Valentine’s Day With My Dog

Are you a dog owner who is sad about not having a Valentine?  Well don’t be! Human dates can be totally overrated so why not spend some time with your furry pup and make night of it.  Here are some great reasons why dogs can be a way better date:

1. They don’t talk!

Ever been in that situation on a date when you hit that awkward silence and you’re struggling to find something to fill it?  Or right in the middle of a conversation they say something that throws up a giant red flag and you have to pop on that fake smile, while your eyes are sprinting back and forth trying to find the closest exit?  Well not with your dog you won’t!  They just want to hang out, no pressure or useless banter needed.

2. They are 100% cute!

Right!  No matter what they are doing they are just darn adorable.  

valentine's day with my dog


3. The chocolate is allllllll yours!

By not sharing with your pooch you are actually showing them how much you love truly love them.  See chocolate is toxic to dogs and can make them very sick or even worse.  So you are doing your dog a favor by keeping it all to yourself, even if they do give you those adorable puppy dog eyes.

Eating Chocolate

4. Pretty much anything you do makes them happy

Such a bonus, you don’t have try to impress them or win them over, and hey they let you choose the movie or whatever trashy series you feel like binge watching for the evening. They don’t care and are more than happy to chill on the couch with you as both take that days Rom-Com journey.  Just as long as you’re together.    

5. No pressure for you to dress to impress!

Throw on those comfy PJ’s people because you can!  Your dog isn’t going to judge the fact that you aren’t wearing makeup up, have that weird colored mud mask on, and just tossed your hair up in a messy bun.  And let’s face it unless you are probably going to just get covered in dog hair by the end of the night so leave that little black dress and heels in the closet.

dog hair on clothes

6. No need to cook an epic meal!

You won’t have to slave away for hours, spend bank at the grocery store, and clean up like you just had Thanksgiving with your family.  Your pup will be happy with the normal daily routine.   You could  make it more of an occasion if you want by preparing some homemade doggie treats.  Hey you get to eat all the chocolate and remember reason #2, yeah they are adorable and you know you can’t resist that face!


7. Looking forward to a little alone time, no worries!

They won’t be upset if you choose a good book over movie night.  This is why Kongs and other toys that double as treat holders are great.  You can load them up and keep your pup busy and happy.

dogs love kong toys




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