Endura Flap™ Dog Doors for Walls

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  • Engineered to be the best all weather pet door on the market
  • Single or Double flap options to increase insulation for maximum energy efficiency
  • Flap utilizes three sided magnetic seal keeping it closed in gusts up to 50mph
  • Aluminum tunnel accommodates walls up to 8" thick
  • Most reliable pet door on the market, backed by a 15 year warranty
  • Free shipping within the U.S.

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Price From: $310
Endura Flap™ Dog Doors for Walls
Endura Flap Double Flap Doggie Door for Walls

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  • Engineered to be the best all weather pet door on the market
  • Single or Double flap options to increase insulation for maximum energy efficiency
  • Flap utilizes three sided magnetic seal keeping it closed in gusts up to 50mph
  • Aluminum tunnel accommodates walls up to 8" thick
  • Most reliable pet door on the market, backed by a 15 year warranty
  • Free shipping within the U.S.
Flap SizeFlap DimensionRough Cut OutOutside Frame Dimension Stock No
Small(Single) 6" w x 11" h 8 5⁄8" w x 15" h9 7⁄16" w x 16" h04PP06
 (Double) 6" w x 10" h
Medium(Single) 8" w x 15" h
10 5⁄8" w x 19 1⁄8" h11 1⁄2" w x 20" h04PP08
(Double) 8" w x 14" h
Large(Single) 10" w x 19" h 
12 5⁄8" w x 23 1⁄16" h13 9⁄16" w x 24"04PP10
(Double) 10" w x 18" h
Extra Large(Single) 12" w x 23" h14 11⁄16" w x 27 1⁄8"15 5⁄8" w x 28" h04PP12
(Double) 12" w x 22" h

Don't know which size to get? Here is a measurement guide to help you out

Number of Flaps  1 - Single Flap -  on inside of wall (same side as locking cover) 2 - Double Flap - one on each side. The included dead-air-space and extra flap add significantly to the already considerable insulation and sealing values.

Endura Flap Pet Door for Walls

Hands down the most energy efficient, flexible flap pet door.  Not only will this pet door save you money on your heat/AC bills, but it’s built to last forever.  If you’re looking for the best pet door to install through your wall for your dog or cat you’ll find the Endura Flap triumphs over the competition, and it happens to be designed and made in the USA!

Features of the Endura Flap Wall Mount

  • Polyolefin-based flap is safe for both your pet and the environment.  Still remains flexible in temps as low as -40 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • Choose from single or double flap; note single flap models have one flap on the interior frame, and dual flap models include a flap on the interior and exterior frame for added insulation. 
  • Four sizes with a high aspect ratio; they are taller and narrower making it ideal for multiple pet households or keeping the step over lower for older or handicap dogs and cats. 
  • Magnetic strips run the length of the sides and together with magnets at the bottom of the flap your pet door stays sealed in even the harshest conditions. Strength is adjustable for easy training.
  • Heavy duty aluminum frame provides extreme strength and durability. 
  • Secure closing cover included allowing you to control access; constructed of material equal to 1⁄16" steel sheet.
  • Aluminum tunnel designed to be trimmed to fit walls 2" - 8" thick. Is your wall thicker than 8"? No worries there is just special framing required. Purchase the door mount version of the Endura Flap and have your contractor build out the tunnel for you.
  • 90 day return policy and a 15 year warranty. 

Perfect Time for an Endura Flap Pet Door

  • If insulation is a concern, the Endura Flap is the most insulated pet door available. Perfect for extreme weather conditions, whether it be sun, snow, wind or rain.
  • Replacing flaps frequently can be frustrating, however the Endura Flap often only needs replacing if a dog decides to take a bite out of it! It rotates on a rod at the top to eliminate any stress points that might tear over time.
  • If you have multiple dogs sharing a pet door, the taller design of the Endura Flap can help you accommodate the height of the larger dog while keeping the flap low enough for the shorter dog to step through.

Note: Endura Flaps™ are not recommended for use by kittens or very small dogs. Cats and tiny dogs have been successful using the Small, however a few have found the Medium difficult to use. We would not recommend using the Large or Extra Large or any of the double flap versions for cats. While there are some cats who will use them, we also hear of plenty of cases where these pet doors actually keep the cats inside while allowing dogs out!

There has been lots of discussion as to why the Endura Flap is such a high performing pet door, but for engineers or those looking for some more technical information here is a 74-page dog door energy efficiency study showing what makes it so special.

Great Deal for a Limited Time: Get any Endura Flap Pet Door for Doors (single flap versions only) together with a Watchdog Security Locking Cover and get a 20% discount on both items! While this door already comes with a standard locking cover, this offer combines the best performance pet door with the best, most secure locking method for the ultimate pet door installation.


Customer Reviews

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  • An Amazing Dog Door review by Kim
    5 5 An Amazing Dog Door

    I installed an Endura Flap wall mount pet door after using a PetSafe door for 3 years. The PetSafe door worked fine but I had no idea how well-made the Endura Flap door was when I chose the PetSafe.

    The Endura Flap door closes extremely tight because it has strong magnets that hold the flaps closed and a well-designed seal around the flaps. The flaps stay closed tight enough for my dogs to get out but my cat doesn’t push it open. I have the wall mount version and both flaps are two layers which makes it very insulating, no losing heat in cold weather or AC in warm weather. My home is also next to a very busy road with lots of noise from traffic but I can’t hear any of it through the Endura… so nice to not be able to hear outside noise.

    One of my favorite features is that the unit cannot be removed from the outside because it is installed with long screws that are put in place from the inside and snapped off from the outside. All the parts for this door are durable and extremely well-made.

    The installation was straight forward. I watched the video on how to install it and was able to follow along. I love this pet door and so do my dogs!

    (Posted on 2/1/2019)

  • Great doggy door review by Lisa
    5 5 Great doggy door

    Luv this Endura flap pet door! Training took approximately a week. Removing the magnetic bottom piece for 4 days helped with the training!

    (Posted on 1/28/2019)

  • Excellence review by JIM
    5 5 Excellence

    Easy to navigate website
    Superb customer service
    Efficient, useful instructions
    High-quality parts designed effectively
    Craftsmanship throughout with very apparent longevity.

    (Posted on 1/7/2019)

  • Good quality product. review by Kathy
    5 5 Good quality product.

    I love these pet doors. I've had one for 12 years and just this past summer had to replace the flaps, but not due to them being completely worn out. One of my crazy dogs decided it would be good to chew the corner off. Excellent product

    (Posted on 12/13/2018)

  • Excellent review by Dennis
    5 5 Excellent

    This product is of superior construction and design compared to the vast majority of products in the marketplace. My contractor thought it was good value for the money. Installation was a little complex but manageable. Customer service and timely shipping are superior.

    (Posted on 10/30/2018)

  • Better instructions needed review by Thomas
    5 3 Better instructions needed

    The door works fine but the installation instructions could be better. Also marking the metal liners would be great, it was difficult to find the correct orientation of the metal liners. Marking them as to location. Would help tremendously.

    (Posted on 10/24/2018)

  • The best pet door well worth the high price review by Cobb
    5 5 The best pet door well worth the high price

    We installed a medium size patio Pacific pet door(door mounted), in our home in Alaska in 2007. We have two Australian Cattle Dogs using this door daily and occasionally one of our cats will use it. None of our animals have been able to damage this pet door in any way. It always closes and doesn’t leak air in high winds. It’s a great pet door and we intend on installing another one on our other porch.

    (Posted on 10/3/2018)

  • We could not install ourselves, even need a jig saw which we do t have. We are seniors in our 70s. review by Eileen
    5 2 We could not install ourselves, even need a jig saw which we do t have. We are seniors in our 70s.

    We have to pay someone to install this. Very complicated! The agent at pet doors said it was easy. The carpenter is coming next Tuesday to install. We only live on social security and this may cost another $200.00 for us. We are quite disappointed.

    (Posted on 10/2/2018)

  • Very High Quality Dog Door review by Lynda
    5 5 Very High Quality Dog Door

    We love the Endura Flap Dog Door for Walls. We had ours professionally installed, though anyone with a few tools and good knees could probably do it themselves. The dogs transitioned to it pretty quickly (they were used to a single flap patio door insert). Having the double flaps helps with the windy/wet weather here in the Pacific Northwest. Also, we were ecstatic to get rid of the patio door insert (it really ruined our beautiful view out the door).

    (Posted on 9/22/2018)

  • Great doggie door review by Elizabeth
    5 5 Great doggie door

    We just moved to a new city and our little pup was lost because she didn't have her endura doggie door. We purchased a new one and she's again a very happy camper. These doors are amazing. We lived at the beach where the winds can be brutal. Those winds, some hurricane force, never caused a breach in the seal of the endura door. We love these doors. I've put one in our daughter's house too.

    (Posted on 9/5/2018)

  • Give it a 10 out of 10 points review by Rosalie
    5 5 Give it a 10 out of 10 points

    The award winning Endura Flap Pet Door for Walls.was designed to be the best pet door on the market.

    (Posted on 9/5/2018)

  • doggie door review by Jo
    5 5 doggie door

    This is the best doggie door. We lived on a windy hill, and this is the only one that stays closed in 60mph plus winds. It insulates well therefore. We moved and bought another one, and now I'm buying one for my daughter as well. It is worth the price.

    (Posted on 8/7/2018)

  • Pet door review by Karen
    5 5 Pet door

    Great door made very well!

    (Posted on 7/25/2018)

  • Love it! review by Deborah
    5 5 Love it!

    Love this dog door.
    We have two chocolate labs and bought a second door of the same model for our new sunroom. Durable, easy for the dogs to use and keeps the winter cold out.

    (Posted on 7/20/2018)

  • Easy to install. "Queenie" loves it! review by Jean
    5 5 Easy to install. "Queenie" loves it!

    The door arrived quickly and we had it ready for use in a morning. Our German Shepherd caught on in a second and had a good time going in and out and taking all her toys in and out as well!

    (Posted on 6/7/2018)

  • Best dog door out there. review by Steven
    5 5 Best dog door out there.

    We have two Endura dog doors in the house. Very secure against wind and outside temps. They get a lot of use and are holding up wonderfully. The installers said they are very easy to install.

    (Posted on 5/25/2018)

  • Excellent product good customer service. review by Brian
    5 5 Excellent product good customer service.

    I wish you would offer a kit for going through thicker walls.

    (Posted on 3/20/2018)

  • Best Dog Doors Ever review by Holly
    5 5 Best Dog Doors Ever

    We have bought four Endura Dog Doors over the years and have recommended them to any dog owner looking for a well-built, attractive dog door. We gave one of our doors away to friends and they told us it has changed their life! We just bought a new house and haven't moved in, yet, but our new Endura double-flap door has been installed!

    (Posted on 3/16/2018)

  • Great Door review by Robert
    5 5 Great Door

    Well made door. Looks nice and will keep the cold outside. Glad I got the best. Lowest price at petdoors.com and quick shipping

    (Posted on 1/25/2018)

  • We love it! review by Chris
    5 5 We love it!

    We love our Doggy door!

