Presidents’ Day Dog Appreciation

February is the time of year to reflect back on the numerous American presidents we have grown up supporting and voting for. Presidents’ Day is a special day solely for the men who have dedicated years of their lives to better serve this country and those living here. This February, we want to express our gratitude for all the things those men have done. Every President has had a personal dog residing with them during their term. Today, we will be focusing on the dogs residing outside the White House and sometimes overseas. These are the dogs with bullet proof vests and extreme sniffing power!

Not only have our Presidents made it their livelihood to serve and protect our country, but also the country’s dogs; generation after generation, numerous dogs have lived their entire lives protecting and serving our President and country. We would like to thank those honorable dogs for selflessly going into combat to ensure the lives of our fellow war veterans. This canine program was started in 1975 and has been introducing a new class of officers each year.

Did you know militant canines can have up to 1400 pounds per square inch of bite pressure? Ouch. Did you also know there is such a thing as dogs being TOO nice to graduate from its academy? You can actually adopt these military trained dogs. This includes dogs from the police force and TSA. It is forgotten how many dogs serve countries around the world. These animals protect and serve their humans in ways we cannot.

We have included a video compilation of our four legged protectors. The breed used is the Belgian Malinois, used for police force as well. These type of dogs are more popularly used than German Shepherds. Share and comment below if you know any other fun facts about military pets. You have seen those videos of servicemen and woman coming back home to their pets. Check out this other perspective! How long do you think training takes for these animals? Can you guess which great American success these breeds help conquer? Watch the clip to find this out and more fun facts! The video below, brought to you by CNN is about the secret service dog team according to the U.S Department of Defense. These dogs are the guardians of the White House so stay alert!

Do you think your dog has what it takes? Have you heard of any unlikely breeds making the cut? Let us know! The more dog knowledge the better!

Our team appreciates and thanks these heroes, not just this month, but every one of the year! If you are a human veteran or your dog has served in any country’s military force, let us know! We are glad to offer ten percent off military discounts for humans and dogs. Let customer service know by phone or email to receive your discount code on your next pet door product.


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