Dog/Human Look-Alikes

Did you know that dogs actually do resemble their owners in most cases?

The reason being that most people choose dogs they are familiar with. I think it is fair to assume that you are pretty familiar with your own face, so when choosing a dog you tend to go with one that looks familiar to you, whether it be the shape, the eyes, mouth, ears, hair, etc. Aside from choosing the dog that looks like you, you also are assessing the animals traits that are most near to yours.

So if you are an upbeat, energetic person you most likely are going to choose the dog that is the one running around wanting to play with everyone. And if you are a more relaxed, calm person then you are probably going to choose the dog that is lying down relaxing while all of the other dogs play. Its the familiarity that brings owners to their dog.

In recent studies of matching random purebred dogs to their owners, 84% of the time people are able to correctly match them. Only 62% of the time, people are able to correctly match cross bred dogs to their owners. And over time, these cross bred dogs become more and more like their owners.

Here are a few photos of dogs who resemble their owners:

Dog Owner Look Alikes

Dog Look Alike Image

Dog human look alike


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2 thoughts on “Dog/Human Look-Alikes

  1. RyRy

    If you get a dog that looks just like you, is that being arrogant? Full of yourself? I once knew a guy who was really into himself, and one time we were on a run and we were describing our dream girl. His description was basically a girl version of himself. Twas ridiculous.