What are your doggie door options for your large growing dog? We have them!

The perfect big dog door for your large breed doggie

Not all dogs are made the same. Some are brown, some are white. Some have spots, some have stripes. Some are small and some are big…really big.

Since all dogs aren’t built the same – it would make sense that all dog doors don’t come built the same either. Mastiff owners might not be able to get away with the same doggie doors that cater to Chihuahuas and Yorkies. But not all pet stores are able to cater to the needs of all dogs – it takes a retailer with a large catalog and large heart to cater to the needs of Large Dogs as well as breeds with higher populations.

Large Dog Doors provide a solution to owners who’s Giant Breed Dogs would like the convenient passage that pet doors can offer in and out of the home.

Manufacturers like Patio Pacific, Hale Pet Products, and Plexidor Dog Doors offer doors that can satisfy the needs of dogs big and small. And remember, just like most other pet doors by these manufacturers, doggy doors offer even further convenience by installing into walls, windows, screen doors and sliding glass doors – allowing convenient, safe passage for your pooch no matter how your home lays out.

The Hale line offers great dane door options that are also easy to use for smaller furry siblings.

Also remember, it’s always important to measure your dog when preparing to install pet doors. For giant breed dog owners, it’s doubly important to take good measurements before the installation process. A common mistake would be to measure the size of your dog and not taking wiggle room into account. If your dog turns out to be 10 inches wide, your dog door should probably come in around 11-12 inches. Not to mention if your pup is still young – you’ll need to take into account room for growth.

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7 thoughts on “The perfect big dog door for your large breed doggie

  1. jean parker

    need a giant dog door for a growing english mastiff to accomodate her when full size. would be great if this door can also be used for a 16 lb west highland white terrier too

  2. Sandra Kline

    Very interested in Extreme Weather Safepet door. I am trying to up grade my pet safe door.. I have extra large now. Want to winterize the dog door I have now. Do Pet safe have extra large weather door? where can I buy it and how much are they?