Finding the right Cat door for you: Differences between Petsafe and Cat Mate

Finding the best pet doors for cats is influenced by a number of important factors. You want your cat to have the freedom to go outside or come inside your house when they please, but you also want to keep them safe from wild animals, stormy weather, and other potential risks that can harm their health and safety. There are tons of cat door choices on the market, so it can be tough to know which one does the best job.

Cat Mate and Petsafe offer both manual pet door models as well as automatic pet door models among their extensive product lines. Both brands offer pros and cons with their pet doors.

Cat Mate Cat Doors

Cat Mate offers durable cat doors. Each door is made from hard plastic that stands up through repeated exposure to stormy weather. The doors can be installed in virtually any type of door, including metal doors. They also offer a shielded brush seal that keeps dirt, rain, snow, and insects outside your house.

If you are using a four way locking door or an electronic cat door you get some nice high-tech perks with a Cat Mate door. The four-way locking door features a magnetic closure to seal the door against strong winds. The electronic door works automatically to let your cat in or out by sensing a magnet in a battery-operated collar they wear.

The main drawback to Cat Mate doors is that the collar only unlocks the door when your cat is extremely close. This can create a risk of injury if the sensor malfunctions. Raccoons have also been known to lift up the hard plastic flap from the outside and sneak into a house.

Petsafe Cat Doors

Petsafe offers a reliable and inexpensive design with its cat doors. The doors are made from high impact plastic and support pets as large as 15 pounds. A Petsafe four-way door also features a magnetic closure to seal the flap in high winds or stormy weather and a sliding lock system you can set to in, out, both ways, or locked. The company’s automatic pet door offers a user-friendly design and a collar that requires no batteries.

The main problem with Petsafe doors is raccoons can break the plastic flap. With the electronic door, it is not keyed to specific pets so strays have a better chance of coming through it.

As you can see, the main problem with pet doors are the chance encounters with wild animals. No matter how safe you are, there is always the chance of a stray raccoon coming in through the door, but the main conclusion from reviewing both Cat Mate and Petsafe is that they are quality companies that provide top-notch pet doors. You can browse the cat doors that best fit your needs in our cat door selection.

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One thought on “Finding the right Cat door for you: Differences between Petsafe and Cat Mate

  1. Cole

    Both of these doors sound great except that they don’t keep out wild animals. I know there are other pet door models that are guaranteed to keep out unwanted animals but I am not sure if they are with either of these brands.