Endura Flap™ Kennel Dog Doors - Cases of 2 Units


The Endura Flap Kennel Door combines all the features of the award winning Endura Flap without including anything normally not required for kennel use.

As low as $229.00 when you purchase 10!

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Price From: $289.00

Endura Flap™ Kennel Dog Doors - Cases of 2 Units

Endura Flap Kennel Door Set

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The Endura Flap Kennel Door combines all the features of the award winning Endura Flap without including anything normally not required for kennel use.

As low as $229.00 when you purchase 10!

Priced in Cases of Two Units Only
Flap SizeFlap
Rough Cut OutOutside Frame DimensionFlap TypeStock No.
Small6" w x 11" h7 1/16" w x 14 1/8" h9 7/16" w x 16" hSingle03PPK06

Medium8" w x 15" h9 3/16" w x 18 3/16" h11 1/2" w x 20" hSingle03PPK08

Large10" w x 19" h11 3/16" w x 22 3/16" h13 9/16" w x 24"Single03PPK10

Extra Large12" w x 23" h13 5/16" w x 26 1/4" h15 5/8" w x 28" hSingle03PPK12

Quantity Discounts:
5+ cases: 5% discount
20+ cases: 10% discount

Endura Flap™ Kennel Door

“It’s all about the flap!” This Kennel Dog Door combines all the features of the award winning Endura Flap™ with a beefy metal frame. It is identical to the Endura Flap™ single flap version for doors, except that parts not normally needed for a kennel application have been excluded:

  • The external trim frame
  • Installation hardware
  • Template
  • Weather stripping
  • Decorative hole plugs to hide the screw heads
  • The locking cover assembly (kennels normally use a separate "guillotine" type locking mechanism). However, a locking cover may be added if desired

Every year, animals are harmed by rigid flaps. The typical situation is that the pet is partway out the pet door, is startled by something and jerks back suddenly. The pinching effect of a rigid flap in that case can be terrifying and cause the pet to pull back even harder.

It was for this reason that the first design requirement of the Endura Flap was that the flap be flexible and safe for any pet and for any child who should happen to crawl through!

Of course there is a trade-off here. Rigid flaps can be more chew-resistant than flexible flaps. If chewing of the flap is expected, it is best to take some preventative measures. One of the best is to mix some Habanera pepper with Vaseline; and smear this mixture on the edge of the flap. Be careful not to allow any of this mixture in the dogs eyes!

Secondly, if a guillotine door is placed on the inside of the run and the dogs are kept inside when that unit is closed, then the dog cannot get to the flap to chew it.

We suggest you read the complete story behind the Endura Flap™ and for engineers or those looking for some more technical information here is a 74-page dog door energy efficiency study showing what makes it so special.

Some additional notes:

  • The Endura Flap™ Kennel door is intended to be installed in either a solid core wood door or in a wall that has been framed out. If you wish to install the Endura Flap™ kennel door in a hollow core door, you'll need to frame out the hollow core door first. Alternatively, you can use a regular Endura Flap™ pet door for doors which is "self-framing" though more expensive.
  • If you wish to install the Endura Flap™ Kennel Door in a wall and don't want to frame the wall yourself, you can purchase the Endura Flap™ dog door for walls in either single or double flap versions.
  • It has been our experience that the Endura Flap™ seals so well that the single flap model will meet most needs even in areas that experience four seasons. However, for really extreme weather, the door mount version and the wall mount version are both available in double flap models.
  • There is a significant difference between the rough cut out of the Endura Flap™ Kennel version and the regular Endura Flap™ for doors. The regular door mount cut out is larger to allow the bolts to fasten directly to the trim frame. The kennel version is smaller as we intend wood screws (not included) to be used to fasten the frame directly to the door or wall. The kennel door itself should be used as a template or use the rough cutout dimensions given below.

Customer Reviews

Set Direction
  • Very Nice Doors! review by Alexander Art
    5 4 Very Nice Doors!

    Great durable doors that keep shut and cats can't open! Would have given 5 stars but didn't like that the plug for holes weren't included. Seems a bit expensive for plugs and shipping, so I found an alternative. Love the doors though! :)

    (Posted on 3/3/2016)

  • So far, great product review by $
    5 4 So far, great product

    Did not take long for the dogs to figure out and works quite well !!
    Recommendation to manufature:
    Did not come with plugs to cover the holes for the screws on the outside...would be nice.
    Great product!

    (Posted on 5/4/2015)

  • Great durable door review by Coonie Rescue
    5 5 Great durable door

    I liked the first pair I bought so much, that I purchased another set for the other side of our house. Great product at a great price! Built to take a beating & last years! seals out the cold in winter & the mosquitos in summer!