    (Posted on 1/15/2018)

  • Perfect review by Rebecca
    5 5 Perfect

    The double magnetic flap is really strong and seems to keep the draft from outside from getting in. It was a little scary at first for our chihuahua mix and Boston terrier. Took about a week but they are finally getting used to the strong double flat. Don't regret this purchase at all. It took my husband a couple of hours to install and it looks like it was made with the house. Definitely recommend!

    (Posted on 1/13/2018)

  • 5-Star Door all the way! review by Shelia
    5 5 5-Star Door all the way!

    This Pet Door is Awesome! We ordered the Double Flap X-Large for our Yellow Lab a few weeks ago and it is now -26 Below with the Wind Chill here in Wisconsin! Our Garage is heated and there is no cold air coming thru this Door at all! It took our Lab a few Days to get used to the Doors but has no Issue with them at all now! Best Door well worth the money!!

    (Posted on 12/27/2017)

  • Quality Door, Metal Construction, Insulates well, made in America review by Scott
    5 5 Quality Door, Metal Construction, Insulates well, made in America

    Overall quality is very good. The double door option insulates well from outside temperatures. Installation was easy to follow. YES, I would recommend this door to others!

    What I suggest:
    Give an option to have differing interior and exterior frames. Example: I have white interior walls and tan outside siding, so I would have chosen those two colors.

    Include additional/optional hardware (screws) for installation. Example: I replaced another door that had worn out with this one. The hole through the wall was already cut, so a bit of 'modification' was necessary, (I used 3&1/2 inch wood screws), to secure the new door into the new frame.

    (Posted on 12/22/2017)

  • Nice looking door review by Kelley
    5 5 Nice looking door

    It has more parts than other standard doors, there's so many more magnets and adjustable parts than other models. They even came with dog treats! The flap is very flexible and smooth. The finish is very clean, easy to paint over if needed

    (Posted on 12/4/2017)

  • Great Qualtiy Door review by Kenton
    5 4 Great Qualtiy Door

    This is a high quality door with great weatherproofing. Endura also includes lots of little "extras" too... like doggy treats to help train your pet and a protective coating you can apply to the door flaps to help preserve them. My only problem has been that the magnets securing the door are almost too strong. My younger dog has no problem with them, but my older husky has trouble pushing through both flaps. I even have a little difficulty pushing them open for my older dog! Something to consider for older dogs or those with health issues.

    (Posted on 11/10/2017)

  • Great door! review by Joyce
    5 5 Great door!

    Great door,! Looks great too! Our two dogs have always had their own door, but we recently moved to a house that didn't have one for them. Their new door was just installed yesterday afternoon, and it will take them awhile to get used to it - the magnetic latches and the double door make it a bit harder for them to push open - but I'm sure they'll be charging through it, like they used to, soon.
    P.S. We were impressed that the door even came with treats to help train them to use it!

    (Posted on 10/25/2017)

  • Endura Flap™ Dog Doors for Walls review by Russ
    5 5 Endura Flap™ Dog Doors for Walls

    I have to agree with John the sticker shock was profound....however, we did purchase the Endura Flap™ Dog Doors for Walls for our two black lab mix dogs...I chose it for its insulating properties....and installed it during construction of our home in 2010, now 7 years later it has held up very well, still seals around the edges, its showing a bit of were, but should be good for another 7 years....so, in the end, I guess it was worth the sticker shock price we paid for it.....

    (Posted on 10/21/2017)

  • Well worth the money!! review by John
    5 5 Well worth the money!!

    The initial price tag on this dog door gave me sticker shock but then after shopping around and not really finding anything else that would work i decided to try this out. I'm so glad that I landed on this dog door especially the dual flap design considering the winters in Colorado that it will be facing.

    (Posted on 10/11/2017)

  • Great door review by William
    5 5 Great door

    I am a 74 year old retired male. I had a sliding door single flap dog door for a few years. I finally decided to put one in the wall to give me more room . I installed in myself in about 2 hours. Andy, my 115# Yellow Lab, was apprehensive at first. The previous dog door was a single flap. BUT, using the dog treats that came with the new door, he began to accept the new double flap door in less that a half hour.
    I highly recommend this door.

    (Posted on 9/20/2017)

  • Simply the best for northern climates review by Foof
    5 5 Simply the best for northern climates

    I live in BC, Canada. I am ordering my third Endura flap pet door for my little Havanese as we have just moved again. Neither dog nor mom can love without one of these doors...the best on the market IMO. The double flap is easy to use for my 8 pounder, totally weather proof, no drafts, durable, well made and excellent quality. It allows my little foof total freedom to run in and out to enclosed yard as she wishes. The locking flap gives me confidence when we are on holidays. We won't live without one. Don't rely on any cheap, flimsy pet door if you live in a colder climate. You get what you pay for.

    (Posted on 9/18/2017)

  • Boom. It works like a champ. review by mitch
    5 5 Boom. It works like a champ.

    I have two Jack Russell Terriers, and was formerly a big-dog person. But since these little jokers are smarter than the average 9th grader, they learned to blow thru the wall in about an hour. They hesitated for a few minutes on the shiny tin floor that goes between the wall sections, so I covered it with a patch of old carpet, and BOOM, they're in and out of the house like the door aren't even there. Perfect. Well made, well thought out, great design.

    (Posted on 9/5/2017)

  • Great door! review by Suzy
    5 5 Great door!

    I love this door! It seals well, shuts well, and keeps out the wind, cold and rain. It's really nice to have everything, even the tunnel, included. We prefer to cut the opening to fit the tunnel, and screw in the outer and inner frames. Our only issue is that we have is that one dog seems to like removing and chewing the magnets on the side; have not figured out how to control that behavior yet. Same dog also chewed the door :(. But the door itself is great!

    (Posted on 9/1/2017)

  • Great service. review by Delta
    5 5 Great service.

    Amazing service. We purchased the wrong size door and the same day that we called, they had another one on the way. The door is well constructed and easy to install. I would high ly recommend.

    (Posted on 8/18/2017)

  • Great pet door review by Clarina
    5 4 Great pet door

    I thought I had ordered the double flap door, but then only found one flap in the package. In the end I am glad, as I don't think my cats would like using the double flap door. The single flap door is meant to be installed with the flap on the inside of the wall, so that the open hole would face outwards. I don't really understand that logic, as it would leave the hole open towards weather and also attracting burglars and animals. So we decided to turn it around and put the flap on the outside. I hope we won't have any troubles with it like that. It just makes more sense to me like that.

    (Posted on 7/28/2017)

  • Homeowners review by Nicholas
    5 5 Homeowners

    We installed the pet door and the dogs could not be happier, they get to leave the hot summer heat to retreat to a A/C controlled bedroom. Easy install, the magnets for controlling the two doggie doors is great for sealing out the hot weather and adjustable so our smallest dog can still push on through. I would recommend, and it's worth the price

    (Posted on 7/6/2017)

  • I had this weather wall double dog door installed. review by Jackie
    5 5 I had this weather wall double dog door installed.

    This was the best pay back for the money. This door does keep the warm/cool in or out what ever way you want to term it. I have two dogs 72 lb and 53 lb and they love this free access, never have a mess in the house and I am happy and so are they.

    The doors were installed by my handyman and he did a great job and the instructions were great ...he did not have a problem with ti. I wash the doors when they get soiled and they clean up nicely the magnets that keep them affixed work just fine and it has been 3 years since installation. Thank you for having such a fine product,.

    (Posted on 7/2/2017)

  • Cant believe we waited so long to install this door! review by Mirabelle
    5 5 Cant believe we waited so long to install this door!

    We rescue Britts -- they are very active. 5 years ago, we realized how difficult it was for us to keep getting up to let them in and out. We had a carpenter come out and do a custom installation for us -- under a low window, so we can't lock the door (though we can always push a couch against it) but the double flap is awesome -- no cold air leak. It's withstood 5 years of at least 2 if not 4 dogs at a time.

    (Posted on 6/20/2017)

  • Working so far.... review by Susan
    5 4 Working so far....

    We cheated a bit and had this installed by a local handyman. He had no problem. Might have taken us a lot longer but half the battle was making the proper size rough cut in the siding of the house.

    Flaps are a little loud as I've read before but it's not a problem as the door is a long distance from our living areas. But they also are keeping the weather out nicely!

    The dogs needed a little more coaxing to go through (because of the heavier doors) but it only took a couple passes with rewards of their favorite treats.

    So far, we are quite pleased with our investment!

    (Posted on 5/13/2017)

  • quality door review by james
    5 5 quality door

    so far so good. the magnets are a little strong for him to push through so we taped over the bottom seal. not so strong then. but he is getting used to pushing through. has to be to provide a good seal. he is a small dog and we bought the large door.

    (Posted on 5/13/2017)

  • Great quality, nice looking. review by carey
    5 5 Great quality, nice looking.

    We installed a medium sized one in a wall and it turned out great, looks awesome and is very easy for them to use. Great quality. Wish I had done this sooner.

    (Posted on 5/12/2017)

  • Worth the price! Quality door. review by JB
    5 5 Worth the price! Quality door.

    I've had two doors prior to purchasing this door. On the first one, the magnet strip on the bottom of flap tore off. The 2nd had plastic for frame and it warped on one side and flap would get stuck causing air to come in. Also, it dry rotted where the stepped and I had to put cardboard in bottom. Those two doors wore out way too fast. So I decided to invest more in a good door. After researching best pet doors I found reviews were excellent for this door. I have the wall mounted double flap door. It's worth the cost, with the self-framing aluminum and heavy duty flaps. It took a couple of days for dogs to really get used to it, since doors are heavier. I had to do some coaxing to get them through but they're great with it now! I'm very happy with this purchase.... it's a great door!

    (Posted on 5/7/2017)

  • Good review by Beth
    5 5 Good

    We r building our home so we have not installed yet but we r sure it is everything we expected

    (Posted on 5/3/2017)

  • Medium Pet Door review by June
    5 5 Medium Pet Door

    This is the 3rd pet door I've had in the last 12 years. The other two were cheaper and the flap tore up on the first one. The plastic frame of the 2nd one warped and cracked. I decided to spend more for a quality door. The frame of the Endura door is aluminum and the flaps are sturdy. It seems much more energy efficient. I would definitely have someone who is the handyman type install door. The aluminum had to be cut to fit thickness of my wall, etc. So they need to know what they're doing. But I'm very glad I invested in a good quality door. It took a few times pushing my dogs through and coaxing them back in because the flaps are different. But in a short time they got used to it. I believe this door will last for many years to come. I'm very happy with the Endura pet door!

    (Posted on 5/2/2017)

  • Excellent Pet Door review by John
    5 5 Excellent Pet Door

    I purchased the thru the wall double flap endura pet door for our minature schnauzer (size small) After installing the door we started to train her to go thru. At first she would go to the door and try to push it open with her paw. We opened the flap half way and with treats she would come in and out. I removed the magnets on the inside flap to make it easier for her to push it open. I also tied up the the outside flap to help her confidence of going thru only one flap. Before i knew it she was pushing the flap with her head and going in and out as she pleased. I have a fenced in deck with gates so she is restricted to our deck. I still have the magnets removed from the inside flap as well as the outside flap tied up. (gradually i will install the magnets and then lower the outside flap.
    As far as the pet door itself,it was easy to install, well constructed, and looks Great. I am very happy with this door, and even happier that our pet can come in and out as she wants.

