Can You Guess His Breed?

Have you ever wondered the breeds that went into creating your wonderful mystery mutt? We have too! With today’s technology, it is fairly simple to find out the answer by looking at their DNA. Loki and Maverick are about to learn a little bit about their ancestors!

Using Wisdom Panel’s algorithm, we did a mixed breed game for everyone a while back, and here are the results!

While we anticipated the results, we started a contest! If you had guessed two or more breeds you had the chance to score some major pet door coupons!

We had over 100 participants trying to figure out the breeds behind these pups’ smiles. Only two people were able to figure out two out of three, and only 14 were able to guess even one! No one got all three, but you’ll see why in one second!

How to get your pet’s DNA for a breed test:

Swab the cheek, package it up, drop it in the mail, and wait 2-3 weeks!

Even we had no idea what Loki or Mavi are truly made of! We even received an awesome ancestral chart showing the best results of our dogs’ lineage up to their great grandparents! We also got to learn how much of what breed they were made from.

Before scrolling all the way down, check out some Loki and Mav facts. Start guessing!


Loki Traits

Facts about Loki

To help you out in your guessing, here is a little about Loki!

  • Loki is smarter than the average dog.
  • He is more patient and tolerant than the average dog.
  • Loves his people more than anything, and will cuddle for days.
  • Redefines Mamma’s Boy and Puppy Dog Eyes.
  • The only thing he goes head over heels for (besides his people) are his horses! He doesn’t herd them, but he does circle around them and likes to pretend he is a horse in every way possible.
  • He has speckled feet, a white dot above his shoulder blades, white on his chest and belly and a white tipped tail. Otherwise is his very “golden” in color.
  • Super athletic and will run all day long and can keep up with the horses even when they are running pretty fast!
  • Loves playing with other dogs, but does not like dogs that are in his face too much. He will politely ignore them and leave when possible.
  • Will puff up and protect his house from the invisible monsters, but if a real monster comes he will run and hide. He is not actually protective, but thinks that is the “right” thing to do.
  • If anyone wants something that he has, he will gladly give it up because sharing is caring.

Easily find out what type of dog Maverick is!

About “Mav”

  • Loves to play with other dogs
  • Friendly and forward
  • All bark with no bite!
  • Enjoys cleaning Loki’s ears
  • Scared of tape measures and metal objects

And the breeds of our dogs is…

Drumroll please….



Loki is:

1/4 each of: Labrador, Treeing Walker Coonhound, and Weimaraner. 1/4 was too dilute to identity! He is basically just a very mixed breed mutt. That is what makes Loki so unique

A complete Labrador mixed heritage chart

Maverick is 1/2 German Shepherd, 1/4 Golden Retriever, and 1/4 Dalmatian!

German Shepherd, Golden Retriever, Dalmation mixed heritage makes Mav!

Stay tuned for more fun dog contests!

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2 thoughts on “Can You Guess His Breed?

  1. Kevin

    I might be too late to get that sweet deal, but Loki’s breed makeup is really unique. I KNEW he was at least some part Labrador!