Meet the Top 5 Pet Heroes From Around the World

Our pets serve many purposes in our lives. They perform tricks for us, they greet us when we come home, and provide an unmatched love. Studies have even been conducted to prove that there are multiple health benefits to owning a pet. But, did you know that they

could help you out in another way? Here, we want to highlight some of the pets who have acted as heroes saving belongings, and even the lives of their owners.




1. LassieOriginal image of Lassie and Tommy


Probably one of the most popular heroic dogs, Lassie truly set the standard for heroic pets. From barn fires, to criminal encounters, the noble Rough Collie was never more than a call away. Lassie originally aired on television from 1954-1971.



2. One dog makes a call


Hero dog who saves his owner


In 2008, Buddy, an 18-month-old German shepherd dog made a 911 call while his owner was experiencing a seizure. Joe Stalnaker trained Buddy to retrieve the phone when he was an 8-month-old puppy. When Joe began to have his seizure, Buddy not only retrieved the phone, but used his teeth to dial emergency medical services, as well. Buddy has done this several times before, according to Joe.




3. Fearless Fox Faceoff


IDog fights off a fox to protect his ownern Russia in 2009, 10-year-old Maxim Kurguzov was outside playing in his yard, when all of a sudden, a fox made its way in and killed one of the family chickens. The fox turned to attack young Maxim as well, when Shrek, the family dog, jumped in front of him to fight off the fox. Shrek stood against the fox for 25 minutes it finally fled. Maxim’s father, Alexey, was able to capture photographs of the standoff after running in to save his son.


4. Dog takes a bullet

Scar on dog that takes a bullet for owner

An armed intruder broke into Roberta Trawick’s Oklahoma City home and pointed a gun at her and her children. The intruder then instructed them to get on the ground, when out of thin air, the family dog D-Boy sprung into action. While charging toward the assailant, D-Boy was shot 3 times – two of which went into his head. This didn’t stop the dog, however, and even with the gunshot wounds, D-Boy managed to scare away the robber, and save the lives of his family.


5. Roles Reversed

A 4-year-old boy, Jeremy, was playing in his driveway, when the neighbor’s dog came and attacked him. The dog had a hold of Jeremy’s leg, and dragged him a short distance. Before any serious harm could be done, the family cat, Tara, rushed the dog and chased it away. Had Tara not been around, Jeremy’s now stitched injury could have been much worse. Tara was asked to throw the first pitch at a baseball game, and has even been given a Facebook fan page. See the video below.


Your pet could be a hero in disguise, but you could be their hero too! Be sure to give them the best treatment you can!

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