10 Reasons Why the Endura Flap is the Best Pet Door

It can be hard deciding which pet door to get. Here are the top 10 reasons why we think the Endura Flap is the best dog door!
A perfectly measured sliding dog door makes for a happy dog!

  1. Your Energy Bills Won’t Skyrocket

    Unlike most dog doors, the Endura Flap has magnets on the side as well as the bottom of the flap. When not in use, the Endura Flap will remain sealed and keep your house protected from external heat and cold so it really is the best dog door for cold weather. Worried about wind? Don’t be! The Endura Flap can maintain insulation for wind speeds up to 50 mph.

    Read this Energy Performance Study on the Endura Flap for more information.

  2. Your Pet Door Will Last a Lifetime

    There’s a reason it’s called the Endura Flap. The door has been lab-tested over 3 million times, meaning that even if your pet goes out 30 times a day, he’d still have to use it for nearly 274 years to surpass the lab tests. Furthermore, Endura Flap doors are completely warranted against failure for 15 years (not including chewing damage, of course).

    The reason? Most vinyl pet doors are forced to flex and strain against a securing point (screws in a door frame, for example). Instead, the Endura Flap swings open on a hinge, causing no wear and tear over time.

  3. Several Installation Locations Available

    The Endura Flap can be used on virtually any type of door except screen doors. This includes sliding glass doors, other glass entryways, sash windows, kennel doors, walls and “people” doors. Thus, you control the area your pet accesses as well as the design options that work best.

  4. Your Pet Door Won’t Injure Your Pet

    Stiff pet doors have the potential to smack or pinch your pet, but the Endura Flap is made from a flexible, durable plastic that won’t cause injuries. Better yet, unlike vinyl doggie doors, the Endura Flap door won’t lose any flexibility in freezing temperatures.

  5. Won’t Cause Strain to Aging Pets

    Endura Flap doors concentrate on making their doors as low to the ground as possible so your dog won’t have as far to “step up.” It might not seem like a big deal to your 2-year-old Labrador, but when your dog gets to be 12 or 13, you won’t have to replace your door for a more senior-friendly model.

  6. Keeps Your Home Secure

    With all Endura Flap models, locking covers are included to either lock your pet inside or outside. Further, the ability to lock the pet door can also help minimize the possibility of theft, especially if your pet door accommodates a very large breed. For the Endura Flap installed in a sliding glass door or window, additional locks are provided to secure your home.

  7. Customizable Heights for Sliding Glass Door Pet Doors

    If you have dogs of varying sizes, it is important to have a flap that actually fits the height of the largest dog. However, having a panel that is also easily accessed by the smaller pet is important to assure the safety of both pets. Customizable heights give you peace of mind that each of your pets can utilize this convenient pet door safely each day.

    If you have a uncommon height for a sliding glass door, the Endura Flap can also be customized to fit your exact height. Learn more about the Custom Height Thermo Panel 3e.

  8. Greater Visibility Means Greater Protection

    Not all pet doors are made equally; however, the award-winning Endura Flap was manufactured to exceed expectations, providing a superior experience for both pet owners and the pets they love. The clear flaps allow for greater visibility — allowing your pets, who love you dearly, a unique viewpoint from which potential hazards can be detected more quickly and from an angle where the pet is unlikely to be seen.

    Clear flaps will also make training your dog to use the doggie door much easier!

  9. Three Color Options Available

    You can get your Endura Flap frames in white, black, or tan to match the aesthetics of your home!

  10. Your Door is Responsibly Manufactured

    If you’ve ever had a pet door before, you will completely understand the importance of having strong materials that will stay in place, regardless of what’s happening with the weather outdoors. The Endura Flap comes with extra magnets that hold the durable flap material in place, and proprietary bellows are added at the bottom edges, allowing for expansion and contraction to happen without compromising the seal.The result? Superior insulation that wastes less energy and keeps your heating and cooling costs low.

    In addition to being made from an environmentally friendly plastic (a polyolefin-based polymer, to be specific), Endura Flap pet doors are made here in the United States.

    The Bottom Line

    It comes down to this: an Endura Flap is an investment, not a short-term purchase. The Endura Flap door will stay with your dog from puppyhood to old age. No replacements, no adjustments—just a quality door that will last a lifetime.

    Do you love your Endura Flap? Let us know what you think in the comments below!

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  1. Cole

    These pet doors sound like some of the best in the industry. The leaf blower video demonstrates just one of the reasons Endura Flap is superior to its competitors.