    (Posted on 4/13/2017)

  • Great Door, but... review by Sal
    5 3 Great Door, but...

    This is my second Endura Door. First one was a breeze to install. Now you throw in a jig saw bit to cut the metal walls to fit the opening. Not cool. Here's a thought, why not have perforated cut outs for all three sizes, that way a couple bends and you have the right size. This turned a one hour job, into a 3 hour job.

    (Posted on 4/11/2017)

  • Five star product review by Robin
    5 5 Five star product

    This is the best pet door I have ever purchased. Easy to install. Works great.

    (Posted on 4/10/2017)

  • Five star product review by Robin
    5 5 Five star product

    This is the best pet door I have ever purchased. Easy to install. Works great.

    (Posted on 4/10/2017)

  • Great door, BUT...PAY ATTENTION TO MEASUREMENT! review by Elaine

    This is our second Endura Flap door - had one in our previous home in Colorado. The door is amazing - kept out the bitter cold and wind and snow. Easy to take care of and held up extremely well. The original door we purchased was a size extra large, according to past paperwork, so we ordered the same size for our new home. We did read the measuring instructions first and the instructions keep stressing allow one inch higher than the size of your pet. In only one small segment of the video was there the reference to the step-over allowance of 5", which needs to be subtracted from the overall height measurement. We now have a door that is much too large for our Aussie, cost us $120 over what we would have paid for the correct size door, and it is large enough for a person to crawl through. Unless you have a German Shepard or Great Dane, BE CAREFUL WITH YOUR MEASUREMENTS!

    Overall, though, EXCELLENT door and excellent company to deal with. Learn from our mistake, though!

    Editor's note: On our "Measure Your Pet" guide we try to explain the "step-over" height, which is the distance between the ground and bottom of the flap, will vary depending on how high you install your pet door. The flap size listed on the size chart is just that - the flap size. You will need to take both the step-over height and flap size into account when selecting the size you need for your pet. The top of the flap will sit how high your step-over height is PLUS the flap height.

    (Posted on 4/3/2017)

  • A serious dog door review by Julie
    5 5 A serious dog door

    After reviewing all the wall mounted dog doors I decided to go with Endure Dog Door and I'm very happy I did. My dog grew to 26.5" at the shoulder so the old 15" dog door made her have to scrunch to get through. A life time of "scrunch" was not OK. I bit the $$ bullet and bought this door. It arrived in a timely fashion complete and a few extra goodies thrown in (dog treats).
    Removing the old dog door and installing this one took a lot longer than my contractor or I thought. He had to cut the metal insert twice after following the directions the first time made it not fit. (might of just been him). He also could of finished the project hours sooner if I hadn't been there to help him.
    Once installed it took the hounds (corgi, lab and ridgeback) about 4 days to realize they had to push a lot harder to get through. I'm afraid the kitty is just out of luck.
    The pros...A good, solid, strong door with flaps that are snug and heavy. No weather stripping for a bored dog to want to eat, All in all a quality product well worth the extra money.
    The cons...Does make a loud closing sound (twice due to double doors). Too heavy for the kitty to use.

    I would buy this door again and am very happy to find such a well made and designed product.

    (Posted on 4/3/2017)

  • 10 years of great service review by Donald L
    5 5 10 years of great service

    I purchased my double flap door back in 2007 and installed it in the wall of our house. We chose the double flap as we live in Calgary Canada and while nice in the summer, it's cold in the winter (-30c). Well 10 years have past and i can honestly say its been great. We have 2 dogs. A boarder collie and a husky cross. They fit through it just fine. The cover comes in handy too. Our cat has enjoyed many a mouse / bird inside rather than outside in the rain :|. When we suspect he's hunting, the cover goes on. :)

    (Posted on 3/15/2017)

  • Good Pet Door review by Lauri
    5 5 Good Pet Door

    Love the door! Have 3 Labs, This door is much more sturdy than the last one. There is no cold air coming in my home anymore. It did take 5 hours to install even though it was replacing a dogs door of the same size. We were missing a few small pieces to complete. The door has only been installed one week, I hope after time the door still holds up. It was 4 times the price of the last one. Still waiting for our missing pieces.

    Editor's note: Missing pieces were delivered on 2/11/17

    (Posted on 2/11/2017)

  • Strongly recommend! review by Ev
    5 5 Strongly recommend!

    Outstanding product, in place for over 4 years and used by three cats to access a screen porch. Two of my brothers have these at their house for cat and dogs respectively. Looking to install another door in a new house, hesitating only because the magnets are somewhat loud and the door will be closer to our bedroom.

    (Posted on 6/6/2016)

  • Worth the Cost review by OM
    5 5 Worth the Cost

    Second home we have used this pet door. Quality product that lasts. Design keeps heat out (we live in Yuma, AZ) Nothing bad I can say about it.

    (Posted on 2/6/2016)

  • AWESOME review by kally
    5 5 AWESOME

    This wall doggy door is the best ever - a must have to give those 4 paw kids easy access to their outdoor area! Easy to install - If my husband and I can do it anyone can. Still Love it after 2 years!

    (Posted on 1/4/2016)

  • Best Dog Door review by Ruby G.
    5 5 Best Dog Door

    Bought this door about four years ago. It's in constant use be two coon hounds and is still holding up. Well worth the cost over lesser doors that will leak cold air and need replaced at least every years when used a lot.

    (Posted on 11/11/2015)

  • Excellent Product review by Ann
    5 5 Excellent Product

    The door is excellent and works as wonderfully as described. I would highly recommend it to anyone considering adding a dog door in the wall. The installation was a bit more involved and requires a lot of time to ensure you "measure twice and cut once". My husband is extremely handy and still found it an almost daunting task. We also like others had a few trips to the hardware store for one thing or another. Having said all of that the door is excellent quality and we are extremely pleased with it. I would highly recommend it!! We are also considering another door to insert in our sliding glass door and will definitely buy from PetDoors.com Thank you very much!

    (Posted on 10/7/2015)

  • LOVE IT!!!! review by Dee
    5 5 LOVE IT!!!!

    My hubby and I installed this in less than two hours with just a few tools, and it has been in place for two months now, with no problems. We purchased the medium double-flap for our 10# ShihTzu and it is a good size for her. I was worried she wouldn't learn how to use it, and it took about a month of vigilant training. But once she figured it out, AWESOME! Her difficulty was in pushing open the flaps, which are held in place very well by magnets. Although that is a feature which we humans really appreciate, it is difficult for a small dog. Now that she has been trained, we are all very happy and feeling independent of one another. :) Previously, she had US trained to jump up and open the back door every time she rang a bell. This method is so much better. We put the door in the laundry room instead of the kitchen, because I'm concerned about dirt tracks if she goes out in the rain. this way on old rug catches the dirt before she gets into the house. Wonderful product.

    (Posted on 9/25/2015)

  • XL Endura Wall Door review by Daisy
    5 5 XL Endura Wall Door

    I purchased the XL for my 95 pound chocolate lab, Daisy. I purchased the XL due to the amount of space/ width of the wall that she had to go through. The installation was tricky due to the location where it had to go. The wall studs were not quite the normal distance, as it was a short wall between windows and a sliding glass door, so we had to shimmy some of the stud. We also had to relocate an electrical wire. Other than those little set backs the door went in well. Once the door was in place, I had to rearrange my pictures on the wall above the door as the cover hit the pictures whenever I put it in the door. Just something to think about. Daisy goes in and out very well. It took some little treats the first week or so and when I left the house, I would put a treat outside to see if she went out and they were always gone!

    (Posted on 9/16/2015)

  • Excellent dog door review by lmac122
    5 5 Excellent dog door

    We hired someone to install this door and they had no problems - the door looks like it has always been there. We have two small beagles but often have other larger dogs over to visit, so we got the large size. We took the magnets out of the door because our dogs are not strong enough to open it with the magnets in. The cover magnet still keeps the flaps shut, and this has worked well. It took our dogs a while to learn to go through the door, but it has been a total game changer ever since!! Thanks for this amazing product!

    (Posted on 9/4/2015)

  • Works great review by Jeff
    5 5 Works great

    We have a Lab and a miniature Shitzu - had to take the magets out of the flaps so the Shitzu could use it, but now it works great for both and the insulation is super.

    (Posted on 8/11/2015)

  • Excellent review by Barry
    5 5 Excellent

    Everything about this dog door is excellent. Dont waste your time with anything else. I've had several over the years. The metal and fiberglass ones that insert adjacent to a sliding door is cheap. However over the the years with my medium sized dogs I had to replace the single flap numerous times. Even the plastic flaps would tear and not keep a good seal from the elements. The endura is sturdy with thick plastic flaps that are magnatised and removeable. I don't think the flaps would move in hurricane force winds. It is a time consuming install. watch the you tube video for install instruction in conjunction with the printed information. Unless you are very handy with reciprocating saws and/or angle grinders (recommended) for cutting through walls, hire a handyman. I will recommend this dog door to all my pet friends.

    (Posted on 7/22/2015)

  • Best Pet Door for Active Dogs review by Dotti
    5 5 Best Pet Door for Active Dogs

    I have had this door for a year now. The quality & durability is awesome! I have a 22", 56 lb. male border collie & a 20", 42 lb. female border collie. They are very heavy abusers of the door. Being very reactive, they both frequently head for the door & hit it at the same time at a dead run with no ill effects on the door.

    (Posted on 6/18/2015)

  • Great addition to the house review by Taz and Jackie Door
    5 5 Great addition to the house

    Put it in myself. Very easy and all the material that is used to build it is high quality. Dogs love it and now we save on energy cause the back door is always shut now. We got the double flap and works great. Fantastic product and would buy from this company again

    (Posted on 6/7/2015)

  • Great Dog Door review by Agilitygirl
    5 5 Great Dog Door

    This is a great dog door, very sturdy, looks great (I had a professional home improvement contractor install mine). My only issue is getting the dogs use to using it. LOL A lot of luring with treats and they are starting to get the hang of it. I also love the sturdy panel which closes off the door when I don't want to the dogs to be able to go out. I have seen some very flimsy doors, it may be slightly more expensive, but it's worth every penny!! You get what you pay for.

    (Posted on 5/7/2015)

  • Good Door review by Rick
    5 5 Good Door

    The door is as promised. It is well made. All the parts came with it. It is easy to install and looks nice when completed.

    No drafts in winter.

    My two Bostons started going through it after one coaxing with a doggie treat.

    I looked at doors real hard before I chose this one. It's a lot of money for a doogie door but it was worth it. I highly reccomend this unit. You get what you pay for..

    (Posted on 4/12/2015)

  • Awesome product review by Mybblucas
    5 5 Awesome product

    I have bought 2 of these for a past home. Moving so preparing to buy a 3rd. Will never consider another product. After having one in the sliding door with all the cold, windy conditions Minnesota has to offer, this was a godsend!

