How to Keep Dogs Safe During Hunting Months

dog dressed in suit of armor: the best hunting safety harness for hunting dogs

Hunting season is about to begin, and across the country hunters are grabbing their rifles and hitting the great outdoors in order to get that prized buck. For pet owners, it is a time of the year to remain vigilant, especially when allowing dogs to go in and out of the house for exercise and bathroom breaks. It's also a great opportunity for hunting dogs to stretch their legs and do what they were bred to do! The following tips will help dog owners keep their precious pups safe during this time of year and list some safety tips for hunting with your dog.

Keeping your Domestic Dog Safe
  • First and foremost, it is important that pet owners research hunting seasons in their local area. According to Perfect Puppy Care, knowledge about what is happening in their area is one of the best ways to keep pets safe. Even people who live in a suburban area should recognize when certain hunting seasons begin and end.
  • It is inevitable that a dog will have to go outside to relieve itself or simply run around. Owners should make sure to keep an eye on their dog, even if it can go in and out of the house on its own through a pet door. Make sure to check on the pet frequently, whether a yard is fenced or not fenced in.
  • When seeking out a trail or park during hunting season, pet owners should take their dogs only to areas where hunting is prohibited. It is not a good idea to hike along a trail in a hunting zone, as an accident can easily happen. Many communities require hikers to keep their dogs on leashes, even if they are not in a designated hunting area, as it is best for the animals' safety and the safety of others.
Taking your Dog Hunting?
  • Many pet owners have dogs that also accompany them on hunting trips. Bay Animal Hospital recommends that when you are hunting with dogs, keep a safety collar and vest on them, along with proper identification. Some local ordinances require dogs to be on leashes when they are not participating in a hunt. Take a look online for the best hunting safety harnesses available.
  • Know what your dogs hunting breed is, and the behaviors around it. For bird hunting dogs, breeds can be flushers like the Spaniel, pointers like the German Shorthair, and retrievers like the Golden Retriever. These dogs will instinctually act, and knowing where and when they will run to could save their life during a hunt.

Whether a person lives in an area that has a deer hunting season or a duck hunting season, it is important that everyone takes extra measures to keep their pets safe from harm. History has proven war dogs to be able to protect themselves and their people, but it is still good to be cautious during hunting season. No one is out to intentionally hurt a pet, but people are hunting with dangerous weapons and accidents do happen. Owners should monitor their dogs' outdoor activity closely and invest in a bright orange safety vest so hunters can easily spot pets. Precautions and being smart about your pet's routine and behavior helps prevent tragedy.

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