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8 Weird Sleeping Positions of Dogs & What They May Mean

Are you curious if your dog is the only one that sleeps in weird positions? The sleeping positions of dogs usually varies with their mood. Sometimes,your dog’s sleeping position can reveal a lot about their personalities. How do your dogs sleep? Comment your thoughts below.

tonks sleeping on side

Corgi falls asleep playing with her toy

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Meet Our New Office Puppies: Effie, Tonks, Louie & Max!

Hi there! Welcome our four new office puppies!


Here's Effie, the Princess of our office puppies, posing for the camera and showing off her golden brown and marshmallowy fluffiness.

Here’s Effie, the Princess, posing for the camera and showing off her fluffiness.

Tonks, Office Corgi and Little Destructor, is excited about the treats she's going to receive for being such a good model!

Here is Tonks, the Little Destructor, excited about the treats she’s going to receive for being such a good model!






Louie is yawning from his hard day at, distracting everyone with his happily wagging tail and snuggles! His black and white aesthetic fits in perfectly with our office dogs!

Louie is tired from his hard day at work, distracting everyone with his happily wagging tail and snuggles!

Here is Max begging, knowing the office employees at can't deny him! His white little paws against his soft black coat is too cute!

This is the infamous Max actually caught sitting still, waiting patiently and hoping for a treat!












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Dogs love their human friends, and will be sad when they leave. Dogs are always excited when their people return!

Loki Misses JT

Since JT started working at last year, Loki has kept a special place in his heart for him. Afternoon popcorn, Tuesday tamale husks….their memories together fill Loki with such joy! When Loki found out JT was going to be going away for the summer, he was heartbroken. Who could replace him? No one! No one else would lift him up in their arms for cuddles or share those lovely popcorn pieces with him. How could Loki go on??  All of us began to notice a slight change in Loki’s demeanor and didn’t know what we could do to help.

We’ve documented Loki’s distress in the video below (get your tissues ready everyone!):

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Day in the Life of Loki

Loki is a pretty lucky dog. Not only does he get to spend all day around people at the office, but he also gets to spend a couple of hours a day hanging out with his big brothers at a horse ranch! He rarely has to stay home alone, but when he does he has his feline big sisters AND his baby sister to play with if he gets lonely. Sometimes his Auntie takes him on outdoor adventures, and occasionally he even gets to have sleepovers at his grandparent’s house (where he plays the role of “spoiled grandchild” very well!). Continue reading

Office puppy diaries volume 5: nutrition

Puppies grow…fast. In fact, dogs usually reach 90% of their adult weight by the age of 6 months. Since Mikey’s a Border Collie, she’ll likely grow to be 35-40 lbs range. This means that at 6 months she’ll likely be ~32-36 lbs or so. We got her at 8 weeks when she weighed only about 8 pounds, meaning she’s going to gain 6-7 pounds for each of the next 4 months. Because puppies are growing, their nutritional requirements differ than an adult dog whose size is largely static.  The time frame for feeding your dog puppy food can vary, but in general it lasts until they are a year old.  However, it’s always suggested that you consult with your vet as there could be instances where the switch might have to be made sooner.  

Puppies need diets made especially for growing dogs with up to 2x the requirements of those for dogs who are already full grown.  This means that foods especially for puppies should contain a larger fat content for their energy requirements (something that is not needed for adult pets as it could lead to them being overweight), more protein to help in building up their bodies, and all the vitamins and minerals to keep them healthy.  Puppies should be fed 3 times a day until about 6 months and then scale it back to twice a day.

Another question is what type of food should they eat?  Moist and wet foods are easier to chew and digest, but don’t have as much protein as the kibble and since they have more water that means less nutrients.  They also tend to cost more and will spoil faster so they need to be sealed and stored properly.  Dry food has some good benefits for cleaning the teeth and is easy to digest too!  The favored route is to do a combination, mixing some kibble with the wet or semi-moist food.  You can switch it up from meal to meal, say dry for breakfast and wet for dinner.  I personally combine kibble with moist or semi-moist food along with a small amount of water which helps to be able to mix it all together.


