Three Ways to Prevent Hairballs in Cats

Does your cat frequently get sick or dry hack? They might be experiencing a common issue with excess hair. There are a few tips or tricks you can try to help eliminate this issue from happening as often as it does.

Be diligent about grooming. Pick a schedule to groom your cat and stick with it. By regularly brushing your cat’s coat they will be less susceptible to losing hair that will eventually get clumped in their stomachs via their natural licking/cleaning process. Visit your local pet store to purchase a dedicated grooming brush. You can also take grooming a step further by purchasing a Cathole Cat Door. Many Cathole products are specifically designed with a brush on the outer edges to collect excess hair as the cat passes through their pet door. It’s an ingenious way to help with consistent grooming.

Keep your cat hydrated. Keep multiple bowls of clean, fresh water around your house. Cats need sufficient water in their systems to help flush out ingested hair. If you encourage them to drink more, their hair will be less likely to collect and clump together in their stomach. It is also helpful to keep the extra bowls of water separate from their food. In general, cats are less likely to drink water where their food is located, and they might be inclined to drink more water if there are more bowls throughout your house as well.

Try a new type of cat food. There are several specially formulated cat foods that will help aid in the fight against hairballs. Some of these brands include Eukanuba, Friskies, Hill’s Science Diet and Iams. Don’t forget to consult your veterinarian before committing to change your cat’s food as sudden food changes can sometimes contribute to upset stomachs.

If none of these tips help, it might be time to take a trip to their veterinarian because it could be a larger medical issue.

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