Endura Flap™ Cat Doors for Walls

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  • Engineered to be the best all weather pet door on the market
  • Flap utilizes three sided magnetic seal keeping it closed in gusts up to 50mph
  • Durable aluminum frame and tunnel fits walls up to 8” thick
  • Most reliable pet door on the market, backed by a 15 year warranty
  • Free shipping within the US

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Endura Flap™ Cat Doors for Walls
Endura Flap Cat door for walls

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  • Engineered to be the best all weather pet door on the market
  • Flap utilizes three sided magnetic seal keeping it closed in gusts up to 50mph
  • Durable aluminum frame and tunnel fits walls up to 8” thick
  • Most reliable pet door on the market, backed by a 15 year warranty
  • Free shipping within the US
Flap Size &
Stock No
Flap DimensionRough Cut OutOutside Frame DimensionFlap Type
6" w x 11" h8 5/8" w x 15" h9 7/16" w x 16" hSingle

The Endura Flap Cat Door for Walls

If you've never owned a pet doors before, you're going to be very satisfied. It does what you think it should. But if you have ever owned a pet door, hold onto your socks - you're not going to believe how much better this is than what you've had in the past. Take a look at the Endura Flap Pet Door Information that we've provided, and you'll begin to see what we're so proud of!


Exclusive! Award-Winning, Extreme Performance Endura Flap(patented, pat. pending)

We get it, you're tired of replacing worn out, leaking flaps? You owe it to yourself to investigate the Endura Flap. This is the best, most highly engineered pet door flap ever made. It seals, it insulates, and it lasts forever!

Adjustable Magnets

Gives you the option to lessen the superior magnet seal, making it easier to push through for training. Then lets you gradually increase it as your cat becomes more comfortable.


Sturdy aluminum framing with hidden hardware.

Environmentally Friendly Flap Material

Safe for the environment unlike vinyl (PVC) which is not.

Self-Framing Heavy Gauge Aluminum Tunnel

For all walls up to 8" thick (ample for most 2x4 and 2x6 stud walls)

Sturdy Locking Cover

Locks pets in or out. Easy to use clip lock is better than the old spring-loaded pin locks.

Flap Size

Small single flap 6" x 11", giving a little more room for the bigger kitties.

Superior Customer Protection

90 day return, 15 year warranty


100% designed, engineered and manufactured in the USA.

Rainwater in the Tunnel

The Endura Cat Door has a high threshold on the inside and no barrier to the outside. Wind-driven rain will enter the tunnel, but will quickly drain toward the outside and not into your home.

As with all wall-mounted pet doors, careful caulking of all seams is vital to prevent water penetration inside your walls.

Customer Reviews

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  • Worth the Cost review by OM
    5 5 Worth the Cost

    Second home we have used this pet door. Quality product that lasts. Design keeps heat out (we live in Yuma, AZ) Nothing bad I can say about it.

    (Posted on 2/6/2016)

  • We are thrilled review by Carroll and Sam
    5 5 We are thrilled

    All claims are true, the door works great, especially at insulating against wind and cold. It is night and day for us compared to what we had before. Worth the money. It will pay for itself in heating bill reduction!

    (Posted on 2/8/2015)

  • Great product! review by Prismatic
    5 5 Great product!

    As soon as I took it out of the box I know this was a high quality door. Material was solid and sturdy. Flap was well designed. Every item you needed to install door was included (Locktite, silicone, even training treats!).

    I would highly recommend this to anybody.

    (Posted on 2/3/2015)

  • GREAT review by CL
    5 5 GREAT

    This is our first pet door, so I don't have anything to directly to compare to, but I can't imagine they get much better than this. Installation wasn't too hard (I had a friend who's better at such things come and help, I might not have gotten it done without him).

    The installed door is great. Looks pretty good. More importantly seals tight and doesn't let any cold air in. I'm super happy.

    (Posted on 12/1/2014)

  • Excellent review by Suzie-q
    5 5 Excellent

    Easy to put together; however, I wished the entire gate was made of stainless steel; I would gladly pay more since I live in harsh marine area; great product!!!!

    (Posted on 11/6/2014)

  • Great! review by Ron
    5 5 Great!

    Very sturdy, well built, keeps the weather out. My only complaint was that the little packet of 303 Protectant was all dried out. I read up on the stuff online, and was so impressed I went out and bought a bottle. it was a nice touch to include it (except that it was dried out).

    (Posted on 9/19/2014)

  • Great! review by mimimum
    5 5 Great!

    Nice double door. Good seal that should last since the door is not flexible. Haven't gone through a winter with it yet but it's bound to be better than the single flexible door flaps I've had in the past.