    To the person whose dog won't go thru, take both flaps out and praise/treat the heck out of him til he goes thru without hesitation. Then put in the inside flap and hold it open. With a few more times thru let it fall onto his back as he goes thru. Then hold it halfway open, then barely open and so on. Once confidently go thru single flap add outside flap. He'll catch on. I've had dogs that learned it in 3-4 tries and others that took a month or more. Don't give up!

    (Posted on 3/30/2015)

  • We are thrilled review by Carroll and Sam
    5 5 We are thrilled

    All claims are true, the door works great, especially at insulating against wind and cold. It is night and day for us compared to what we had before. Worth the money. It will pay for itself in heating bill reduction!

    (Posted on 2/8/2015)

  • Great product! review by Prismatic
    5 5 Great product!

    As soon as I took it out of the box I know this was a high quality door. Material was solid and sturdy. Flap was well designed. Every item you needed to install door was included (Locktite, silicone, even training treats!).

    I would highly recommend this to anybody.

    (Posted on 2/3/2015)

  • great door review by Ronna
    5 5 great door

    I purchased a door for my 2 labs. It took a bit of work to get them to use it. The double flap threw them off at first. Now they go in and out without issue.

    (Posted on 12/5/2014)

  • great but my dog won't open the flaps review by VB
    5 4 great but my dog won't open the flaps

    I've had the flaps propped open because my dog will not push them open! I've tried every kind of treat and encouragement, but he won't do it and instead will sit outside the door for hours crying. I need to find another dog who can show him how to use it

    (Posted on 12/2/2014)

  • GREAT review by CL
    5 5 GREAT

    This is our first pet door, so I don't have anything to directly to compare to, but I can't imagine they get much better than this. Installation wasn't too hard (I had a friend who's better at such things come and help, I might not have gotten it done without him).

    The installed door is great. Looks pretty good. More importantly seals tight and doesn't let any cold air in. I'm super happy.

    (Posted on 12/1/2014)

  • Endura Flap for Walls review by Debbie
    5 5 Endura Flap for Walls

    This dog door is amazing! I originally had one in my sliding glass door (which was awesome)! We had a lot of wind and other dog doors would blow them open. This solved the problem so when we moved and needed to add another one it was no question to which dog door we would buy. This time we put it in the wall and it is everything I hoped it would be!

    (Posted on 12/1/2014)

  • Used in 9.5" Wood Stud Wall with Brick Cladding review by Aaron
    5 5 Used in 9.5" Wood Stud Wall with Brick Cladding

    I recently moved to Dallas and needed a dog door that I could install in my 9.5" wood framed house with 2.5" of exterior clad brick. I couldn't find any system that would work with walls this thick so I used the double Endura Flap doors and made my own aluminum box as follows:

    1. I had a local sheet metal shop cut a piece of aluminum down to the width of my wall (following the PetDoors sizing directions) by the same perimeter length as the pieces provided plus a 2" overlap for the seam.

    2. Since aluminum's easy to bend, I marked my fold joints and bent the aluminum over over the edge of my work bench by clamping a piece of wood on top of the joint to hold it in place while bending. Then I hammered the joints to make a smooth crease. Although they looked a little dinged on the exterior, the inside didn't read through any of the hammered marks.

    3. At the 2" overlap joint, I placed a bead of caulk in the joint and used pop rivets or 1/4" sheet metal screws to hold the seam together. If you use screws, place the heads on the inside.

    4. Install the box in the wall with the joint at the top and caulk the joints all the way around to create a watertight joint.

    In the end I created a very sturdy pass through box in the wall that was stronger than the one provided with the out of the box system.

    (Posted on 11/29/2014)

  • Worked out perfectly review by Vmcg
    5 5 Worked out perfectly

    I bought the Endure double flap door after reading all the reviews and doing the doggy door research. Although it is pricey, I needed a doggy door that was sturdy enough to handle my two young schnauzers and withstand my local weather. I live in the desert southwest where the daily temps can get as high as 120 degrees (only once or twice a summer) and we get terrible wind/sand storms. The double flap with the magnets stays put during the howling wind and no dust passes through, so I'm happy. The dogs took only a minute to figure out how to navigate the little tunnel, having done doggy doors before, so now they're also happy, able to come and go as they please. No more door moniter for me!

    (Posted on 11/12/2014)

  • It works well review by DJ in AZ
    5 5 It works well

    We got this door for our little 8 lb Yorkie. I was a little worried at first that he wouldn't be big enough to push through the door. He was skittish at first about going through, but after about a week to 10 days he got the hang of it. It works well for him. And I love it, too, because it shuts well and I feel that the double doors have better insulation properties than a single door does. In Arizona in the summer, with the cost of electricity while running your air conditioning unit, that is VERY important. Anyways, I just love this product!

    (Posted on 11/11/2014)

  • Excellent review by Suzie-q
    5 5 Excellent

    Easy to put together; however, I wished the entire gate was made of stainless steel; I would gladly pay more since I live in harsh marine area; great product!!!!

    (Posted on 11/6/2014)

  • All the claims are true! review by Tapadero
    5 5 All the claims are true!

    I read ALL the reviews and installed two in our last home. When we moved to a new home we put this in our bedroom and used the double flap for the upcoming winter. Does is make a bit of noise when our dogs use it? Yes, but we don't find it objectionable because we get a great weather seal in return. Pricey? Yes it is, but again you get what you pay for and this door should keep our utility bill down over time.

    (Posted on 10/25/2014)

  • Excellent review by Weimies
    5 5 Excellent

    We purchased this door for our 2 Weimaraners who are 5. My only regret is not having done this sooner. They learned how to use the door very quickly. I was worried about heat/cold coming in but the room temperature doesn't change. Spend the extra money! Excellent product!

    (Posted on 10/24/2014)

  • Fantastic product review by Mr Miyagi
    5 4 Fantastic product

    We purchased the dog door for security. Our dog is just under 13 pounds. We have a single flap installed in a storm door that he used previously and he used it with no problem but we could not leave the door open while we were not home. Now with the Endura Flap installed in an exterior wall he can come and go with the freedom of the fenced backyard. The magnetic catch was difficult for him at first he would just paw at it. After a few days he is back guarding the yard chasing squirrels, birds and the occasional cat.

    (Posted on 10/15/2014)

  • Great Product review by Abby
    5 5 Great Product

    I am so glad I found your website. Your dog door is such a great product. It is made to last, and after reading all the great reviews I can thoroughly concur it is well worth the money. The other competitors doors are made with cheaper materials that will eventually fail and then you will just have to repurchase and reinstall it. Thanks for making a quality product.

    (Posted on 10/8/2014)

  • Excellent review by Cliffcairn
    5 5 Excellent

    We raise Cairn Terriers, and this is our first Doggie Door ever purchased. We will never need to replace it.

    We have inspected the doors that many of our acquaintances have, This is by far the best quality in structure and appearance..

    Now we wonder why we waited 51 years to purchase our first doggy door..

    (Posted on 9/29/2014)

  • Great! review by Ron
    5 5 Great!

    Very sturdy, well built, keeps the weather out. My only complaint was that the little packet of 303 Protectant was all dried out. I read up on the stuff online, and was so impressed I went out and bought a bottle. it was a nice touch to include it (except that it was dried out).

    (Posted on 9/19/2014)

  • Great! review by mimimum
    5 5 Great!

    Nice double door. Good seal that should last since the door is not flexible. Haven't gone through a winter with it yet but it's bound to be better than the single flexible door flaps I've had in the past.

    (Posted on 8/27/2014)

  • Amazing review by Set Kally
    5 5 Amazing

    Excellent quality~ easy to install~ everything you need is included! Our little guy loves it as much as we do! .

    (Posted on 8/6/2014)

  • Excellent Product - Highly Recommend review by LH
    5 5 Excellent Product - Highly Recommend

    I can't speak to the ease of installation as this was done by our contractor. He reviewed the video before installation and said it was no problem. He also said it is the nicest dog door he's ever installed. It looks great. We have two small dogs, both food motivated. By luring with treats, one dog learned how to use it in a few minutes. The other dog was a bit skittish after being bopped in the head while following the first dog too closely. We helped her along by holding one door out of the way so she only had to go through a single door for awhile. After sleeping on it, she caught on early the next morning and is now going through the double doors like a pro.

    (Posted on 7/27/2014)

  • I love my new doggie door that my owners bought me! review by Yorkie Does Dallas
    5 5 I love my new doggie door that my owners bought me!

    I'm a 7 pound Yorkie named Bailey. My owners recently installed this doggie door onto the side of our house. They installed it through 2 x 4 wall with 2 1/2" brick façade - total wall thickness equals 9 3/4". It looks great! My owner had to buy several pieces of sheet metal attached with pop rivets and caulking around the inside to make the box big enough but it looks pretty cool. I've used it since day one and I love going outside just to do my business or do a little sun bathing!! They were concerned that I wouldn't like going through two doors but it's never bothered me and I know it helps save them on energy cost so they buy me better treats with their saved money!

    (Posted on 7/13/2014)

  • Well Built, Works Great review by Ed
    5 5 Well Built, Works Great

    We recently moved into a new home with a small sliding glass window, which did not lend itself for a glass panel pet door. We decided to go with a wall unit and did lots of inquiries and comparisons online. All my research brought me back to the Endura flap pet door. I had the door professionally installed by a contractor, who was doing other renovations on the house. He commented to me on the build quality and straightforward installation. In fact, he recently contacted me again to get the model of the pet door for a neighbor who was looking for a one as well.

    The door works great. We removed the extra magnets to make it easier for our bulldog to go in and out of the house. The door’s construction really keeps the heat and cold in its place. I am hard pressed to feel any draft from around the door. Even during some strong gusts, the Endura flap remains in place. You can find cheaper alternates, but ultimately you get what you pay for.

    (Posted on 6/10/2014)

  • Unusal Installation Issue review by Bob
    5 5 Unusal Installation Issue

    A few months ago I had installed an Endura Flap door on the airlock our dogs use to get in and out of the house. Our newest Endrua Flap is installed in the new porch storm door that the airlock leads to that gives our dogs access to a fenced in area. The only problem I had installing the door was with my dogs who made it challenging as they kept wanting to go through the door as I was installing it. No training problem here.

    (Posted on 6/2/2014)

  • Endura Flap review by Nate
    5 5 Endura Flap

    This door is awesome took a little while for my German Shepherd puppy to get used to it due to the door being built very durable now at this point she flies in and out Highly Recommend this door

    (Posted on 5/28/2014)

  • Very Nice and well built! review by kc
    5 5 Very Nice and well built!

    Have to hold the flaps up until the dog gets use to the hole in the wall. Use to go through a door flap and he just needs time. I would reccomend the Endura Flap for walls.. It is well built and made in the USA...Support our country...:) Could not use the star rating of the product for some reason so disregard if they show up. I was rating much better than what is shown,


    (Posted on 5/12/2014)

  • Best dog door ever. review by Bob
    5 5 Best dog door ever.

