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Unusual Pet Door Installation Photo Contest!

Every home and every pet is unique, so naturally there are all types of pet doors out there! We want to create an inspirational library of sorts to help customers envision how they can install a dog or cat door in a location they might not have thought possible.
Did you put a lot of thought into your plan to install your pet door for your beloved pets? We will reward the best photo with $100 gift card to!

Pet doors can be installed virtually anywhere: in walls, doors, sliding glass doors, windows, or screens. Sometimes, the best place to install a doggie door needs some modification to allow the dog to access the dog door from both inside and outside. A cat door might work perfectly in a window that needs a perch built in front of it so that the cat can make it through the flap!Endura Flap Dog door for walls

Temporary pet doors like sliding glass door inserts need specific types of tracks to function properly. Sometimes you need a temporary pet door but your track might not be the perfect fit. How do you modify your sliding glass door to hold the patio pet door? We’re looking for one of a kind installations of pet doors such as the clever ramps pictured on the right.

Send us your photos! All types of dog doors and cat doors are welcome. We’ve even heard of pet doors being used for pigs, capybaras, tortoises, and other more exotic pets! The winner will be based on how creative, awesome, and functional your pet door installation looks. We will send the winner a $100 gift card to! The contest will run through April 20th, 2015.Doggie Doors with Ramp

Send in your photos to with the subject “Photo Contest” to be entered!

Please note that by submitting your photo, you grant a royalty-free, nonexclusive right, in perpetuity, to: use the photograph on the Internet for demonstration purposes, use, in connection with the Photo Contest, your name, state or country of residence in promotions and other publications, and to keep the files provided and archive the images in electronic forms so that the photos can be used on the website.

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