Be wary of grocery store foods and “fad” diets at the pet and feed stores, they can suffer from lower quality ingredients. Bargain brands many times will only have the bare minimum of requirements, and are not the most highly recommended for a rapidly growing dog. Our vet recommended we stick with ProPlan, Science Diet by Hills, Iams, Nutro and Eukanuba (also recommended by our breeder). Many of the “premium” diets need to be fed in smaller volume, which conveniently makes picking up after your puppy easier!  That said since some vets and stores tend to push certain brands of pet food more than others it’s up to you to really dive in and read the labels to make sure that what you are feeding your new puppy is the best choice for them.  


We compiled the general recommendations for this blog from PetMd.


Office puppy diaries volume 3: can puppies play with bigger dogs?

While your puppy can be a little ball of boundless energy and may want to play with everything, should you let them? As we mentioned in an earlier post, it’s important the puppy’s had all their shots before they really go nose-to-nose with other dogs.

There are other reasons to be cautious. It is not uncommon for puppies to lack the concept of moderation and it is extremely important that their owners moderate their exercise and play to a safe and healthy amount. Puppy’s muscles, tendons, joints and ligaments are not fully grown and are “still soft” until they are around 10 months are so.

There have been many sad stories of when puppies suffer serious (and costly) injuries that stemmed from playing too much, too soon. Even if you pup isn’t showing any signs of being tired, it is not a good idea to let them retrieve for hours at a time. It’s best to start small and to gradually let them work their way into playing and exercising more intensely.

The same mindset goes with letting puppies play with bigger dogs. Assuming they’ve had their shots, puppies can love playing with other dogs but the key is to not let them play too much. The younger the puppy the more you want to limit how long they go at it and if the other dog is much bigger, you’ll want to make sure they don’t get excessively rough to keep your pup safe.

Under the right conditions, puppies can play with bigger dogs but it’s up to the responsible owner to ensure it stays safe. had a 3-month Aussie puppy stop by the office, so Maverick and Loki were able to enjoy some puppy time. Here’s some of the action in slow motion:

Office puppy diaries volume 2: staying healthy

After getting a new puppy, it’s a good idea to take them to your vet for a basic checkup. Mikey took her first trip to the vet since leaving her mom and the good folks at the Animal Care Clinic gave us lots of good information. Choosing the right veterinarian is incredibly important for your puppy. Two key areas that need to be addressed with new puppies are making sure they get their necessary vaccinations and they get wormed.

While with their mother, puppies receive antibodies that help protect them. As they grow more independent, they need your help to get them vaccinated to ensure they develop a strong immune system to stay healthy. One recommendation is to have the DA2PP vaccine every 3 weeks from when the puppy is age 6-weeks up until they are 5 months. The DA2PP protects against parvovirus, parainfluenza, hepatitis and distemper. Rabies vaccines will also be need at 4 months (by law). After the first yearly booster, both the rabies and DA2PP vaccines need to be repeated every 3 years.

In addition to vaccines, worming is also important in keeping your pup healthy since virtually all puppies are born with hookworms or roundworms. All puppies should be wormed for both hookworms and roundworms for their whole lives, starting at 6-weeks. As the dog matures, worming will only be needed annually but it is needed more regularly earlier on.

So far Mikey was nice and healthy and even came back to the office to test out a recently installed pet door.

Office puppy diaries volume 1: getting started

Here at we love dogs and in our attempts to best connect with our customers we only hire dog enthusiasts. Since we’re also fortunate enough to have an office with a large enclosed backyard, everyday is bring-your-dog-to-work day. Our pack of canine employees has just grown from 3 to 4 with the newest addition, an 8-week old Border Collie named Mikey.

While we have dog owners galore and a great setup to have dogs at the office, there is a significant difference between having full grown dogs and puppies. Puppies need a lot more attention and have a greater propensity to get themselves into trouble. It’s one thing if this happens at home, but we also all have jobs to do so trying to create the right environment that is safe for the dogs, fun for the employees and still attentive to our customers is extremely important.

In Mikey’s case, since she is only 8-weeks old she has only had one round of shots and is still at a higher risk for catching puppy diseases. Even though the other office dogs are all healthy and vaccinated they can still pass on viruses and illness causing bacteria. This means that despite their overwhelming curiosity and enthusiasm, nose to nose contact between Mikey and the other dogs should be prevented until she’s had all her shots. This is not always easy because while General is 14 and hangs out primarily in Alan’s office, both Maverick and Loki are social butterflies that roam spreading love and friendliness everywhere.

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