Cat Mate 254 Electronic Cat Doors

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  • Prevents stray cats and other unwanted critters from entering the house

  • Installs in interior or exterior materials 0-2” thick

  • Includes two magnetic collar keys for door access

  • Operation requires a 9-volt battery (not included)

  • Features a manual four-way locking system

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Cat Mate 254 Electronic Cat Doors
Cat Mate Model 254 Electronic Cat Door front view

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  • Prevents stray cats and other unwanted critters from entering the house

  • Installs in interior or exterior materials 0-2” thick

  • Includes two magnetic collar keys for door access

  • Operation requires a 9-volt battery (not included)

  • Features a manual four-way locking system

Flap SizeFlap DimensionRough Cut OutOutside Frame DimensionStock No
Cat Flap 2545 3/4" w x 5 3/4" h6 5/8" w x 8 1/2" h7 5/8" x 9 1/2"08AM254

Important note There is a third slide lock mounted in the bottom center of the pet door which locks the solenoid. However, several customers have misinterpreted its function, left the solenoid locked and thought that the pet door was malfunctioning. This is actually a handy feature to use in training.

If you are interested in purchasing a similar but larger version of this product, check out the Cat Mate 363

The Cat Mate 254 is an affordable solution for giving your cat the freedom to go in and out of the house while keeping out unwanted critters or other neighborhood cats. We provide you with two magnetic collar keys upon purchase. This door is a great solution for active indoor-outdoor pets!


How It Works:

The door features a rotary four-way locking function. This means you can set the door to completely locked or unlocked for both inside and outside, allow access outside but not back inside afterwards, or your pet can use the collar key magnets to re-enter the door from the outside. When your pet wants to enter the house from the outside, the door senses the magnetic collar key and unlocks, allowing them to push through the flap. This means that no animal without a magnet can enter your house from the outside, preventing strays or other small critters from getting inside.


Note: There is a third sliding lock mounted in the bottom center of the pet door which locks the solenoid. The solenoid is the colored (green and red) portion inside the base of the pet door that controls the electronic motion of the flap. Make sure this is unlocked to ensure proper flap functioning.


Please Note: Reverse installation (controlling from the inside instead of outside) will void the warranty.

Features and Benefits:

  • Rigid acrylic flap is lined with brush weather stripping to prevent wind from entering

  • Sturdy construction designed to keep out most strays and smaller rodents

  • Easy to train cats to use

  • Waterproof magnet

  • Does not require the use of any electricity

  • Four-way lock gives you more control over your pet’s access to and from the house

  • Three year warranty


Customer Reviews

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  • Right for normal-sized cat review by Douglas
    5 5 Right for normal-sized cat

    Install was easy, works fine, not super-picky about where the magnet has to be like some doors.

    (Posted on 11/9/2018)

  • Simple technology review by Rosanna
    5 4 Simple technology

    Good Door with simple magnetic technology. The strong magnets triggers the door lock well. It was easy enough to train out cat to use. It keeps his friends out of or home which was the main purpose of installing this cat door.

    (Posted on 12/28/2017)

  • Well made and easy to clean. review by David
    5 4 Well made and easy to clean.

    We have only one concern .Any cat or small dog in your neighborhood with a magnetic collar, has access to your house.

    (Posted on 11/10/2017)

  • Perfect Solution review by Pfloof
    5 5 Perfect Solution

    We got this door to replace our regular no lock cat door. We have had a neighbor's cat enter our house in the past, as well as a stray cat follow our cats inside. We were tired of cat fights in the house, usually in the early AM hours. This door was the perfect solution to our problem. Now only our cats have access to our house. We installed it where the old pet door was located, which was lower than the recommended installation height. Still works fine.

    (Posted on 4/4/2015)

  • Super! review by Ellie
    5 5 Super!

