Smart Dog Door

Smart Dog Door that works with Google Home and Amazon Echo Alexa

An increasing number of people have opted for installation of pet doors in their home. Installing of pet doors is an excellent option for people with small pets. Usually, owners of small dogs and cats have them installed.

The convenience these pet doors can bring to your everyday life is massive. After installing the door, you no longer have to be a watchman for your pets. You will not have to take your pet out for taking care of its business. You also return some freedom to your pets that they always seek. A pet door allows them to exit and enter the house at their will. This way you will be free of further responsibilities associated with your pet. Also, you will no longer have to clean up the mess after your dog’s poops in the lounge. The small 10’ by 10’ door is like a door to heaven for your pets.

Pet doors have provided us with many benefits over the period. But at the same time, they have also proven to be the reason behind a lot of nuisance and disturbance that goes around in the house. Though they are only for your pets to use, they are often used by many others.

Stray cats in your area are the first ones to take advantage of these pet doors. They only have a flap holding them back and it slides with minimal efforts. Clever cats of your area are always on their feet to breach them. The first chance they get, they will be inside your home munching on the delicious food you have prepared. Stray cats are a big nuisance. Deal with them becomes tricky once they make their way into your house.

The breach into your house is not just limited to stray cats. It extends to other wild animals roaming about, if you live in a locality where they are common. Wild raccoons are infamous for intruding into a house. Your pet door becomes a gateway for wild stray animals to get all the delicious food that’s in your home. Your pet door might become a hazard even if you have a every chance it gets and will disappear in no time.

The conventional pet doors can prove to be a big nuisance if exploited by the wrong species. The issue can be easily resolved by installing electronic pet doors that can be opened and shut according to the timings you set in. Electronic doors give you control over the small exit point in your door and you can keep it well-guarded.

The electronic door is an excellent replacement as a Smart Dog Door that makes use of electronic chips, magnetic chips, radio frequency identification and, in some cases, a motorized door that can be operated only by the pet. The magnetic chips and collar keys included act as keys that control the door. For example if you have a cat, you can simply position the key in the collar your cat wears. This will open the door whenever the cat is near it. The pet is supposed to push through the flap and go to the other side. On the contrary, if a wild animal tries to breach your house through the small opening, it will not be able to push through the flap as it stays locked without the key.

The keys are essential for controlling the flaps as you don’t have to look after who goes in and out of the flap. If you have multiple pets, like one cat and one dog, and you want to let one of them out in the yard to play, then just put the key on that particular pet’s collar. This will let them go out whenever they want to. This method frees you of any trouble and worry of intrusion.

With advancements in technology, we have made all of our homes ‘smart homes’ by using devices that can be controlled with a touch of your finger on your smartphone, anywhere in the world. We also want to have electronic pet doors that we can control, while at work or vacation. However, there are no pet doors yet that can be fully integrated with Google Home or Amazon Echo Alexa.

Electronic pet doors work best for small-sized cats and dogs. The larger ones are not available and have to be specially designed. One of the best electronic pet doors in the market right now is the SureFlap Connect. The particular door is a top choice door among customers right now. With the latest technology, it also eliminates the use of a bulky collar around the neck of your pet. SureFlap also comes with an added Curfew Mode feature. Curfew Mode enables you to lock the flap at times you want it to. For example, if you want the pet to stay indoors during the night, then you can disable the door and your pet will not be able to exit.

Despite being an excellent choice in the market, SureFlap is only available for smaller pets and is only 7” by 7”. This means that larger pets will not be able to make way through it. Another drawback that comes with the SureFlap is that it is not compatible with Google Home or Amazon Echo Alexa. This means you will have to be at home to control its settings.Electronic doors are the go-to product if you are fed up of the nuisance caused by wild animals. They ensure safety of your pet and your house. Pet Doors offer electronic doors that can be integrated with almost all materials and can be fitted anywhere. Visit our website and take a look at which electronic pet doors suit your need.

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