A Happy Dog is a Healthy Dog

Keeping Your Dog Healthy and Happy

If you’re reading this, you most likely agree with the statement that a dog is a man’s best friend. You’re taking action to improve your dog’s life by learning about how to keep it healthy and happy- something you would only do if you truly feel that your dog is a member of your own family. Although sometimes you may wish it could, your pup can’t provide for itself- it can’t serve itself a meal, open the door by itself (although doggie doors help) or hop in the driver’s seat and go to the vet, so it is your job to act as its parent and ensure it is always content and well taken care of.

Learning the Signs of an Unhealthy Dog

A healthy dog is a happy dog.  Keeping your pet active, giving them love and attention, feeding them right and caring for their skin and teeth properly are all necessary steps in the parenting process. Keeping up with your dog’s veterinarian appointments and vaccinations are important, as well as knowing the signs and symptoms of a sick dog. If you notice unusual, atypical behavior coming from your dog you may want to think about making an appointment at the vet. If your dog is vomiting, staggering, has a runny nose or eyes, has white gums, is persistently scratching or coughing, has difficulty breathing, has dramatic change in appetite, or is sleeping more than normal, something may possibly be wrong. It is better to be safe than sorry, and since we all know dogs can’t talk, it’s important to gain knowledge of the signs of an unhealthy dog and be proactive about their health.

Keeping Your Dog in Good Physical Shape

Giving it regular baths, combing its hair, and ensuring it is properly fed are all important steps in physical health, but going even further to ensure your dog is happy by giving it love and attention is a true sign of a far-fetched parent. Activities like taking your dog a walk, bringing it on a run, and playing fetch will build its heart and muscle strength as well as allowing it to become more calm and sociable. If your dog gets aggressive and hostile at times, it could be a sign that a change is needed in its life. Often times, dogs become aggravated when they are cooped up in a house all day. You may think a walk or two a day is enough, but many dogs need more freedom and space at their fingertips (or paws).

Pet Doors Make Dogs Happy and Healthy

A pet door is a fantastic way to give your dog that freedom it so needs and desires. Pet doors are installed in preexisting doors or walls and allow pets to go in and out of your house whenever they wish. They are especially perfect for yards that have fences or patios and decks that can be gated to prevent your pet from running too freely around your property. Doors for dogs give your pup access to the outside when you are not home and can prevent that frustration build up it goes through when it stands at the door everyday waiting for you to come home to let him out.  Pet owners who do not spend most of their time at home with their pets should think about providing their canine (or cat!) with a dog door to further enrich its life and allow it to lead a stress-free life.

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2 thoughts on “A Happy Dog is a Healthy Dog

  1. Cole

    I didn’t think about i, but it makes sense that pet doors can make your dog happier and healthier. Easier access to exercise is better for the pet and owner