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Top Pet Charities in the United States

These are the Best Pet Charities in the Country

In the face of hurricane Harvey and Hurricane Irma, many organizations rose up to the challenge of relocating displaced animals and reuniting pets with their owners. You might wonder which of these charities are the best ones to donate to and which ones do a better job at actually using the money you donate for their main causes. We wanted to recommend charities you could feel confident donating to, while providing some information about them  and the reasons why we chose them.

How to evaluate a Charity?

We selected these non-profit organizations based on their Charity Navigator ranking, which is an indicator of how much of the funds go to help the organization’s main cause, as opposed to operational expenses, advertising and salaries, for example. The other criteria was size, we chose mid-size charities (between $3.5M to $13.5M) to help those nonprofits that might not be the most well-known, but large enough to make an impact. We also wanted to select charities from different parts of the country to help you find one near you or near one of your areas of interest.

Charity navigator rates charities based on 2 major components: Financial health (according to financials reported to the IRS) and Transparency & Accountability (T & A). Then, an overall rating is computed based on these two measurements.

Financial health takes into account what percentage of their budget is used for fundraising and administrative expenses versus program functions, since they want to offer an indicator about how effectively the organization uses its funds. Working capital ratios, liquidity ratios and other standard financial health metrics are used to assess the long-term position  and stability of the nonprofit.

Transparency and Accountability is a rating that serves as a proxy for ethical behavior. The variables considered come mainly from the IRS form 990 and they are a way to verify the organization reported all required disclosures and the additional information associated with each of them. This category also evaluates if the financials were audited and disclosure of conflicts of interest.

Here is our list. Keep in mind it is not definitive and we’ll revise it to reflect any rating changes and will expand with more organizations in the future.

Top 20 Pet Charities in America

Nonprofit name Financial  T & A CN Rating
Nevada Humane Society 100.00 100.00 100.00
PAWS Chicago 100.00 100.00 100.00
Tony La Russa’s Animal Rescue Foundation 99.86 100.00 99.90
The Humane Society Naples 97.50 100.00 98.23
Jacksonville Humane Society 97.50 100.00 98.23
Peggy Adams Animal Rescue League 97.50 100.00 98.23
Virginia Beach SPCA 97.50 100.00 98.23
Animal Defense League of Texas 99.05 97.00 97.77
St. Hubert’s Animal Welfare Center 97.35 97.00 97.17
Connecticut Humane Society 95.60 100.00 96.89
Houston SPCA 95.60 100.00 96.89
Fidelco Guide Dog Foundation 95.30 100.00 96.68
Idaho Humane Society 97.40 96.00 96.63
Humane Society for Tacoma and Pierce Cty 94.97 100.00 96.44
Louisiana SPCA 94.52 100.00 96.13
Humane Society of Indianapolis 93.74 100.00 95.57
Animal Humane New Mexico 93.67 100.00 95.52
Charleston Animal Society 94.65 96.00 95.28
Animal Friends 92.90 97.00 94.55
Animal Rescue League of Iowa 93.41 96.00 94.55

Our list is only a snapshot of the thousands of organizations doing good work for animal rights and finding pets new homes. We’ll update this list to reflect any changes in ratings and publish a lot more information about national nonprofits you can get behind. If you know about a nonprofit you love and that you’d like us to review, please let us know in the comments or contact us directly.

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Buy a pet door and we donate your savings to an animal shelter of your choice!

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Columbus appreciating paper origami

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