Pet Videos That You Have to See

How to videos are great, but lets face it we go to youtube for the pets and there probably aren’t many bad days that can’t be made a bit better by some funny pet videos! With so many out there it is hard to just choose a few, but I’ve managed to wade through the web (it was such a difficult task as you can imagine) and compile some of the best!

Ultimate Talking Dog Tease

At some time all of us have wished that our pets could talk to us.  Then this video popped up and we just couldn’t get enough of it.  We bet that if they could talk this is exactly what it would sound like!  We can only hope that in the end the owner found it in their heart to hand over the bacon…THE MAPLE KIND!

Learning Kitten

All of us can relate, growing up can be tough! Sometimes we just make some poor judgement calls (hence the reason this kitten might have been my spirit animal from when I was in my 20’s).  Let’s We all make missteps occasionally, but hang in there little one, you still have 8 lives left!

Dog Going for a Run in the Park

Going to the park can be one of the most fun and relaxing things to do with your pet.  Beautiful scenery, the fresh air, tons of wildlife…well unless you have a herding dog that is…

Dog Protective of its Bone

As some of you dog owners know, sometimes (s)he can be a little protective of their bone / toy. This takes it to a different level…

Noise Complaint

If you receive a noise complaint, and you can’t for the life you of figure out why, try setting up a nanny cam.  Although if your dog decides to pursue their dreams you have only yourself to blame…since you’re the one that made them sit on the couch and watch American Idol with you…look what you started!

Special Halloween Bonus Video

This was so great for so many reasons!  First off it actually plays like a movie (someone put some production value into this gem).  Second, you have to admit that pup is adorable even with 8 legs instead of the usual 4.  For some, this might be your worst nightmare. Others, a neat Halloween prank. In either case, this is a perfect example of doggy video amazingness!  

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