    We have had dog doors for over 20 years now and recently replaced the dog doors on the dog airlock with Endura Flap doors. The results were fantastic. We live in the Northeast and experience some pretty severe weather in the winter months. Our Endura Flap doors have exceeded all our expectations. We no longer experience air leaks, heat loss, or drafts. The Endura Flap doors seal tight and keep the weather out. Since our dogs were already used to dog doors, learning to use the Endura Flap doors was a fairly straight forward process. Two of our dogs instantly adopted to the new doors and our third dog took less than five minutes.

    (Posted on 5/7/2014)

  • Solid, good-workinig door review by JT
    5 5 Solid, good-workinig door

    It was an expensive door, but I'm glad I bought it: one of those times when you really get what you pay for. I installed it myself (I built my house, so I figured I could add another door), and my 11-year-old Springer Spaniel learned to use the single flap in an hour, and the double flap in a day. Ever since she's been going in and out happily and at will. What freedom for the two of us. Can't believe I ever lived without it. Highly recommended.

    (Posted on 4/27/2014)

  • Best Pet Door We Have Owned review by traindisp
    5 5 Best Pet Door We Have Owned

    We have had many pet doors in different homes that we have lived in. Most of the time we bought cheap from different suppliers and we were always unhappy. One time we replaced the pet door 3x's. This time we chose to take chance and pay a little more from a different supplier. We are so pleased and we recommend this door to everyone. And if we ever have to purchase a new pet door we will be coming back to
    pet doors.com

    Thanks for making a great product for our dog "Tori". :-)

    (Posted on 4/25/2014)

  • Testing to see if this shows up after review review by Tester- Testing to see if reviews are legit
    5 5 Testing to see if this shows up after review

    test for name and date

    ed note - Customer apparently doesn't realize that we get about 200 spam reviews--porn sites, fake Gucci bags etc etc--for every legitimate review. Therefore, manual review is necessary. We'll leave this up long enough for him to be reassured that we're not rigging the reviews but, since this isn't a real review despite the five stars, we'll erase it in a week or so.

    (Posted on 3/22/2014)

  • Excellent door! review by Chucks mom
    5 5 Excellent door!

    I researched pet doors for months before deciding on the Enduraflap door. I chose it because I could get a door that is tall enough for my dog but not so wide that a human could easily fit through it. I chose the double flap system. Absolutely no cold air comes through this door. Some reviewers stated that the door is noisy when the dog goes through. You do hear the magnets on the sides and bottom releasing and catching. A small price to pay for the energy efficiency of this door. My dog had never used a pet door, but was using this door within an hour. I took the magnets out the first day, then added magnets to one side on the second day. By the third day I was comfortable that Charlie would go through with all magnets in place. If having a very quiet door is a priority, this may not be the door for you. If you are looking for excellent quality and energy efficiency in a quality door that looks nice too, then please consider this door. I also like knowing when Charlie is coming in and out of the house, so I don't mind that I can hear him going through the door.

    (Posted on 3/19/2014)

  • the best review by rocky's mom
    5 5 the best

    VERY HAPPY with my door, my 100 lb lab enjoys the freedom of coming and going as he pleases very well constructed, the installer stated that this door is by far the best door he has ever installed.

    (Posted on 3/3/2014)

  • MOST AWESOME DOG DOOR EVER!!! review by Paris Mama

    This is by far the nicest best functioning dog door we have ever owned. We bought the meduim dog door and all three dogs love it. Our dogs range from a 6 pound Matlese to a 28 pound Frenchie and even the little 6 pounder can go through the door with ease. Our home is remolded the dog door looks like an upgrade to the house!! The dog door is quiet compared to other dog doors we have owned. Our bed room is direclty above the dog door and we NEVER hear it at night when the boys go in and out. The flap is still clean after 3 months of use. We LOVE this dog door!! If we ever move we will be purchasing another one pronto!! Cheers!!

    (Posted on 2/27/2014)

  • Love it! review by PK
    5 5 Love it!

    I paid a contractor to install the large double door, He watched the video and put the door together with no problems. I had him install the door in my dinning room wall which would open onto my covered back deck. The only hitch was that the screws that hold the front and back frame together was not long enough. A short trip to the hardware store solved that problem. My lab took to the door very fast, but my smaller dogs find it hard to go through both doors. I am waiting for warmer temps. to take the bottom magnets off and see if that helps.
    I have stood beside the door in the negative temps. with high winds and feel no cold air entering. I love the look and the functionality of your doors.

    (Posted on 1/29/2014)

  • Puggles love! review by Drea
    5 5 Puggles love!

    Worst Winter I can remember, and so far so good! Keeps out wind, snow, and frigid cold! So pleased I don't have my sleep disturbed to let the dogs out!!!! Definitely recommend!

    (Posted on 1/27/2014)

  • I love it!! review by luci45
    5 5 I love it!!

    I am handicapped, so getting up to let the dogs in and out several times a day , and sometimes at night, was a burden. Now they go in and out as often as they want and seem to love the freedom. No more 'mistakes' in the house . I love this pet door. fairly quiet and really keeps the cold out when the wind blows. I would recommend to any one.

    (Posted on 1/23/2014)

  • Fantastic Product! review by Kansas
    5 5 Fantastic Product!

    This is a quality door and worth the extra money. We have had a single flap pet door for years and it leaked air all around the sides. We would put in a new flap and they would warp in short order. This door seals great and even in cold windy winter conditions it sealed great. I installed the door myself and the instructions were good. Our dachshunds were confused with the extra flap but they finally learned from the cat! Thanks for a great product!

    (Posted on 1/20/2014)

  • Great weather and wind resistance! review by NikkiBeerli
    5 5 Great weather and wind resistance!

    We live in a wind prone area, sometimes upwards of 50 mph. In the last 18 months we have had this, the wind only breached the flap once. I do NOT have the extra magnets that are available. I don't have any intention of getting them either, it's not necessary.
    I have the biggest door they make with 2 dogs in the 125 lb range ad except for them getting it dirty, it's in excellent condition.
    I had researched every door I could find, and ad to et myself past the cost issue, and I am so glad I did: as soon as I opened the box I knew I'd made the right choice!

    (Posted on 1/12/2014)

  • Pricey, but appears to be of excellent quality review by George
    5 5 Pricey, but appears to be of excellent quality

    Although a little pain-staking to install, this thing looks great and works great. We have three small dogs and they love it as well..

    (Posted on 1/9/2014)

  • Wonderful investment review by Widget
    5 5 Wonderful investment

    I love my Endura double flap door. More importantly, my dog does too. At first she was a little hesitant going in and out by herself but after I put her leash on and guided her through with pizza, she quickly realized she could shoot through both doors.
    My dog has the freedom of going out and coming back in whenever she wants and I don't have to worry about opening and closing the door all day and night. The Endura door is a quality product and built to last. I had it professionly installed in my wall and couldn;t be happier. Now, if I could just get my cat to follow suit, I'd be in heaven. I wonder if she likes pizza.

    (Posted on 1/8/2014)

  • Great door review by britrescue
    5 5 Great door

    I installed it Oct 2013. So far it is working great. Weather stays out and my dogs come and go as they please. It took a day for them to figure out they had to push a little harder to get through the door. I do rescue and have 4 to 12 dogs at a time using the door. It's holding up well so far.

    (Posted on 1/6/2014)

  • Excellent pet door review by Grateful in Pleasanton
    5 5 Excellent pet door

    If you have not installed any pet door in your home, do it now. It is life changing; like ATMs and DVRs! How did we live without them?!
    We used to have the patio door pet door and since getting two new dogs, we decided it was time for the dedicated door in the house wall. Patio pet door was okay but I was not diligent with weather stripping and we had to use a dowel to keep the patio door "locked". It's nice to have the patio door restored.
    Initially the 6 month old Aussies had a challenge with the 2 flaps so we taped one up until they got used to the new location; just for a week. Also had to place a crate with a stepping stone outside as the location we chose is not near the patio steps. All has worked out great.
    Quality of the doors is very good (I had the patio pet door before so I knew I was getting the same high quality). I had a contractor cut the hole and install the door for me. Only challenge was avoiding the studs where we wanted to install it.

    (Posted on 1/6/2014)

  • Great insulation review by Roger
    5 5 Great insulation

    We had this door installed to allow our Cockapoo free access to the backyard. Our primary concerns were insulation and security. There is a security door that slides easily into place and is very sturdy. The doors are held in place by strong magnets; this does a great job of keeping out the cold, but our little dog has a hard time pushing both doors open. She is reluctant to even push one if the other is propped up. If we cock the door a little she will go, but the cold comes flooding in. Time will tell if this can be overcome.

    (Posted on 12/18/2013)

  • Excellent,easy to install review by nauzer2
    5 5 Excellent,easy to install

    Bought a patio door panel from this company, and it was an excellent product. This is also a great product and really keeps out the North Dakota cold wind. Have 3 dogs ranging in size from german shepherd to shiba inu and they all have no problem going in and out. The doulble flap baffled them at first but after a few ins and outs they were fine. Installation was easy and good instructions.

    (Posted on 12/14/2013)

  • Great dog door review by Karen
    5 5 Great dog door

    We had a carpenter friend install and he liked the template and installation guide. The product is excellent and we haven't had any issues with heat escape or animals coming in (we have the double flap). My notes to help a purchaser would be this - 1) the door is great, training the dog to use the door requires time and coaxing. Since the flaps are fairly heavy because they are magnetic (and a little noisy) it does require some effort for the dog to get through. 2) I think the door is kind of skinny so my opinion is to order up in size if you have any doubt. I got the large and my dog is a medium size dog and I doubt she could fit through a smaller door. I think this is a great product.

    (Posted on 12/9/2013)

  • Good review by Claire and Caroline
    5 4 Good

    I have two seven month old Cavalier's. They will only go through 1 door on the 2 door pet door. I hope as they get older and stronger they will go through both doors. The magnet is too strong on the bottom of the door. I had to apply felt to keep it from sticking so firmly so they could go through one door.

    (Posted on 12/3/2013)

  • Well made - seals well review by Dream
    5 5 Well made - seals well

    I have had multiple Pet Safe doors and replacement flaps, I live in the mountains and the sealing ability has left much to be desired, the Pet Safe flaps would hang up on the sides and prevent closure allowing wind and cold to enter my home and the flap was made to wear out because of a lack of a hinge. I am very pleased with the Endura Flap door. It has a real hinge and seals on the sides and bottom of the door without fault. I have the double flap door which took one of my dogs a day to get used to but now both of my dogs go through it without a problem and no cold drafts. The Endura flap seems like a lot of money but the quality and reliability are much better than the competition

    (Posted on 12/2/2013)

  • Great Door! review by TinyAvenger
    5 5 Great Door!

    Very durable door, easy to install, secure and weatherproof.

    (Posted on 11/19/2013)

  • Works good enough for a 2nd one review by Devin
    5 4 Works good enough for a 2nd one

    I just got a 2nd door, as our first one stayed with our old house. Installation was a pain as it was the first time. It got a lot easier, but still fiddly to install after I re-read the instructions (same as the first one, lol, should remember to read those). Install could be a bit easier, but you only do it once & it's durable once installed.

