Movember: Canine Prostate Awareness Month

What is Movember you ask? Movember is an annual, month-long event that takes place in November and encourages men to grow moustaches to raise awareness for prostate cancer. In the past, this has been a great way to show support and spread the word about this important health issue. However, men aren’t the only ones suffering from prostate cancer. Here at, we are switching the focus from men to canines.

Research has shown that morethan 80% of unneutered male dogs over the age of 5 are likely to suffer from prostate disease. Symptoms, including constipation and trouble passing urine, may occur; however most dogs do not show any signs. If left untreated, the disease can progress quickly and cause serious health problems. We encourage any pet owners to have their dogs checked out by a vet if at risk!

To spread awareness this Movember, send us your best photos of your pets rockin’ a sweet mustache! You can post them on our Facebook page or tag them to #pdmovember on Instagram or Twitter (@petdoors). Looking forward to checking them out!

Pet Cancer Awareness Month

November is also Pet Cancer Awareness Month! Cancer is the cause of nearly 50% of disease-related pet deaths every year. Dogs are getting cancer at about the same rate as humans! Somewhere around 1 in 4 dogs develop some type of tumor during their lifetime, whether benign or cancerous. Cats do not develop cancer as commonly as dogs do, but typically when they do develop cancer it is more aggressive than in dogs.

Cancer research for pets can benefit human cancer research as well, as cancer in animals is similar regardless of species. In fact, most of the knowledge and treatments in animal oncology come from the fields of human oncology! Many forms of cancer can be cured when diagnosed early enough, so research is key in decreasing the amount of pet deaths each year.

We believe that pets are part of our families, and when a pet is diagnosed with cancer it can be just as devastating as when a human family member is diagnosed. We hope that with research, we can see a day that the survival rates of cancer fighters climbs towards 100% for both human and pet.

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