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How to Install a Dog Door in a Glass French Door

Running around in the front yard and chasing the neighborhood cats is one of the basic canine pleasures that you would not want to deprive your dog of.

But what about the times you are at work? While you obviously cannot leave your house door open when you are not around, you cannot just lock your dog outside your house for hours either!

The perfect win-win solution is to install a dog door in your house door through which your furry friend may easily go in and out of your house as they please. Installing a dog door in a usual wooden door is very simple. However, the task may seem a bit challenging when you have a glass French door.


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Patio Pet Door Panel Installation in Monorail Track Sliding Glass Doors

Over the years we have become accustomed to the traditional ‘U’ shaped tracks in most sliding glass doors models.  The original Patio Pet Door Panels were designed to work with this style of track. There is an emerging trend in sliding glass doors to eliminate the bottom ‘U’ shaped track, sometimes the upper one too, and replace it with a monorail-style track where the sliding door rides on top of the track instead of in a channel. 

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