Dogs love their human friends, and will be sad when they leave. Dogs are always excited when their people return!

Loki Misses JT

Since JT started working at last year, Loki has kept a special place in his heart for him. Afternoon popcorn, Tuesday tamale husks….their memories together fill Loki with such joy! When Loki found out JT was going to be going away for the summer, he was heartbroken. Who could replace him? No one! No one else would lift him up in their arms for cuddles or share those lovely popcorn pieces with him. How could Loki go on??  All of us began to notice a slight change in Loki’s demeanor and didn’t know what we could do to help.

We’ve documented Loki’s distress in the video below (get your tissues ready everyone!):

Summer has dragged on for Loki, he misses his friend JT! He was unsure he was going to ever return, as day after day went by without a trace. But then we showed him a calendar that marked the day JT would return to the office. Loki was so happy! He cannot wait for the day his friend will come back to make popcorn and play games with him.

Luckily Loki had so many other friends at the office during the summer, he was never short on pets and tummy rubs to help him through such a tough time. However, if your pet seems more anxious than normal when you leave the house dropping them off at doggy day care or providing them with access outside when you leave can make a big difference.  Many customers will specifically call us needing a pet door and getting our expert advice because their dog has issues with being kept in the house for long periods of time, leading them to chew furniture, shoes, walls, baseboards, etc.  Literally eating them out of house and home.  This can be detrimental to your dog and lead to health problems from ingesting things that are absolutely not on the recommended food list.  On the reverse we have people that call us because they have locked up the doggie door to keep their pet outside and some get anxious about that.  We have heard so many stories over the years of doggys pawing and chewing up the flap that is supposed to seal up the house from the elements.  As you can guess it could cause quite a bit of damage and all because they simply want to get back where they can be close to you.  You can’t fault them since just like people many pets love being social creatures and it can be difficult for them to understand that when you leave them you are coming back.  Even more heartbreaking this can be more traumatic for some poor rescue pups that have been left before and think that every time you leave you might not come back for them.  There are plenty of things that you can do with your pet to help them deal with the stress they feel when you leave. Here are some Tips to Help Your Pet Cope With Separation Anxiety.

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