Dog vs. Food: FURocious Vegetable Attack

What happens when Mikey the Border Collie lacks self-defense in her most desperate hour? Confusion, concern, and chaos. We have live footage showing Mikey unable to thwart a vegetable off her body. Learn more about Mikey and the carrot before watching this exclusive video.

Who is Mikey?

Mikey is an energetic, intellectual being. This Border Collie is known for her fearlessness and willingness to play with the big(ger) dogs. She sticks her tongue out in the face of danger. Drags her paws when things get TOO easy. She wags her tail high only for special occasions. Mikey may be black and white, but she is the light which guides play time. What is proper lap dog size? Mikey does not adhere to society’s standards, she is ready for a lap nap any time!

Historically speaking, she is the protector of two-legged mortals. Just recently did she defend one of our own from her canine counterpart, Thanos the Pit Bull. Her tongue is the weapon she chose. With her pearly whites exposed, Mikey is able to lick the intruder away. As each wet streak moves across Thanos’ face away, Mikey gains confidence and satisfies her human’s safety. See her in action in bonus dog versus dog footage.

As a Taurus, Mikey is the prime example of indulging in excess. In the office, we associate this indulgence with her apparent neediness. She loves to love and is as loyal as they come! If you leave the room she will be waiting at the door. While she is known for her perseverance, she is not without flaw. Her Achilles’ Heel proves to be her fur and trust in vegetables. Specifically, the orange one.

The Vegetable

Part of Mikey’s diet includes carrots. A natural challenge for pet owners is the maintenance of their pet’s dental hygiene. A carrot’s crunch acts as a chew for your dog, gently helping to cleanse the teeth from plaque. Part of a carrot’s benefit for humans is better eyesight, and the same goes for dogs. To activate the nutritional properties from the vegetable to your pet you must lightly cook or steam the food. The orange food is also a great source of fiber for Mikey, and light in calorie count. Naturally, she loves the bite sized snack. So it is to her surprise during snack time when she is bombarded by a carrot that is nowhere to be seen.

Her inability to reach the top of her back causes mobility issues. Her favorite snack is stuck in her fur! She feels it moving across her back, yet for the first time, her tongue cannot grab hold. Alone and confused, she looks above in search of an answer. Then, to the real culprit: the camera. Her adorable eyes ask for help when she realizes there is nothing she can do. This is great example of how even the bravest, most independent creatures need help. The debate is ongoing, whether there is more Mikey could have done, or if it really is the vegetable’s fault.

See the alleged attack and give us your thoughts!

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