Every Home Should Have a Cathole


Catholes are small, flap-less doors intended for indoor use – generally in closet doors for easy access to a litter box. They are specifically designed with a bristle type brush lining the interior, which helps to remove the excess hair off your cat to minimize the need for personal grooming (not to mention saving you chore time by eliminating the excessive sweeping, vacuuming, and lint rolling).  The Cathole’s bristles also have a second function as a good place to keep your cat amused while rubbing their whiskers against the bristles.

Any person that has both cats and dogs as pets has probably found themselves in many situations where their animals needed to be separated. This door is a perfect solution for this. For example, does your cat have a favorite closet they like to hide in? Install your cathole and you’ve provided your kitty with the ability to have their secret hiding space all to themselves – only your dog’s nose will get through.  Another plus is you can keep the dog from bothering the cat during dinner time and (an albeit pretty gross doggy pastime) out of your kitty’s litter pan.

Along those same lines installing a cathole in your house works perfect if you just need a place to hide that ugly (and smelly) cat litter box from your guests. Cutting a little space in the door leading to the “litter room” is the perfect resolution to this problem.

There is second line we recently added, the Kitty Pass.  They serve a similar function to the Cathole and are also meant for interior use only.  The main difference would be the style and material it is made of.  It is a more “cutesy” look with cat ears on one side and a tail going up the door or wall on the other side.  Since the Kitty Pass does not have the bristle brush like the Cathole doors it is actually recommended more for hairless cats, cats with skin conditions, or other sensitivity problems where the brushes might actually end up irritating them.  The Kitty Pass also has a wall model that includes a tunnel to frame out an interior wall up to 5” in thickness.  

WIth either of these options you are basically getting a nice blank canvas.  Meaning you are able to paint, stain, and decorate them any way you want.  Some customers have chosen to make them blend in with the door by staining them a matching color, while others have gone with the more flamboyant artistic approach.  One adorable custom option we have seen is when people decorate it with the name of their pet and stickers or photos of them and their cat.

Alternatively, there are more economical cat doors that you can use if you prefer that your pet door had a flap. They might not have the added benefit of grooming the cat while they go through, but they are just as effective otherwise, and have the added benefit of being a total barrier to litter box odors.

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One thought on “Every Home Should Have a Cathole

  1. Cole

    The Cathole has a really exciting design. I can only hope this works as well as it claims because a house without pet hair would be a dream come true.