Keeping Your Dog in Good Shape

As any loyal dog lover knows, keeping your furry friend in excellent shape is of the utmost importance. It’s especially important to remember as the summer months wind down and we head into the cooler months of autumn. While your dog can still utilize its pet door at will, there are other ways to help maintain a healthy weight.

Proper Food and Portions.  Depending on your dog’s age and activity level, he could require a different diet. It’s critical to consult your veterinarian regularly to manage proper portion sizes for your growing dog and also to ensure you are providing the best types of food. The right amount of the right food will help avoid packing on unnecessary pounds in the slower autumn and winter months.

Limiting the Treats. While rewarding your dog is a must, try to be cognizant of how many treats you hand out each day. Giving your dog too many treats can compromise a healthy diet and start to add unwanted weight. Try praising them instead with a well-deserved belly rub or a short play session.

Saving Your Leftovers. As hard as it is to say “no” to those adorable eyes looking up at you at the dinner table, you have to resist temptation. By refusing your dog the scraps from your meal, you are helping him maintain a healthy and consistent diet that can really benefit him in the long run. As a side benefit, not feeding from the table can improve their table manners, since they’ll learn not to beg while you’re eating.

Throw on a Jacket! Don’t be afraid to endure the cooler weather and head outside with your furry friend. Exercise is a great way to ensure your dog keeps a healthy weight and lives a long, happy life. Try to set aside some time each day together to go outside exploring or playing.  It helps you, too.

So remember, even as the weather cools down, there are still many ways to keep your furry friend fit. Keep these tips in mind and remember that exercise is the best way to guarantee a healthy dog!

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One thought on “Keeping Your Dog in Good Shape

  1. Cole

    While saving your leftover from your pet sounds evil, if stopping will be the difference in your pet’s health then it is more than worth it