    On this one I decided not to put in the aluminum panels between the doors & just leave it framed in. Less heat wicking through, but not quite as waterproof. The first door would get a layer of frost on the frame on the inside when it got really cold here (15-20f or so).

    The first one held up pretty well with minimal damage for about 5 years, so I expect this new one to be about the same.

    (Posted on 11/18/2013)

  • Great for Cats! review by Happy in Texas
    5 5 Great for Cats!

    While doing research online before purchasing what is my first pet door, I found a review about a cat owner whose cat had gotten it's paw caught in a regular rigid flap cat door, after trying to back out of her attempt to go through, and couldn't get unstuck. Through her words you could almost hear the howling noises her cat was making and feel the reviewer's relief that this hadn't happened when no one was home to set kitty free. I didn't want that to happen to my cats so I was determined to find a pet door with a flexible flap. The reviews for a common flexible flap doors were anything but encouraging; poor sealing, breakage, and dingy after only a short time. Your flexible flap appeared to be the best option all around, especially for the safety of my cat's paws. My pet door has been in place for about six months now and I have been witness to two episodes of a cat paw caught in the bottom of the flap when she changed her mind about going through and tried to back out; however, no sooner did my kitty begin to panic to the point of a growl she was able to pull herself free, and with no apparent injury to her foot. Such a relief!!

    In addition to the safety issue, I wanted a product that I could trust to last and that I felt I would be happy with as I was installing my door in the side of the house rather than just a door. It just made sense to go with a door that appeared to be of high quality materials, construction, and efficiency that wouldn't need replacing. Your door is all that!

    As I bought your door solely for cats, I followed your website's suggestion about getting a single flap rather than a double and, even though it is mounted on the north side of the house, the door has done very well with keeping out the colder winds that are now occurring with the change of the seasons.

    Though having only owned your pet door for a short time, I have no regrets about paying the higher price and I expect to get my investment back many times over! Thanks!

    (Posted on 11/17/2013)

  • Have had installed about 3 months and so far it is great. review by suebehoney
    5 5 Have had installed about 3 months and so far it is great.

    Have a German Shepherd and a fat beagle hound using this door. They had a different type of dog door in previous house so the flaps were different to them and they had to get use to it. Only took about 6 tries. No draft and had had temp in 20s and high wind (40-50mph) since installed. Very satisfied with it

    (Posted on 11/14/2013)

  • Awsome !!!! review by Bob H
    5 5 Awsome !!!!

    I am not one for writing reviews, because most people write a review based on having something for weeks, or when they have an issue, and to me that is not a fair review; but I had to for these doors
    I installed this door three years ago, and nothing but praises.
    I also have the one for the sliding door.
    I have had several dogs from 12 pounds to 50 pounds and a cat, they are in and out and through them like bulls in a china shop.
    I have tried others and NONE can stand up to the abuse that these doors put up with on a daily basis. I live in New York and these doors keep the winter snow and rain; they kept "Sandy" out without a drop of water. The double flaps are great for nearly eliminating drafts. I have never had a problem with leaks, or water pooling; just make sure that you follow installation instructions and caulk the exterior. The only maintenance I do is to wipe the doors down every once and a while, they are still the original flaps on both doors and still work great.

    It took a little perseverance training a couple of the dogs, but nothing a couple of hours and some doggie treats didn't solve.

    My would highly recommend these doors, although fairly expensive they are well worth it.

    (Posted on 11/9/2013)

  • moderate review by Mountain girl
    5 4 moderate

    I have an 11lb dog and she is quite the explorer and athlete. It took about 6 weeks before she would use the door. She has used dog doors at friends houses many times.
    I notified the company and they sent me a video on how to remove the magnets to make it easier to use. I think the sound of it intimidated her too. Even after removing the magnets she still didn't use it for a while. I had to tie up one of the flaps and only let her in through the door by pulling it or pushing it in the proper direction. I invited one of her dog friends over to inspire her.
    She is using it now and I love the sound of her going in and out. I am hoping to release the 2nd flap before it gets too cold.

    (Posted on 11/7/2013)

  • Endura Flap in Wall review by TAF
    5 4 Endura Flap in Wall

    The door is of solid construction and installation was easy. The only negative is that my house was built with over size bricks (which is the norm in this area), so there is a one inch gap between the outside frame and the inside lining. I have a vinyl siding guy fabricating a solution so that my dogs don't get injured going through. Maybe the company can develop an "extension" for this situation.

    House is still under construction, so I can't comment on the ease of training the dogs to use it. I have a smart mix and an intellectually challenged boxer, so this should be interesting.

    ed note Endura Wall Mount pet doors will accommodate walls to 8" maximum. For thicker walls, we recommend purchasing the door mount version (cheaper) and having a contractor frame the wall for you.

    (Posted on 10/5/2013)

  • They r great review by Genny
    5 5 They r great

    Kaz and I love these doors made for Alberta weather!

    (Posted on 9/20/2013)

  • They r great review by Genny
    5 5 They r great

    Kaz and I love these doors made for Alberta weather!

    (Posted on 9/20/2013)

  • Great door! review by Mary
    5 5 Great door!

    This is the second one I've installed, and they have both worked great. I've had two large dogs who use the door many times a day for years and I had no issues at all. Now I've moved and installed one in the new house. I had a minor problem with sealing on one side and their customer service (Kelsey) was prompt and helpful and I was able to easily fix the problem myself. I would highly recommend this door.

    (Posted on 8/28/2013)

  • Absolutely Horrible for Rain!!!!!!!! review by Frankie G.
    5 2 Absolutely Horrible for Rain!!!!!!!!

    This door looks like it would be very good at keeping the elements out, but after installing one I am extremely disappointed. I installed the double flap version and whenever it rains I get 2 inches of water puddled up between the two flaps. If there is any kind of leak in the tunnel ( or if the water puddles higher) you'll end up with a lot of water going inside your wall and that is bad news. Whats even worse is that I have an outdoor shelter over the dog door so there is not direct location for rain to hit the dog door, but any kind of indirect rain that hits the outside flap goes straight inside to puddle between the flaps.

    ed. notes

    1. There is no pet door, including the Endura Flap, which will not be water-tight if correctly installed in a wall.
    2. There is not pet door, including the Endura Flap, which will not leak into the wall if incorrectly installed causing a great deal of expensive damage. These facts, together with safety, are why we recommend using a contractor. Mr G did his own work. If he did it well, he has no worries.
    3. Mr G is too free with his numbers. The depth of the trough between the dual flaps is less than 2" and the video he sent showed only a wet surface, not a puddle.
    4. Bad performance in a rainstorm is when the flaps blow open. Then you've really got a mess. The Endura Flap pet door is the only one on the market with 'Variable Magnetic Resistance' which allows the owner to adjust the wind resistance up (we've tested it to 54 mph at a moderate magnet strength) or down for easier access as needed. With any other pet door you get what you've got.

    Since Mr G is an 'extremely disappointed' customer, I offered to waive the return policy and give him a full refund upon return of the pet door. Mr G declined that offer. In my judgement it was a wise decision.

    (Posted on 8/26/2013)

  • endura flap review by den
    5 5 endura flap

    Simple case of you get what you pay for.Expensive but you wont find a better one.

    (Posted on 7/23/2013)

  • Works Great review by saaf
    5 5 Works Great

    The double doors really makes a difference keeping the heat/cold at bay. It took the dogs a couple of days to get accustomed to it, but now they run in and out all day long. Very nice, sturdy product.

    (Posted on 7/16/2013)

  • Outstanding Product! review by Dave W. in Longmont, CO
    5 5 Outstanding Product!

    I purchased this pet door after doing extensive research online and looking at the products the local pet stores and hardware stores had to offer.

    I kept coming back to this site because, for the money and effort to open a hole in the side of the house, it made sense to go with quality materials, construction and efficiency.

    I installed the pet door myself two months ago. It took maybe a couple hours to do the whole job. The instructions were easy to follow. And while my wife held her breath when I cut out the opening in the house, her fears quickly subsided when the door and frame filled the void. Very attractive, very high quality and very convenient. I can already tell the dual flap system with the high strength magnets will be very efficient during the hot and cold months.

    It took us about 20 minutes to train the dog to use the door. Now, he's a pro, going in and out what seems like at least a hundred times each day. Before the dog door, we were a slave to the patio door, listening to his cries to go out - no more! What's resulted is our dog is happier and so are we. My only regret is not making the purchase and installing it sooner.

    (Posted on 7/15/2013)

  • Too loud, otherwise good door review by Clay
    5 2 Too loud, otherwise good door

    This door fit nicely, installed easily and functioned fairly well. Sometimes single flap will blow in during rough weather. However my big complaint is the noise when my dogs go in and out. Loud banging/clacking noise every time. So annoying that we have to lock it whenever we are home. Also with the frequent locking the locking mechanism broke with normal use after about 1 year. I contacted Endura Flap and they said it was my fault and refused to honor warrantee. I am doing a little remodel now and need a new door. I won't be getting another Endura flap.

    (Posted on 7/5/2013)

  • Great. Product review by Rick
    5 5 Great. Product

    I have had others before but none comes close to comparing to the dual flap model. It has not let any wind or rain through. Stands up to high winds and blowing rain without leaking,

    (Posted on 6/30/2013)

  • Should have gotten it sooner! review by Holly N.
    5 5 Should have gotten it sooner!

    Our 50 pounder Gunner and 30 pounder Butters love the door. They can go out to do their business at any time of the day or night and we no longer have to get up a million times a day to let Gunner in and out and in and out and, well you get the idea. Butters goes gently through the Endura Flap whereas Gunner, powers through.

    (Posted on 6/26/2013)

  • Well Worth the $$ review by Sue
    5 5 Well Worth the $$

    I bought two doors from two different companies, but sent the other back. The Endura Flap door for the wall was my choice because it has two flaps for better insulation, is designed very well, and it is nice looking for the house. The seal is very tight, yet the dogs learned quickly how easy it is to push open. You get what you pay for.... and if you are searching for a nice looking, great working door for the home, this is it!

    (Posted on 5/15/2013)

  • endura dog door review by curt
    5 5 endura dog door

    Great dog door. Metal frame and well built product, you will see that when you open box. One of my door locks came broken I called this dealer and they sent me another lock. All in all you get what you pay for this is a great product and it will last a long time not like the others in the market. Thanks

    (Posted on 5/12/2013)

  • Awesome review by Gypsy
    5 5 Awesome

    The Endura flap dog door has been a great investment. The door is well made and looks good too. This door has given our dog so much freedom, she loves it and so do we. I would recommend the Endura Flap doggie door to anyone looking for a dog door!

    (Posted on 4/22/2013)

  • great door review by d dog
    5 5 great door

    This door is everything it is advertised to be. It seals better than any door I have seen, it keeps the cold out. It is very well made, and the saftey features that let a dog back out and not get stuck realy do work. They are not cheap, but the true test of anything is would I buy it again? The answer is yes.

    (Posted on 4/22/2013)

  • the best dog door on the planet-can't be beat!!! review by Kris
    5 5 the best dog door on the planet-can't be beat!!!

