What are Electronic Pet Doors?

Pet doors are just like animals in that they come in a variety of shapes, sizes and colors. They are made for cats and dogs and they are made in both manual and electronic versions.

First, decide if you prefer a manual pet door or an electronic pet door.  What’s the difference between them, and is one better than the other?

Manual Pet Doors:

Manual pet doors are the most common option and have a broad selection to choose from. Manual pet doors allow for the same freedom as an electric dog door, but you cannot proactively manage what critters can use it. This could result in stray animals or other undesirables entering your home. A manual pet door is a great option for potty training, if you live in an area where wild animals or burglars are not much of a concern, or if you have a small pet and are looking for an inexpensive option to give your pet the freedom they deserve.

Electronic Pet Doors:

Electronic pet doors have all the benefits of their manual counterparts, but also add a level of security, as only your pet or pets are granted access.  This is done through collar keys or implantable chips, which trigger the door once they are within a short range.

Electronic Pet Doors Provide More Security

Electronic pet doors have an extra measure of security where only recognized pets with collar keys or microchips will be able to use the pet door. These pet doors allow your pet to enter and leave your home while keeping out the strays looking to mark a new territory, the wild animals looking for food and any other unwelcome intruders.

For large breed dogs, electronic pet doors can provide a peace of mind that someone will not be able to come into the house via their pet door. The size of the pet door may also deter burglars because they would be wary of the size and type of dog behind the dog door.

Which Type of Electronic Pet Door is Right for Me?

Microchip Activated Pet Door:


Microchip pet doors are perfect for cats who can’t keep a collar on. The pet door would be able to use the identification microchip of a pet to access the pet door. The most popular brand of microchip pet doors is SureFlap.

Small dogs are also able to use microchip pet doors. The best option for them would be the SureFlap Microchip Pet Door. Unfortunately, there are no microchip door options for medium or large breed dogs in the market.

Collar Key Activated Pet Door:

Collar key pet doors are great options for dogs and cats. They can be worn in addition to their existing collars. Most of the collar keys are resistant to the day to day activities of dogs, some are even waterproof!

Other Considerations:

When selecting your pet door, don’t forget to take into account your pet’s size. Not all pet doors are accessible for large breed dogs, and you don’t need a large door if you only have a small pet or cat. That’s why we have doors made for pets of every size!

Also, we never recommend installing an electronic pet door in a metal door, or close to any sort of metal material appliance, as metal can interfere with the electrical function of your pet door. The last thing you’d want is to cut a hole in an area of your house for your pet door and have it not work because there is metal nearby!

Have we convinced you to buy an electronic pet door yet? Here are your options.


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