Keep Your Pets Safe This Independence Day

4th of July is upon us once again! This week’s celebrations will be filled with family and friends, food and drinks, and plenty of elaborate fireworks displays to honor our nation’s independence. We scoured the web (along with having some of our own experiences as pet owners) finding the best tips for having a safe holiday. This time of the year is notorious for the high numbers of runaway pets who become overwhelmed with panic due to fireworks. Before celebrating this July 4th, keep the following in mind to ensure the best holiday for both you and your pets:

Get Your Pets Microchipped! You may not have enough time running this close to the 4th, but chipping your pets can be one of the best things to do for them. This is a medical procedure, performed by your vet, where a small chip is implanted usually at the base of the neck by the shoulder blades. In the event that the pet runs away or becomes lost this increases the chances someone will be able to find you and contact you.

Have ID Tags on the Collars! Even if they are chipped having collars with all your up to date info is really important. It is much easier for someone that finds them to be able to contact you right away, reuniting you with your furry buddy much sooner.

When is the best time to keep your pets inside?

Keep them indoors! This is just a good general rule and if they do get anxious and try to hide this will make it so they might hide in a safe place in your home. If you have them outside and they get spooked by the loud noises, they might try to find a safe place by jumping a fence in fear. Being we are in the pet door business we also want to remind you this includes closing off pet doors around the house as well to prevent them from going out until the fireworks are over. Keeping them inside in a nice cool environment can be helpful in preventing dehydration or heat stroke, it can get mighty hot in certain areas!


Do Not Take Your Dog to a Fireworks Show! This is never a good idea, since not only will the show be loud, and probably crowded, it can be far too overwhelming and stressful for them. This also goes for house parties, as it’s important to keep fireworks away from them even if you aren’t at a big celebration. It’s best to be a responsible pet guardian, so if you know that your pet gets anxious to think about their well-being. Maybe cuddling up on the couch with them and not leaving them alone is the right thing to do this holiday. Being with you in a comfortable familiar space can go a long way in decreasing anxiety and if you can put on some music or a movie to create an audio distraction.

Pet-Proof Your Home! Are you hosting the celebration this 4th of July? If so, make sure your home is pet-friendly by making sure all hazardous items are out of your pets’ reach. People food and table scraps as treats might be tempting to feed them, but it could be very harmful. Dogs and cats are allergic to certain foods like chocolate, coffee, onions (in any form), grapes, raisins, avocado, yeast, and salt. Alcohol is another no-no, so even though we enjoy it, keeping it up and out of the pets reach is absolutely recommended. This also goes for BBQ tools, matches, lighters, and lighter fluid.


Hope you have a fun and safe 4th of July!

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