    We have two of these. They are great. We are controlling who goes out, not who comes in since we don't have a problem with strays. We wanted to let the adult cats come and go, but keep the kittens indoors. To accomplish this, we mounted the pet doors backwards. That way only a cat with a magnet can go out. Problem solved.

    (Posted on 12/29/2014)

  • The best cat door yet! review by Happy Cat Family
    5 5 The best cat door yet!

    I'm very impressed with this new and improved cat door 254. We've had an electronic cat door for at least 18 years (since 1996) and generally have to replace them every 4 or so years. This must be our fifth and it's the best yet. Our cats find it easier than ever to use the door, as the new keys have very strong magnets. This time we didn't have to train our cats to lift their heads in order to position the magnet correctly. The latch is also strong enough to keep out our two strong neighborhood cats. They are our friends but we didn't like them bursting in at all hours to steal food. One cat neighbor was formerly able to enter our house because he wore several metal tags which apparently activated our old cat-door-lock to open for him (according to the old manual.) This doesn't happen with the new door! Raccoons at night have been checking out the door, and have not managed to come in, as they have with past doors. I feel quite secure now.

    There are only two minor downsides, but this door still gets 5 stars! The very strong magnet sometimes grabs onto the computer when our Chloe wants to sit on the computer table - probably not good and I try not to let her get too close to the computer. Secondly, although the flap and entrance are comfortably big for our cats, even a bit bigger than the old flap, the frame is smaller than the former frame and cut-out! We considered returning the door for this reason, but finally decided to simply re-build the wall around the door (with some grumbling and muttering) making a smaller cut-out. I'm so glad we kept this door!

    (Posted on 10/9/2014)

  • Lives up to claims review by Greg
    5 5 Lives up to claims

    This door has been everything it claimed to be.

    It took about a week and a half for my large, long-haired and double coated, girl to use the door without prompting. Now she's in and out a half dozen times a day. The only issue was when she picked up a large nail with her collar magnet - not that it bothered her in the least, and I just picked it off when I noticed.

    This was definitely the solution we were looking for - keeps everyone else out while letting our girl in, thanks petdoors for giving our cat back her freedom.

    (Posted on 2/10/2013)

  • Top of the line pet door review by Crista
    5 5 Top of the line pet door

    I have used this pet door for years for my two indoor/outdoor cats. It lets them come and go as they please, while also giving me great control (unlocked, in-only, out-only, and locked settings). The magnetic gating system means my cats can use it, but other neighborhood pets and wild animals (e.g. raccoons) in the area can't. Sturdy construction, good design, easy for the cats to use. Totally worth the price.

    (Posted on 2/2/2013)

  • Keyed Entry review by Paul
    5 4 Keyed Entry

    We replaced a similar sized basic un-keyed "PetSafe" cat door.

    A neighbor cat (Meeko) kept coming in no matter how unpleasant we made his escape. The last straw was when my wife was sewing. Meeko came right in and just sat in front of my Wife's chair as if to say "Have anything for me? A treat or a lap perhaps? Oh, and by the way, your cats food it rather stale and I would like some of his canned food please"

    With a minor re-cut for height, of the new "Cat Mate 254" it went in easily. After a bit of adjustment period for the now stronger magnet, our cat small cat, Poe is now zipping in and out. Our neighbor cat Meeko has been hanging around the door giving his BEST shot at pushing and probing to figure out why he can no longer get in. It has been a real riot to watch him from the inside. We know Poe is just taunting Meeko now as she now zips by him on her way in and out repeatedly.

    The weather stripping on the new door is not a perfect seal but it is much better than the old door which had none.

    (Posted on 1/1/2013)

  • Second Cat Mate Door goes Bad review by cat lover 205
    5 2 Second Cat Mate Door goes Bad

    This is the second Cat Mate Door I have installed. The first lasted about 8 years. this second door was installed 8 months ago and started malfunctioning within two months. I have to pay for a new one and the istallation fee... Not Happy!

