Office puppy diaries volume 3: can puppies play with bigger dogs?

While your puppy can be a little ball of boundless energy and may want to play with everything, should you let them? As we mentioned in an earlier post, it’s important the puppy’s had all their shots before they really go nose-to-nose with other dogs.

There are other reasons to be cautious. It is not uncommon for puppies to lack the concept of moderation and it is extremely important that their owners moderate their exercise and play to a safe and healthy amount. Puppy’s muscles, tendons, joints and ligaments are not fully grown and are “still soft” until they are around 10 months are so.

There have been many sad stories of when puppies suffer serious (and costly) injuries that stemmed from playing too much, too soon. Even if you pup isn’t showing any signs of being tired, it is not a good idea to let them retrieve for hours at a time. It’s best to start small and to gradually let them work their way into playing and exercising more intensely.

The same mindset goes with letting puppies play with bigger dogs. Assuming they’ve had their shots, puppies can love playing with other dogs but the key is to not let them play too much. The younger the puppy the more you want to limit how long they go at it and if the other dog is much bigger, you’ll want to make sure they don’t get excessively rough to keep your pup safe.

Under the right conditions, puppies can play with bigger dogs but it’s up to the responsible owner to ensure it stays safe. had a 3-month Aussie puppy stop by the office, so Maverick and Loki were able to enjoy some puppy time. Here’s some of the action in slow motion:

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