Pet Doors for Storm Doors

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Installing Pet Doors in Storm Doors

A Pet Door Installed in a Storm Door for dogs or cats. Great solution for a doggie door.

A Pet Door Installed in a Storm Door

Installing a pet door in a storm door is a great idea. You can give your pet access to the pet door without cutting a hole in your main door. Then you can close the main door to prevent access to the pet door in the storm door. We have a small selection of entire storm doors with built-in pet doors, but we also have a wide selection of pet doors to install in your existing storm door!

If you're installing a pet door through a storm door, chances are the door material is very thin. Make sure the pet door you choose can accommodate the thinness of your door! If you have a glass storm door, be extra cautious of the type you have because any tempered glass will shatter when cut into.

Here's what we recommend

  • Remember that the pet door you buy must be self-framing and it must accommodate doors as thin as the storm door--which you should measure.  All "self-framing" dog doors have an adjustment range and for some, the adjustment range doesn't cover a thinner storm door type door.  These adjustment ranges are given for all self-framing pet doors on our  pet doors for doors  page.
  • Use a high performance dog door. If you need a storm door, you probably need one of the better performing pet doors as well. You may need to build out your door to accomodate one of these types, if it is not designed for material as thin as your door.
  • Mount at the correct height for your pet. The height that the pet door is installed at, especially in the larger sizes, is critical to the comfortable use by your dog. You'll find it easier to get this right if you are supervising the installation yourself.