Perfect Gift for Pet-Owners: Gift Cards!

Do you have a friend or family member that is just really hard to buy gifts for? Do you usually default to typical gift cards to Starbucks, Target, or some clothing store? Well how about mixing it up with a gift card for a new pet door!

First Timers

A pet door is a wonderful thing for pet owners who haven’t had one before. They make life SO much better not only for the pets, but for the people! Those with pet doors take it for granted that they don’t have to open doors for their pets every time they ask (which is sometimes A LOT). Gifting a pet door is not just simply providing something for someone’s dogs or cats to come and go, it is giving someone the peaceful bliss of not having to worry about letting the pets out before they have an accident on the carpet.

Pet Door Veterans

Okay, so they already have a pet door. But what kind of pet door is it? Does it insulate? Or does it blow open with a slight breeze? Some people just accept that the room their pet door is in will always be cold, or that their air conditioning works double-time to cool the yard outside. But that is not the way it should be! Pet doors should not make any noticeable difference in the atmosphere in which they are installed. Wind and rain should not enter through the pet door, nor should heat and bugs. So why not give them a gift card to help towards getting a new, better pet door? You know they’re not going to make the effort alone! Not only will you be giving them the ability to improve the aesthetics of their home, but you will be helping them cut down on heat and air conditioning bills as well. Talk about gift of the year!


So why a gift card and not the whole pet door?

Pet doors come in SO many different styles and sizes. How can you possibly know which one to choose? The answer is, you shouldn’t! They should. I mean, it is going in their house, after all. And if they are able to pick one out, it can be certain that their pets will get a pet door that is appropriately sized. What good is a pet door if the pets can’t fit, right?

Okay, I’m in! How does this work?

We have gift cards for all sorts of price ranges! Starting with $25, all the way up to $200. You can find them here. Order them on the website, it even lets you include a message, and we will send you an email confirmation just like a normal order. Within 24 hours (exclude weekends, please) we will contact you to see if you would like us to email the recipient with details or if you would like to have a virtual certificate to give to them on your own! The gift card never expires, and can be applied to any purchase on