    This dog door is so far superior to any other dog door we have ever used there is no comparison. It will endure high winds and extremely cold temperatures near and even below zero without letting any cold into the house. The magnets are super strong so mice can't push their way in. The taller and narrower design is a much better fit for dogs. You can't go wrong with this super dog door!!!

    (Posted on 3/20/2013)

  • Excellent purchase review by Dick C
    5 5 Excellent purchase

    I installed the double flap door into my new house. It is a very durable product and easy to install with a few basic carpentry skills. I have a lab and a basset and they both use it without any issues. This door is far superior to the two previous doors I have had from Home Depot.

    (Posted on 3/11/2013)

  • Dog Door review by WandaB IL
    5 5 Dog Door

    We really like our doggie Door. We live on a farm and purchased on to install it into the house itself and not a door...Works great. Thank You for a good product

    (Posted on 2/26/2013)

  • In Wall Pet Door review by CAE
    5 5 In Wall Pet Door

    Great product. It replaced a single flap door from Lowes which our 2 beagles had no problem with but was terribly inefficient weather wise. It blew open in the wind and our kitchen was always cold in the winter and I'm sure our air conditioning was going out the flap in the warmer weather. Our youngest beagle mastered it in about 15 minutes but it took the older one a couple of days to feel comfortable with the double flaps. We put a piece of rug on the metal floor between the doors and that seemed to help. She just took a little longer to get used to the feel of the first door on her back and the surprise of having to go thru a second door. I recommend a grand daughter who loves dogs and a few hot dogs to help the training go smoother.

    (Posted on 2/24/2013)

  • Excellent door review by Wally
    5 5 Excellent door

    Purchased for use in Canada. Very Pricey to deliver to Canada.
    But well worth the cost. I have 2 dogs. my shepherd uses the door constantly and will soon test the "million uses" theory. My collie has not figured how to get in but he sometimes is not the "sharpest knife in the drawer".
    Have had no bad effects from cold or wind, door on South side. but it is -18*C today and no worries about draft etc.
    i am glad i went with this door.

    (Posted on 2/17/2013)

  • Great product review by Mike
    5 5 Great product

    This product was far superior to the Lowe's model i bought for my old house. This seals great and does not allow for wind to get in. I have 3 small/medium dogs, it takes a little effort o get the doors open for my smallest dog. Worth it to keep the elements out.


    (Posted on 2/16/2013)

  • The dog door is exactly what we wanted review by Annabelle
    5 5 The dog door is exactly what we wanted

    We have a female Westie puppy that has complete freedom to go in and out whenever she feels like it due to the durable, convenient, and good looking dog door. We LOVE it and so does she.

    (Posted on 2/13/2013)

  • My Dog Thanks You!! review by Kerry Patterson
    5 5 My Dog Thanks You!!

    I would like to say that my dog loves her new Endura Flap doggie door. She is a Miniature Pinscher and is very particular when there is something new in her world. She did not like it at first, so I used a rubber band to hold the flap open for her so she would go out. She did not like it touching her back. After about 2 weeks, and a lot of patience, she finally went all by herself. Now she shoots through like a rocket and seems very happy.

    The Endura Flap is very well made, with nice heavy construction, and looks great when finished. It is a little tricky for one person to install, but take your time read the directions and you should have no problems. You probably will not find a better made door than the Endura Flap and though it was a little more expensive than other doors, the quality and construction make all the difference!

    My dog Rusti and I both thank you for our wonderful new door!

    (Posted on 2/9/2013)

  • Six dogs say it's great! review by Debbie in WV
    5 5 Six dogs say it's great!

    This is a wonderful door. It is so well made and does not look intrusive like some do. My dogs are beginning to get the idea that they can chase squirrels any time they want, now. My dogs
    range in size from 86 lbs to 16 lbs. so I had to put tape over the
    magnet on the flaps until the little Scottie got used to it. I am no longer the doorman.

    Thanks for the quality that only a USA product has.

    (Posted on 11/13/2012)

  • do not waste time or money on any other door review by Portland / Oregon owner
    5 5 do not waste time or money on any other door

    I spent a long time trying to review dog doors online, and was fooled by another product that had an electronic door. It was bad enough to spend money on that thing and then install it. I live in a very windy, wet and cold climate. The electronic door leaked cold air so much that it made our whole first floor 5 degrees less than the rest of the house. Then I ordered the Endura door. Of course after cutting a hole in the door for the other flap door, I had to replace the door too (do not make that expensive mistake). There is not a day that I regret having the endura door, as it's air tightness in the worst conditions is incredible! The quality is great too. We have used our for 6 years and it is as good as the first day we got it. When we move in a month, I am buying another one. Am I a satisfied customer, heck yah!

    (Posted on 10/11/2012)

  • Dependable and Failsafe review by Clarence
    5 5 Dependable and Failsafe

    I have the Endura Flap Dog Door for walls. We installed it in June of 2009. There has never been a problem nor issue with this door. If you study how the swivel for the flap works then you will understand why it has an excellent warranty. We have sold this house and are going to order the same model for the new house (next month).

    (Posted on 10/11/2012)

  • Great Door review by Double "D"
    5 5 Great Door

    We have two coon hounds. We tried the pet doors from our local hardware store. The dogs pretty much ripped the flap of its frame. And it wouldn’t stay shut when the wind would blow, which caused the house to be much colder during the winter. The Endura Flap has been great! It stays shut and sealed. It took a couple of days to get the dogs trained with the double flaps, but now they hit it on a dead run whenever they hear something outside. If you close it down with the insert, make sure it’s on the side that the dogs are on, or it can be quite a surprise for them! Although it cost more than our main door, it’s been well worth the money.

    (Posted on 9/10/2012)

  • Best in class product review by Owner of two Labradors
    5 5 Best in class product

    I've owned two of these dog doors for a couple years now. One in FL & one in IL. My Labradors blow in & out of them 30X a day. These dog doors take a severe beating & still function like they are new.

    The good:
    Truly superb engineering & design that offers optional dual flaps for windy areas
    Zero maintinence needed

    The bad:
    Expensive but you pay for what you get & these doors are the best quality available
    Only minor thing is perhaps door magnets & metal door clip could be manufactured as a single unit
    Overal opinion: superb product

    (Posted on 1/23/2012)

  • I expect it will last a very long time. review by Cheryl H.
    5 5 I expect it will last a very long time.

    We remodelled our barn and wanted to put in a pet door for our dog and 2 cats. As we were siding the barn with metal, we wanted to find a door that was heavy duty and that would last for a long time. You don't want to have to replace the door and not be able to find one the same size, then have to try to piece in metal, which of course wouldn't match!

    We chose the Endura door. Our 45# dog and our 15# cats both use it quite well, without much training. It seems very high quailty, and I LOVE how it stays shut even when the wind blows!! We are in the country - middle of wind country - and get direct north winds right on that pet door, but it holds!! I expect it will last a very long time.

    I have attached pictures of the remodelled barn with the Endura pet door, and our pet who use the door.

    ed note: One of the pictures is included in our images above.

    (Posted on 1/5/2011)

  • Thank you for your Endura Flap Pet Door! review by Thomas N.
    5 5 Thank you for your Endura Flap Pet Door!

    “I am writing this to share my experience with your large Endura Flap Pet Door. I honestly was a little dubious at paying the rather steep price to purchase the pet door of which you seemed so proud. My expectations were high as the package arrived. During the rather easy install ( after a brief call to your customer service department who answered my question quickly and very professionally) I saw firsthand the product in which you have so much pride.

    The double flap door is amazing. Even though we live in California, we chose the double door to make sure when the rains and much cooler temperatures come this winter, there is no chance they will find their way inside our home. We have three large labs (80-100 lbs) who beat the previous door up to the point I had to repair or replace it…..enter your Endura Flap Pet Door. The first thing I noticed was the intelligent design. Secondly, the quality of manufacture. Soon I realized, this was every bit the product you claim. It is much quieter in operation than our previous magnetic door and our dogs had no trouble adapting to it.

    We’ve had it in operation for only a few weeks but I can already see why you can warrant it for 15 years. I am confident that it will easily last that long. If you amortize the annual cost over the 15 years….It is very reasonable in cost. The magnetic latches are firm and sure. I can see the flaps will be easy to clean with extended use of our canine family.

    May times in my search to buy a product that will solve a particular problem, claims made about such product are rightfully met with a certain level of skepticism. When I find a product that meets and even exceeds my expectations, I am compelled to say so. Thank you for your Endura Flap Pet Door!

    ed note: We think that the door is not so quiet as this review might imply.

    (Posted on 9/20/2010)

  • Very nice quality, perfect fit, and function. review by Jamisen F.
    5 5 Very nice quality, perfect fit, and function.

    Just installed the door last night. Pretty easy.
    Good instructions. Nice work putting the 4 inch bolt in the kit to align the 6 inch rods to the threaded holes.
    Very nice quality, perfect fit, and function.

    Nice work, please pass my compliments along to the crew.
    Please advertise.........guys like me NEED your product...not the cheap stuff they sell at home depot.

    (Posted on 7/28/2010)

Weight 22.0000
Manufacturer Endura Flap
Your Maximum Pet Size Cats, Large Cats, Small Dogs, Medium Dogs, Large Dogs, X-Large Dogs
Climate Suitability Severe-4 Season
Sealing Value Very High
Wind Resistance Very High
Self-Framing Yes
Frame Material Heavy Extruded Aluminum
Wall Thickness Range 2" - 8"
Employs Patented “Endura Flap” Yes
Insulation Value High, Very High
Possible to Add Additional Magnets for Greater Wind Resistance Yes
Flap Material Polyolefin
Flap Design Single, Double, Flexible, Insulated Flap
Flap Colors Clear
Flap Thickness 7/8"
Award Winning Design Yes
Replacement Flaps Available Yes
Flap Warranty (if separate) 15 years
Ability to Lock Flap Separate Locking Cover-Loads from Top
Locking Cover Material Dimensional ABS
Can Be Installed In Kennel Wall, Walls
Warranty Period 15 years
Return Period 90 days (except for custom height ranges)
Manufacturer's Restocking Fee None

The Endura Flap Pet Door


Design of the Endura Flap™


Removing Side Magnets


Variable Magnetic Resistance


The Leaf Blower Test


Endura Flap Dog Door for Walls Installation Video


Alternate install video: Installing an Endura Flap Pet Door for Walls by Robert Robillard from A Concord Carpenter


Installation Instructions for the Endura Flap Dog Doors for Walls


1x Installation Template • 8x Hole Plugs • 1x Locking Cover 1

2x Frames • 4x Tunnel Pieces • 4x Threaded Rods

1x Tube of Silicone • 1x Jigsaw Blade

Tools you’ll need:

Pencil • Drill with 3⁄8" (9,5 mm) drill bit

Level • Measuring Tape • Jigsaw and/or Reciprocating Saw

Phillips head & Flat head screwdrivers

Rubber Mallet (or hammer + piece of wood).

Safety gear, mask, gloves & clamps recommended.

Please read instructions & notes thoroughly before installation.



1. If you have not yet measured your pet, watch this video to ensure the pet door will work: www.EnduraFlap.com/measure

Tape the provided template onto the wall in the desired location. Use a level to straighten the edges of the template.

