Pursuit of Kindness 2015


Did you know in February there is a week dedicated to random acts of kindness? This year it is February 9th-15th. While we may always reflect on someone giving us an extra hand when we needed it, sometimes we forget about those other pawsitive experiences. Sometimes even your pet comforting you after a tough week at work can mean the world.

For this week, pay it forward by going out of your way to help others. Make and encourage the feeling of love as others have done so for you. We always hear that “dog is man’s best friend,” and this clip below really emphasizes this bond between animals and humans.

Caught on camera: Take a look at people/animals going out of their way to help others in need. From getting stuck in water or getting caved in, these animals have someone looking out for them. It is even the smallest things like a haircut, giving an animal a better sense of reassurance. Watch heroes, makeovers, and spirits uplifting thanks to random acts of kindness.

When humans and animals work together it can be pretty amazing. Are you ready for an emotional rollercoaster with humans,dogs, and even horses? Buckle up for a heartwarming ten minutes of animal videos. If you have any fun stories let us know! Start your pursuit of kindness below and take it today, tomorrow, and always!



See how a haircut changed this dog’s life forever!

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