Keeping Your Cat Happy and Healthy

Cat Doors, like Dog Doors, are great for your pet’s health and happiness. Both cats and dogs, although they are household animals, enjoy the freedom to run about as they wish and be independent. Cats are very particular animals that actually play a big role in keeping themselves healthy by way of cleaning their fur, covering up their business in the litter box, and knowing when it’s time to get rid of the ever-popular hairball. Even though your endearing feline may be able to conquer many tasks without your help, there are measures you can take to ensure its health and happiness that it can’t on its own. Checking it for certain irregularities and providing it with love, care, toys and a cat door will undoubtedly do just that.

The first thing one may notice about a cat is their size, especially if it is predominantly petite or large. Similar to humans, their weight can say a lot about their health. Be sure to ask your vet a healthy weight for the type of cat you have, and try to keep it around that weight. As for their skin, some things you should look out for are bumps, lumps, or sore spots. These are issues usually found while grooming and should be brought up to your vet as soon as possible.  Although they are more common in dogs, fleas can be a problem for felines as well, usually signified by persistent scratching. Fleas leave behind little small specks that look like pepper on skin, a discovery that should be shown to a veterinarian.

Your cats’ mouth, eyes, and ears can also be indications of sickness, so it is essential to check them on a regular basis for abnormality. Characteristics of an unhealthy mouth include yellow teeth, plaque and tarter build up, cracked teeth, and unusually bad breath. Excessive discharge in and around the eyes could warrant a trip to the vet. As for the ears, an infection could be present if you detect a bad smell or a buildup of wax. Regular veterinary visits are imperative for the purpose of identifying possible health issues not visible to the naked eye.

By simply giving your adorable feline attention every day, you will fuel its comfort and happiness. Providing it with toys and a good place to scratch will allow it to be self-sufficient and entertain itself while you’re not around. Allowing it to roam outside is also an idea not many people consider for cats as they think dogs are more outdoor animals. Cats can benefit greatly from a pet door and the freedom to go in and out as they please, as long as you have a means of keeping them on your property. At America’s Finest Pet Doors, we have a huge selection of cat flaps and doors for cats. By merely following these steps, your cat is sure to live a content and vigorous life. Just like humans, they yearn for attention and love and depend on people to help them do the things they cannot on their own.

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