Doors 4 Pets and People

  • Sleek storm doors with Endura FlapĀ®, Petsafe Freedom, and Dogmate pet doors pre-installed
  • Includes 1-year warranty

Faced with the limitations of pet door and doggie door options, Doors 4 Pets & People became dedicated and committed to develop and market high quality, unique dog door, and cat door pet supplies and products that cater to the needs of homeowners/ pet owners and their pets. Upon the launch of their first pet product website in 2004, they have continued to listen to customer needs and improve their storm door products. The Doors 4 Pets and People mission is to provide your pet access to a correct sized pet door and dog or cat flap door flap, whether it be an extra large exterior door or an interior door for small dogs. Doors 4 Pets and People create products that give your pets freedom while also protecting your home from extreme weather.

Doors 4 Pets and People work with brands such as Petsafe and Endura Flap to guarantee that you are getting your money's worth when choosing a pet flap for your sliding glass door or patio door. The door frames are made of durable metal and replacement flaps are easy to purchase if necessary. If pet owners did want to change the color of the door frame to match their home, they could simply paint it as a DIY project. Doors 4 Pets and People also keeps home improvement in mind by making sure their doggy doors also preserve the value of your home.

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