Decisions, Decisions, Decisions – How to Choose the Right Door for Your Pet

X-Large Pet Door from PetDoors.comThere are many different types of pet doors on the market today. From sizes and materials, to cost, a great variety of options are available to you, regardless of your specific needs. When there are so many styles to choose from, how do you go about making the best choice? The largest doorframe? The pet door with the most features? We’re here to help you make the best decision for you and your pet. Here is everything you’ll want consider when choosing the best pet door for your home. 

Location, Location, Location

A major factor to keep in mind when choosing a door for your pet is the location the door will be installed. While this might seem like a “no brainer,” there is a growing trend of doors being installed in walls, and not just doors. Different models are designed with the nuances of your home in mind. A pet door chosen for a patio door, for example, will be constructed of different materials, and be a different depth than a pet door intended for use through a wall. The location of a pet door will also affect the dynamic of you home. Expect to see more of your furry friend around the area of their pet door. This could ultimately cause more traffic, which may require you to rearrange furniture, or to relocate fragile pieces.

Choosing by Features

The bells and whistles! There’s nothing wrong with adding a bit of flair to your pet’s private entryway. It’s easy to find doors with all kinds of features – from motorized doors, to doors that utilize implantable microchips. These doors offer much in the way of convenience and can help to reduce the amount of assistance your pet might need when becoming acquainted with their new passage. Some pet doors are constructed with premium materials that reduce temperature changes, that are resistant to browning/chipping, and more. Whatever features are most important to you, it is likely that there are a number of pet doors that can meet your needs.

Choosing by Animal

There are pet doors tailored specifically to the needs of your pet; cat or dog. Each has different capabilities and needs, so it is important that your choice reflects these differences. For instance, most dog doors are designed to with specific height ratios, from the floors to the height of the dog’s shoulder, as they tend to keep their heads tucked when entering. Cats, on the other hand, will not necessarily do this, and design features match up accordingly. Even in terms of width, cats tend to be able to slip through more narrow spaces due to their skeletal structure. Therefore, cat doors tend to be narrower, which could allow you more options when choosing where to install your pet door.

These are some key factors to consider when installing a door for your pet. Be sure to consult this list when making a door decision for your home. When chosen correctly, a pet door is an investment that your pet will be very thankful for!

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