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Keeping the Peace: Separating Cats and Dogs at Home with a Baby Gate

Are you a family that has cats and dogs? Does it drive you crazy every time you see your dog trying to get into your cat’s litter box or food? Not only is it unhealthy for your dog to eat your cat’s litter but it is also pretty annoying for your cat as well. Cats frequently like to have their own space and to be left alone more than dogs do. Here’s an inexpensive way to make your own pet door in order to separate your dog from your cat’s stuff.

This DIY project is effective and also pretty easy, as there is no permanent modification needed to a door, wall, sliding door, etc.  This project is also a great way to give your cat the space they need while keeping “their” room still accessible to people. All you need to do is get an inexpensive baby gate or dog gate that can be installed inside of any door frame in your house. Don’t forget to set the gate tightly so your dog can’t use their nose or paws to push it open.

Make sure your cat can fit through the bars/slats and your dog cannot, and voila – you have a way to separate your cat(s) and dog(s), while keeping it accessible to humans. Note that you may need to remove a bar/slat, depending on the size of your cat(s).

This solution is not only a great way to make an easy cat door but it is also a great solution for small dogs too; especially when you don’t want to cut into your doors or walls.

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3 thoughts on “Keeping the Peace: Separating Cats and Dogs at Home with a Baby Gate

  1. RyRy

    My old friend used to use a baby gate to keep their puppies in one area of the house.. it worked surprisingly well for 5 bulldogs.