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How To Install a Dog Door in A Wall

Are long working hours coming in the way of your dog’s freedom? Want to make your furry friend enter and exit the house on its own? Then it’s high time to install a Dog Door in the wall. A dog door is an excellent way to provide your pet free access to the outdoors even when you are not around. So, you don’t have to rely on friends or neighbors to let your pooch out. Continue reading

How to Install a Pet Door in Your House Door

Puppy Weiner coming inside the house through the SureFlap Microchip Dog Door for Small Dogs








Watching your pet roam around and run in and out of the house can indeed be a source of joy. But no matter how much you love spending time with them, you simply cannot always be there to open the door for your pet.

If you like to treat them as a part of your family, you would certainly not want to steal their freedom and make them dependent on you for letting them in and out of the house. This is exactly why you should consider giving your furry friend a personal entrance by installing a pet door in your house door. Continue reading

Are you a cat person or a dog person?

Initiating a discussion with a pet-lover can be daunting sometimes as the conversation may turn either favorable or hostile. Apart from the minor proportion of people that don’t like pets, our society is mainly categorized into 2 sections, i.e. one having an inclination for dogs and the other having a preference for kitties. According to Sam Gosling, the ideal way to gauge someone’s personality depends on whether they like dogs or cats.

Does being a dog person or a cat person really unveil your character? Let’s find out:

Continue reading