The top edge of the cutout should be at least 1 1⁄4" (3,2 cm) above the tallest point of your pet’s back for the single flap, and 2" (5,1 cm) for double flaps.

2. Mark the centers of the four holes using a pencil or nail. Remove the template.

Drill a small hole in the middle to peek into the wall to check for wires/pipes. If you’re clear, move on to the next step to drill through the marked holes.

Professional help is recommended if you are unfamiliar with these processes.

3. Drill the marked 3⁄8” (9,5 mm) holes through the interior and exterior walls. If the drill bit will not go all the way through the wall, you will need to drill through each side separately. (See how on page 6.)

Use a level to make sure your lines will be straight. It is a good idea to remeasure your outline to ensure dimensions are accurate. Then cut the opening out along the lines.

4. Ensure the weather-stripping is firmly pressed in the groove on both frames. 

5. Assemble the tunnel onto the interior frame, without bending tabs, to understand how they will fit together.

Trim the four sheet metal tunnel pieces so that they are 1⁄4“ (0,6 cm) shorter than the thickness of the wall. We recommend using a jigsaw, but you could use other metal cutting tools instead. Be careful to trim the correct side. Do not trim the side of the tunnel pieces that attach to the flap frame.

To reduce vibration, the pieces should be firmly clamped to a piece of wood. See the tips on page 5 for an example.

6.  Bend the frame attachment tabs on the two smaller tunnel pieces 90 degrees upward along the perforations.

Be careful to bend the tabs in the right direction. The tabs will break if bent more than once. Single flap tunnel pieces have a joggle (offset). Bend these tabs as shown with arrow. Tunnel pieces for double flap models can be bent once in either direction.

 7.  Remove the two screws at the top and two screws at the bottom of the Interior Flap Frame (the frame that has a locking cover). If you removed the cover already, the OUTSIDE frame screw holes have threaded nuts in them and you can see them shine.

Attach the smaller tunnel pieces to the top and bottom of the Interior Flap Frame using the two screws.

8. Slide the larger tunnel pieces onto the finger tabs on the small top and bottom tunnel pieces. Bend the finger tabs down as shown. The handle of a screwdriver works well for bending the tabs.

9. Apply a bead of the provided silicone sealant along the inside of the tunnel where it mates with the interior frame, and along the tunnel seams.

10. Place the Interior Frame, with the tunnel attached, into the opening in the wall from the inside of the building. Place the Exterior Frame into the tunnel. A partner can help you hold the Exterior Frame. For really large dogs you may wish to support the bottom of the tunnel with a piece of wood. 

11. Insert the threaded rods with the barrel nuts into the four holes in the Interior Frame (the frame that has a locking cover), and screw the threaded rods into the Exterior Frame finger tight. Check that the pet door is level and tighten the threaded rods until the weather stripping compresses fully. Be careful not to overtighten.

12. With the pet door leveled and all four threaded rods tightened, wiggle the end of the threaded rods that are protuding out of the exterior frame until the ends snap off. If the rods are not long enough to grip, you can use a pair of pliers to bend the rods until they snap off. 

13.Apply a bead of silicone sealant along the inside of the tunnel where it mates with the exterior frame. In addition to sealing inside the tunnel of the pet door we recommend that you also seal the outside frame around the pet door. This is especially important on the exterior frame to prevent any water from leaking into the wall and causing damage. 

14. Tap the hole plugs into the Interior and Exterior Frames. You can use a rubber mallet, wood block and hammer, or a similar non-metal tool.



1. Triple check for studs - check the bottom, the middle, and the top where the cut out would be after hanging the template on each edge including the bottom. Check for baseboard height, we suggest the step over be around 3” - 4” (7 cm - 10 cm) when going through walls, so it may be necessary to trim. Step over height needs will vary based on the pet’s size.

2. Before cutting the entire opening make a small square test hole right at the bottom part of the cut out, roughly 6” by 6” (15 cm by 15 cm).  Use this to take a peek at the interior of the wall to make sure that there isn’t any wiring, plumbing, etc. This way if you do find any obstructions all you have to do is make a small patch to the wall.

3. You can drill through both the interior and exterior wall, but you need a drill bit that is at least 6” - 12” (15 cm - 30 cm) long.  This can be difficult to keep straight and level and having a professional is recommended; a drill with a built-in level would help. An alternative cut method where you cut the inside and outside walls separately is on page 6 (the next page).

4. When installing the weather stripping make sure to not stretch it out, because it compresses over time and you want it to keep the wiggle room.

5. Cut the tunnels one at a time, by clamping them down tightly to a board to avoid vibration. Use a wooden block to guide the jigsaw for a straighter cut.

11. If you do not have a partner to help you guide the rods through the opening to the other frame, you can put your hand through the door and hold a mirror or smartphone facing the hole on the outside to help you see. 


Alternate rough cut method:

This method can be easier in some cases than trying to go through both walls with one pass.

» Drill through the interior wall and draw lines connecting the outside part of the holes.

» Use a hand saw or reciprocating saw to cut out the inside sheet rock along the drawn line.

» Remove any insulation to expose the back of the exterior wall. Measuring very carefully and making sure all is level drill holes from the inside of exterior wall to the outside.

» Tape off the inside opening with a trash bag. This will prevent the dust and debris from going all over and makes clean up much easier.

» Make a mark from the inner side of the drilled holes on the exterior wall. It is a good idea to measure and level your outline from the outside, to ensure your hole will be the correct size.

» Use the pilot holes and a circular saw (use a concrete blade if you have concrete or stucco exterior) to cut out the exterior. Place a piece of cardboard under the saw to prevent it from damaging the exterior.

» Finish the opening with a reciprocating saw and if possible have a spotter inside.



If your wall is over 8” (20,3 cm) thickness, the included tunnel will not be long enough. Your contractor can install the pet door in thicker walls by fabricating a custom tunnel. This can be done by using plywood, sheet metal, brick, or stone to line the cut out.  One frame would be attached to the inside of the house and one frame to the outside. The provided template + instructions might not be accurate in a custom installation. Different hardware* will be required depending on what you are using for the tunnel and how you are mounting the frames to the wall. In all cases it is extremely important to make sure that the tunnel is sealed with silicone or caulking to prevent any damage from water leaking into the wall. 

*Not available through Endura Flap.



You can choose to place the pet door on top of the siding. If you choose this option then you will need to make sure to take care of completely caulking and sealing any gaps that you have to prevent water damage to the wall.

You can also recess the pet door frame into the siding. In this case you would make the recommended rough opening according to the template. Then on the exterior you would cut away the siding only to frame the outside dimension of the pet door. Also be sure to properly caulk and seal around the frame. Some people choose to build a frame to surround the pet door, if you do this, you’ll have to take the same precautions with sealing the wall to prevent water damage.



For help with installation, replacement parts or other questions visit EnduraFlap.com or call 805-781-7700 Monday-Friday 7am-4:30pm PT


Click below to expand:

All Endura Flap Pet Doors come with a locking cover. This cover can be used to keep you doggy in. It also can be used to keep intruders from entering your home. It is made from a special polymer that is as strong as 1⁄16 inch sheet of steel. The door only comes with one locking cover, as do most dog flaps for walls, but you can purchase an additional one for the other side here.

We also have a product called the Watchdog Steel Security Pet Door Cover that provides maximum security for any pet door, complete with a combination lock and all. The cover comes in sizes large enough to fit even the xl dog doors for wall mount.

Security consultants agree that dogs are a good burglar deterrent, especially one that barks. If you want to leave your pet door open make sure the gate to access your yard is locked and you post a Beware of Dog sign.

We recommend cats use the Endura Flap Cat Doors for Walls. Our endura flap wall mount pet door has a strong magnetic seal which may be too strong for a cat. However, if you have cats and dogs sharing a door, you can decrease the magnetic resistance of the threshold on large and extra large sizes making it easier for a cat to use. For small or medium pet doors you can offset the magnets slightly which can also decrease the magnetic strength.

It depends on the tenacity of your small dog. With the Endura flap door for walls you can decrease the magnetic resistance of the threshold on large and extra large sizes making it easier for your small dog to use. You will also want to make sure the door is mounted low enough for the small talk to walk through and high enough to clear the large dog's back.

When installing the endura flap wall door you want it to clear the top of your dog's back by 1-2 inches, minimum. You also want the step over to be comfortable. Lastly you want the width to allow your pet to go through without touching the sides. Here's a measurement guide with tips on how to determine the correct size.

You should order an Endura Flap for Doors and build your own tunnel. Your tunnel can be make from wood or sheet metal. Note: make sure to caulk the seams to prevent leaks into your wall.

The Endura Flap is slightly more rigid than other economy style flaps, but it is a safe, soft, flexible flap. It remains flexible in temperatures as low as -40°F.

A single Endura Flap is extremely energy-efficient and capable of withstanding winds up to 50 mph. It is the only door which allows you to increase the magnetic strength for increased wind resistance. It is recommended for timid pets. The double flap increases the energy-efficiency further.

When the flap gets to it's resting place there is a snapping sound when the magnets employ. This sound let's you know the door is doing its job sealing out the elements and keeping your heated or cooled air inside.

It is possible, but it not simple and can be quite costly. A short explanation is that you will need to buy a new tunnel, outer frame with flap and installation kit. The only item you will keep with your single flap in the wall pet door unit is the interior frame with flap.

You can find the installation video on the "Videos" tab.

All locking covers slide in from the top. If you purchase a double flap model, the locking cover can be used on the inside or outside frame. If you purchase a single flap, the locking cover is on the interior frame.

The Endura Flap is made with a special polymer called Polyolefin. It remains safe, soft and flexible in temperatures as low as -40°F. It does not yellow nor harden in the sun. The patented magnetic design ensures the door door seals well for years. In fact, the pet door and flap are backed by a 15 year warranty.

Yes, you can find replacement flaps here.

Yes, they are available in Tan and very Dark Bronze.

You can increase the magnetic strength of the door with purchasing additional magnets here. Some people have found success doing this and keeping their cats inside.

It is sturdy aluminum.

Since each flap dual walled making them 7⁄8" thick as the pet pushes through the first flap will actually hit the second flap. This makes it so that there is a loss of about 1" of space a the top as they enter or exit.

In general we don't go by breed, however we have multiple dogs here that use that size door (stock code 04PP10 2) to get out to our yard.

Ease of installation is very subjective depending on skill set or access to certain tools that might be needed. The installation of a pet door say into a door is easier than installing it through a wall, however installing it into a door is more complicated than putting a pet door into a sliding door track, so it is also relative to what type of installation method. We recommend a contractor for installations going

That is the Endura for Walls in the Extra Large Double Flap.

That is Endura Dog Doors for Walls-Medium-Double Flap.

That is the endura flap for wall installation Medium with the Single Flap (located on the inside of the house).

The flaps on the 04PP10-2 are 10" x 19", however the opening for the pet is about 10" x 18".

The Endura Flap Pet Door for installaton in walls is available in two opening sizes. The Single flap is 10" wide x 19" high and the Double flap is 10" wide by 18" high.

We do have those, give us a call at (800) 826-2871.

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