Need a Better Way to Spend Your Time? Start Volunteering at the Animal Shelter!

Maybe your landlord won’t let you have pets. Maybe you’ve already got four cats, but you wish you could do more. Maybe you’re just sick of kicking back with the TV all weekend and you’d like a better way to spend your time.

Whatever your reasons, you couldn’t think of a better way to spend your free time than helping homeless animals in your area find a new home.

According to the Humane Society of the United States, approximately six to eight million animals are placed in animal shelters every year. Out of this population, over three to four million are euthanized.

By doing your part and volunteering your time at the Humane Society, you’ll be actively working to solve this massive nation-wide problem—nothing’s more admirable than that.

Ways to Volunteer 

Here are some easy ways you can volunteer to help local shelters. Get ready to see a lot of wagging tails and purring cats!

Give Shelter Dogs Some Exercise

Being cooped up in a shelter all day isn’t healthy for any dog, let alone dogs with an active lifestyle. Better still, shelter dogs that have been exercised will be much more calm than a pent-up dog when a potential adopter comes by to visit.

Become a Foster Family

Shelters always need foster families. Sometimes fosters are needed purely for space reasons; other times, they’re needed for higher-maintenance pets, abused pets, stressed pets, or pets that are too young to stay in a shelter. Fostering puppies will become easier for owners with pet doors, since dog doors lessen the chance of in-home accidents (a must for anyone constantly taking in young puppies).

Become an Adoption Representative

Not all potential pet owners come to the shelter looking to adopt. Sometimes, it’s better to bring the pets to them. Becoming an adoption representative will allow you to take homeless pets out into your community and interact with people and (hopefully) potential adopters. It’s a great way to spread the word about pets in need of a home.

Go Shopping for Your Shelter

Animal shelters don’t just need time; they also need care items. Check with your shelter for a list of goods they currently need. If you can’t find a list, most shelters are in constant need of food, toys, cat litter, and scratching posts. For a safer bet, just go with a gift card to your local pet store. It’ll be thoroughly appreciated by any shelter.

Volunteer in the Office

Stuff envelopes, answer phones, greet visitors—these jobs are just as important as walking dogs and cleaning litter boxes.

Volunteer Your Talents

Are you a skilled writer, a gifted photographer, or a web designer? If you’ve got a special talent or skill set (or set of equipment), volunteer your gift at your local shelter!

A whole shelter full of animals is waiting for you. Pick up the phone today and ask how you can best help your local shelter.

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