    (Posted on 8/27/2014)

  • Amazing review by Set Kally
    5 5 Amazing

    Excellent quality~ easy to install~ everything you need is included! Our little guy loves it as much as we do! .

    (Posted on 8/6/2014)

  • Fantastic Product! review by Kansas
    5 5 Fantastic Product!

    This is a quality door and worth the extra money. We have had a single flap pet door for years and it leaked air all around the sides. We would put in a new flap and they would warp in short order. This door seals great and even in cold windy winter conditions it sealed great. I installed the door myself and the instructions were good. Our dachshunds were confused with the extra flap but they finally learned from the cat! Thanks for a great product!

    (Posted on 1/20/2014)

  • Great Door! review by TinyAvenger
    5 5 Great Door!

    Very durable door, easy to install, secure and weatherproof.

    (Posted on 11/19/2013)

  • Works good enough for a 2nd one review by Devin
    5 4 Works good enough for a 2nd one

    I just got a 2nd door, as our first one stayed with our old house. Installation was a pain as it was the first time. It got a lot easier, but still fiddly to install after I re-read the instructions (same as the first one, lol, should remember to read those). Install could be a bit easier, but you only do it once & it's durable once installed.

    On this one I decided not to put in the aluminum panels between the doors & just leave it framed in. Less heat wicking through, but not quite as waterproof. The first door would get a layer of frost on the frame on the inside when it got really cold here (15-20f or so).

    The first one held up pretty well with minimal damage for about 5 years, so I expect this new one to be about the same.

    (Posted on 11/18/2013)

  • Great for Cats! review by Happy in Texas
    5 5 Great for Cats!

    While doing research online before purchasing what is my first pet door, I found a review about a cat owner whose cat had gotten it's paw caught in a regular rigid flap cat door, after trying to back out of her attempt to go through, and couldn't get unstuck. Through her words you could almost hear the howling noises her cat was making and feel the reviewer's relief that this hadn't happened when no one was home to set kitty free. I didn't want that to happen to my cats so I was determined to find a pet door with a flexible flap. The reviews for a common flexible flap doors were anything but encouraging; poor sealing, breakage, and dingy after only a short time. Your flexible flap appeared to be the best option all around, especially for the safety of my cat's paws. My pet door has been in place for about six months now and I have been witness to two episodes of a cat paw caught in the bottom of the flap when she changed her mind about going through and tried to back out; however, no sooner did my kitty begin to panic to the point of a growl she was able to pull herself free, and with no apparent injury to her foot. Such a relief!!

    In addition to the safety issue, I wanted a product that I could trust to last and that I felt I would be happy with as I was installing my door in the side of the house rather than just a door. It just made sense to go with a door that appeared to be of high quality materials, construction, and efficiency that wouldn't need replacing. Your door is all that!

    As I bought your door solely for cats, I followed your website's suggestion about getting a single flap rather than a double and, even though it is mounted on the north side of the house, the door has done very well with keeping out the colder winds that are now occurring with the change of the seasons.

    Though having only owned your pet door for a short time, I have no regrets about paying the higher price and I expect to get my investment back many times over! Thanks!

    (Posted on 11/17/2013)

  • They r great review by Genny
    5 5 They r great

    Kaz and I love these doors made for Alberta weather!

    (Posted on 9/20/2013)

  • endura flap review by den
    5 5 endura flap

    Simple case of you get what you pay for.Expensive but you wont find a better one.

    (Posted on 7/23/2013)

  • Great. Product review by Rick
    5 5 Great. Product

    I have had others before but none comes close to comparing to the dual flap model. It has not let any wind or rain through. Stands up to high winds and blowing rain without leaking,

    (Posted on 6/30/2013)

  • Very nice quality, perfect fit, and function. review by Jamisen F.
    5 5 Very nice quality, perfect fit, and function.

    Just installed the door last night. Pretty easy.
    Good instructions. Nice work putting the 4 inch bolt in the kit to align the 6 inch rods to the threaded holes.
    Very nice quality, perfect fit, and function.

    Nice work, please pass my compliments along to the crew.
    Please advertise.........guys like me NEED your product...not the cheap stuff they sell at home depot.