    Ed. Sounds like a warranty claim to me. Please call us if you need the mfr phone number.

    (Posted on 5/2/2012)

Weight 7.0000
Manufacturer Cat Mate / Dog Mate
Your Maximum Pet Size Cats, Large Cats
Controls Access From Outside Only
# Collar Keys Included 2
Operates On Battery
Flap Opens Pet Must Push
Frame Material Plastic
Flap Material Acrylic
Flap Design Single, One Part , Rigid, Thin Flap
Flap Colors Clear
Flap Thickness 1/8"
Door Open Type Unlocks for the key signal and pet pushes open
Additional Lock 4-Way Lock
Number Pets Unlimited
Activated By Magnet
Can Be Installed In Hollow Core Door, Polycarbonate, Plywood or Other Thin Material, Solid Core Door
Warranty Period 3 years
Return Period 30 days
Manufacturer's Restocking Fee none

Please Note: If you intend to do a reverse installation, which would yield magnet control from the inside rather than the outside, the warranty will be voided.


Prior to starting the installation:

Make sure that the bottom of the template is about level with your pet’s stomach. You can place it lower if you would like. If you choose to place it lower, make sure that it is not too low that it compromises the structural soundness of the door/panel or forces your pet to stoop when in use. Ideally you would like the door to be placed so that as the pet is going through, the magnet comes in very close contact with the bottom of the door. This way the collar key will properly trigger the unlocking mechanism.


For Wooden Doors and Plastic Panels:

Step 1: Place the template in the desired position on the door and trace completely around it.

Step 2: Prior to cutting the hole, drill two holes ¼” in diameter in the top corners.

Step 3: Use an electric jig-saw to cut along the inside of the line you previously traced. Make sure to cut the hole square to the door, especially if you have a thicker door. Ensure that the frames are free-fitting in the hole.


For Panels 0 - ⅞” Thick:

Step 1: Position the interior frame on the inside of the door and mark the four screw positions.

Step 2: Remove the frame and drill the screw clearance holes in the panel to 3/16” in diameter.

Step 3: Select the appropriate screws for the panel in your door. (See Figure 8 on the template).

Step 4: Using the appropriate screws and working from the inside of the house, tighten the interior frame to the exterior frame. Cover the screw heads with the supplied caps.


For Panels ⅞ - 2”:

Step 1: Screw the interior frame to the inside of the panel with short ½” screws.

Step 2: Drill out the four screw holes in the exterior frame to allow close clearance on the screw. A 3/16” in diameter drill is recommended.

Step 3: Fit the exterior frame to the exterior of the door using ¾” screws. Cover the screws heads with the supplied caps.


For Walls:

After making an appropriately-sized hole in your wall, line with ¾” plywood or similar material (Figure 10 on the template). This provides a tunnel to for the installation and accepts the fixing screws.



Click below to expand:

You can see through it, but it does have a dark tint.

This door is not recommended for protection against raccoons. It does work well for strays and rodents.

You can , however the installation would be very tricky as the trim frame mounts around the flap frame. We recommend this as a through door installation only.

No this door only controls who comes in not who goes out. If you did need one that controlled both inside and outside take a look at the Cat-Mate 305.

Since it does have a lock it won't blow open like other non electronic pet doors. Also the brush weather stripping around the flap helps with insulation.

It is about the size of a small marble, and pretty light weight.

The collar key must pass very close to the bottom of the pet door frame. As it brushes over the locks in the pet door retract allowing the cat to push through. Then the locks pop back up securing the flap.

The door does run off of a 9-volt. The collars are just magnets so they do not need any batteries.

No, there is no plug in adapter available.

Yes, they can be found here.

The Dog Mate/Cat Mate company makes a Cat Mate 363 Electronic Pet Door with a flap size of 7"w x 7 1/4"h. It should be ok for smaller dogs, but you will need to measure your dog for a proper fit. It is the largest Electronic door that the make.

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