What’s Your Pet Owner Style?

What Type of Pet Owner are you?There’s no doubt about it – we love our pets! From teaching them, to providing for them, we definitely develop a bond with our pets over the course of their life. There are many different ways and styles that we as owners show them love. Sure, there are certain things that are unique to the relationships we form with our pets, but we’ve managed to compile a list of the three general pet owner styles out there. Let’s see what your pet owner style says about you!


                                                                  The “Laid-Back Pet Lovers”

The What’s Your Pet Owner Style?First up, these pet owners have very little demands of their pets. Sure, their pet might make the occasional mess, or even get a little unruly, but the Laid-Back Lover meets these challenges with a calm and mellow disposition. There are not many instances of reprimand, and the Laid-Back Lover is generally happy in their pet-owner relationship. You might be a Laid-Back Pet Lover if:

– You have minimal expectations for your pet
– You live harmoniously with your pet
– There are few instances of pet rearing in your home

The “Parental Pet People”

Different Pet Owner StylesThese owners are very loving, and tend to treat their pets like their own children. Having such a strong emotional connection, the Parental Pet People tend to allow more of their budget toward gifts and treats for their pet. Don’t be shocked to find the Parent Pet Owner on the bed or furniture with their furry friend, as this owner style is much more likely to encourage these moments. You might be a Parental Pet Person if:

– Take your pet with you when traveling
– Allow/encourage your pet to join you on the bed/furniture
– Purchase you pet gifts frequently

                                                               The “Professional Pet People”

The Disciplined Pet OwnerThese pet owners mean business! Professional Pet People incorporate many types of techniques and technology into making sure that their pets are quickly socialized. The love for their pet is evident, but is most demonstrated through the sheer amount of time put into teaching and training. You might be a Professional Pet Person if:

– You socialized your pet very early on
– You make use of many technologies to train your pet
– You have many commands for your pet

Perhaps your pet style is a mix and match of different types of pet owners. That’s perfectly fine! We always encounter passionate pet people who identify with one or more characteristic from each category. Have any characteristics or categories to add to our list? Share them with us.

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