Wall doggy doors are great to have with a dog house

Wall mount doggie doors and a doghouse can be a great combo

Installing a pet door in your wall can be a great choice. You can have a lot more flexibility as to where it goes. You can also patch the hole in your wall if you want to sell your house down the road. That said, wall dog doors are not for everyone. Unless you are particularly handy, we recommend having a skilled contractor install it for you because it does involve cutting a hole through your wall.

Security can be a concern with any doggie door or cat door, but one handy trick is to put a doghouse on the other side of the doggy door. This conceals the dog door from would-be thieves.

This doghouse hides the dog door for wall to increase security of the house.An energy efficient wall doggie door can be a great choice for your family.







Another benefit of the doghouse is that is prevents needing ramp for your dog door for wall. Most wall entry dog doors need ramps since the floor in your house is higher than the ground outside of your house. The doghouse reduces that difference.

5 thoughts on “Wall mount doggie doors and a doghouse can be a great combo

  1. Lawrence

    Love the ideas! now I do not have to worry about my dogs because they are now having a door. thanks for posting!

  2. Beth juachon

    I have a wall doggie door and I have been looking for a doggie house to cover or hide the wall door. Where can I get this house. I have two dachshunds regular size.


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