    (Posted on 7/28/2010)

Weight 10.0000
Manufacturer Endura Flap
Your Maximum Pet Size Cats
Climate Suitability Temperate-3 Season
Employs Patented “Endura Flap” Yes
Ability to Lock Flap Separate Locking Cover-Loads from Top
Can Be Installed In Kennel Wall, Walls
Manufacturer's Restocking Fee 0

Installation Instructions for the Endura Flap Cat Doors for Walls

The tools you will need:

  • Drill with an extra long ⅜ in bit

  • Reciprocating saw

  • Jigsaw

  • Clamps

  • Level

  • Tape measure

  • Glasses and gloves

  • Pencil

  • Scissors

  • Wooden block

  • Rubber mallet / hammer

Important note: It is very important to avoid wall studs, electrical wire, and piping. So if you don’t have experience cutting through walls, we highly recommend hiring a professional.



1. It is a good idea to measure your cat to make sure that you install the pet door at the right height. For the single flap Endura Flap, you want it to be about an inch and a quarter above the top of the back. Be sure to get a level to be sure that your hole will come out straight.
2. You will need to drill the pilot 4 holes in the corners of the template. These holes need to be level so professional help is recommended. You can use a drill that has a level built in which will help you keep your holes straight.
3. When you are drawing your lines, this is a great time to correct for levelness. The next step is actually to connect the dots that you made in your wall with your reciprocating saw. Wear gloves and your safety glasses. Double check the measurements on the outside of the wall.
4. With a jigsaw or bandsaw, trim all 4 pieces of the tunnel sections so that they are ¼ inch shorter than the thickness of the wall. A jigsaw blade is provided. Using clamps to secure the pieces will help you make the cut. You can use a wooden block to guide the jig saw. Be careful to trim the correct side, do not trim the side of the tunnel pieces with the tabs that attach to the flap frame.
5. Remove the 2 screws on the either side of the top of the interior frame (the side with the locking cover). The exterior frame (without the flap) will have screw holes which are pre-threaded so that you will be able to see the shine from the metal when you look at the hole. Single flap models have a joggle so you are going to need to bend the tabs in the same direction as the recess. When this is doing down, you are going to put these up.
6. Make sure that you get the screws straight so that it actually builds into the channel it is supposed to. You can either bend the tabs after attaching it to the frame or prebend them. Just bend them as far as you can then you can actually put the screw in.
7. Once you have your top and bottom tunnel pieces on, you are going to match up the side pieces, which are the longer pieces. Make sure that the tunnel pieces slide all the way together so that there are no gaps. Once you have the tunnel pieces together, you are going to push the tabs so that they actually interlock with each other.
8. Next you are going to apply a bead of the silicone sealant on the inside of the tunnel. You need to apply this silicone sealant to all seams inside of the tunnel, you can use the applicator tip or carefully squeeze out without the tip if that is easier.
9. The interior frame is the one with the tunnel pieces and the flap; insert that first and then it is really helpful to have a partner on the outside so you can hand them the the exterior frame and they can actually help you put it into the hole. Line it up so that you can see light through the holes that way you can make sure that you can get your threaded rod all the way through.
10. Then you can use your threaded rod with the closed barrel nut on them and guide it through the exterior frame. If it helps you guide the rod, you can stick your hand through and touch the hole on the opposite side. You can use a mirror or even a smartphone to help you guide that rode to the opposite frame if you don't have a partner to help you out. Use a level to make fine adjustments for your pet door.
11. With a pet door leveled and all four threaded rods tightened, wiggle the ends of the threaded rods that are protruding on the exterior side until the ends snap off.
12. Finish caulking by applying a bead of the silicone sealant along the inside of the tunnel where it meets with the exterior frame. Be careful to seal all gaps and seams to minimize the chance of water damage to the wall.
13. The final step is to put the hole plugs in all the screw holes. We use a wooden block and a mallet ( you can also use a hammer) to finish the job.

Click below to expand:

The simple way is to cut a hole in a piece of cardboard to the 6" x 11" flap size and see if they can get through comfortably.

No the flap is flexible, it is just thicker than typical flaps.

It is kind of like a shower door, so you can see things through it, but can't really make out detail.

It does come with a cover that slides in on the inside.

It is possible that you would need to adjust the magnets for training so check out our videos tab on this page for instruction on how to adjust those.

This is not an electronic door so any pets will be able to go in and out if they push hard enough. In addition it will not prevent any stray and other animals like raccoons from getting in.

The get the door mount version and have your contractor build the tunnel for you.

The flap is on the inside. And the pet door outside frame is designed so that the threshold on the bottom is lower than the one on the inside. This way if you do get any rain in the tunnel the water will evaporate or run out before it runs in.

We do have double flap doors, however they are harder for smaller pets to push through so we don't really recommend them for cats.

It can be a little noisy when it closes, so it might not be the best choice for a bedroom if you kitties go in and out at night frequently.

Yes! It has been tested in temperatures as low as -40° and as high as 110° fahrenheit.

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