2” Wall Liner for Cat Mate Elite Doors

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  • Wall liners for the Cat Mate doors
  • Adds 2" to the framing range of the pet door
  • Fits models 305, 306, 307, 358, 359, and 360
  • Available in white only

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2” Wall Liner for Cat Mate Elite Doors
Cat Mate 308 Wall Liners adds 2" to your framing range

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  • Wall liners for the Cat Mate doors
  • Adds 2" to the framing range of the pet door
  • Fits models 305, 306, 307, 358, 359, and 360
  • Available in white only

Wall Liners for All Elite Cat Doors (305,306 and 307)

Are Used to "Frame Out" a Wall For a Cat Door. These liners fit the Cat Mate Elite 307 4-Way Locking Cat Door and the Elite Electronic Cat Flaps, the Elite Selective 306 and the Elite Super Selective 305 and for the Cat Mate Elite 356 Selective and 355 Super Selective


It's vital that the wall be framed out and this is an easy way to get it done. Please note that all wall liners come in white only. They can be painted if desired. Each liner adds 2" to the length of the tunnel and the cat door, itself, adds the final 0" to 2" needed to finish with a tight fit.

Customer Reviews

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  • Looks good review by Corey
    5 4 Looks good

    made is nice and easy to put through the wall, should have gotten them with the door at first since it costs more if you don't get them all at once, but oh well. Turned out good.

    (Posted on 12/19/2017)

  • Fits Well review by Mars
    5 4 Fits Well

    Fits my Cat Mate Elite Door and frame well. Measure correctly so you don't overbuy the number of liners needed. May have to trim one to properly fit in your wall thickness.

    (Posted on 12/7/2017)

  • Cat door and wall liner review by True
    5 5 Cat door and wall liner

    It took my cat a week to get past the sound of the lock, but now she is in and out with now trouble. She still prefers the big door and with that I may go up a size. The wall liners make the hole in the wall a lot cleaner but I needed to put traction tape to help her out because the plastic was slick. All in all the door looks and works great!

    (Posted on 3/3/2013)

Weight 1.0000
Manufacturer Cat Mate / Dog Mate
Color White
Fit All Cat Mate Elite Series Cat Doors

Cat-Mate Wall Liner Instructions for Elite Series Doors:

1. Make sure that you measure the thickness of your wall and have the correct number of wall liners needed before making any rough openings in your wall. If your wall is 7" thick, you will require liners to frame up to 8" and trim it down; you would need 3 liners for 8", each liner adds 2" to your cat door's 2". 

2. For the bottom of the cut out make sure that it is level with your pet’s belly.

3. Next you will have to make a rectangular cut out in the wall that is 7” wide by 8” high. Using a level and pencil mark the outside lines of your cut out on the wall. Then check one more time that the line is straight and level.

Tip: It is very important that you not cut into any wall framing, electrical, pipes, etc. so double check when picking a location for the pet door.

4. Now you will want to cut the hole out, by first cutting the interior wall and then removing any insulation.

5. Then you will want to drill holes from the inside through the exterior wall and use those as pilot holes for the outside cut. Be sure to remeasure on the outside for accuracy.

Tip: Tape up the inside hole with plastic sheeting before cutting the outside wall. This will make clean up much easier.

6. Cut out the exterior wall.

7. Take the pet door and remove the battery cover.

8. Next remove the interior frame cover entirely by taking out the two screws on the backside of the frame. And then remove the two that are in under the battery cover.

9. Remove the metal screw clips on the back as well using pliers.

10. Take the wall liners and fit them onto the flap frame that you just removed the cover on.

Tip: You can use some glue to fit the liners together, but the manufacturer states that a good firm push together will be enough.

11. The screw holes should be visible about halfway down the left and right side of the frame. You will need to put a washer under each screw (not supplied).

12. Take the frame and screw it to the wall putting the liners through the cut out.

13. Put the inside frame cover back on using the screws you removed and replace the battery cover.

Tip: Make sure that you do not trap any of the electrical wires.

14. Last fit the exterior frame on using two of the 1” screws. Then fit the hole covers and you are finished.

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