    (Posted on 6/13/2013)

  • very pleased with kennel doors review by Sam
    5 5 very pleased with kennel doors

    I installed 4 of them in my house before winter. They work great! Strong enough to take a Shepherd hitting them, and still seal against the cold wind. My cats have even learned how to use them.

    (Posted on 3/7/2013)

  • Absolutely EXCELLENT product!! review by Lynda Levair
    5 5 Absolutely EXCELLENT product!!

    We live in Northern Ontario on the border of upper Michigan. Winter nights can get to as low as -40F !!
    needless to say, we wanted something that would provide the most energy efficiency so our dogs would be comfortable in the communal kennel room while we were at work all day. I couldn't be happier with the 2 door kennel package I bought. Price was conservative (since I didn't need the close out panels or decorative plugs for the screw holes!). The flap is an awesome construction of double flexible lexan with full strip magnets along
    both sides as well as the floating threshold bottom. This is an awesome product that definitely keeps out the draft & cold. High wind magnets can be added for additional resistance!!
    Hats off to Patio Pacific.... I am thrilled!

    (Posted on 11/2/2012)

Weight 11.0000
Manufacturer Endura Flap
Your Maximum Pet Size Cats, Large Cats, Small Dogs, Medium Dogs, Large Dogs, X-Large Dogs
Climate Suitability Severe-4 Season
Sealing Value Very High
Wind Resistance Very High
Frame Material Heavy Extruded Aluminum
Employs Patented “Endura Flap” Yes
Insulation Value High
Possible to Add Additional Magnets for Greater Wind Resistance Yes
Flap Material Engage
Flap Design Single, One Part , Flexible, Insulated Flap
Flap Colors Clear
Flap Thickness 7/8"
Award Winning Design Yes
Replacement Flaps Available Yes
Ability to Lock Flap No Flap Lock Provided
Can Be Installed In Kennel Wall, Polycarbonate, Plywood or Other Thin Material, Solid Core Door
Warranty Period 10 years
Return Period 90 days (except for custom height ranges)
Manufacturer's Restocking Fee none

The Endura Flap Pet Door



Design of the Endura Flap™



Removing Side Magnets



Variable Magnetic Resistance




Leaf Blower Test


The Endura Flap™ Kennel Door

Congratulations on your purchase of one of the finest pet doors ever made, featuring the exclusive Endura Flap™

Installation Instructions

To determine the area that will be needed to accommodate the door, measure the dimensions of the extended section on the back of the unit . This section of the door will be fitted into the wall. Use screws (not included) to attach the outside frame.
The frame insures a tight seal and secures the door to the wall.

Note Don’t forget to use a level.

For installation help, replacement flaps and parts or other quality door pet products,
visit PetDoors.com
or call 800-826-2871

Endura Flap™ | U.S. Pat. No. 7,814,956 | Pat. Pending

Q: What makes the Endura Kennel doors different from the regular door mounts?

A: The kennel door is a stripped down version of our regular door mount. We don't include the external trim frame, the installation hardware, template, weather stripping, hole plugs to hide the screw heads, and the locking cover assembly (can be added if desired). These also come in cases of two and some quantity discounts are available.

Q: Why would you want to use the Endura Flap for a kennel? Why would you not want it?

A: Endura Flap could be preferable because the flexible flap is a safer option as opposed to the rigid flaps which can potentially pinch your pets upon entering and exiting. The flexibility allows the flap to be slightly quieter than some of the rigid flaps, as well. However, the Endura Flap is not as chew resistant or durable as a rigid flap, which is a major focus point when selecting the proper dog door for a kennel.

Q: What is different about the Endura Flap Kennel Dog Door from the regular Endura Door Mounts?

A: Kennel installation can vary greatly depending on the material the kennel is built with and may not require the hardware typically used in a residential application. So we exclude the external trim frame, installation hardware, template, weather stripping, decorative hole plugs to hide screw heads and the locking cover assembly. If you are installing this in a home on a people door we suggest going with the regular Endura door mount.

Endura Flap Kennel DoorEndura Flap Kennel Door Set of 2

Endura Flap Door Mount       Endura Flap Kennel Dog Door

Q: Does the Endura Flap Kennel Dog Door really come with two pet doors?

A: Yes, the Endura Flap Kennel Dog Doors come in cases of two pet doors, so you get two of the flap frames. There are also quantity discounts for purchasing multiple cases. There is a 5% discount if you purchase 5+ cases or a 10% discount if you purchase 20+ cases.

Q: Why is the warranty on the Endura Kennel doors different?

A: Endura Kennel Doors have a different warranty than other Endura products because there is more traffic in kennels; thus more wear and tear on the flap. The warranty for Endura Kennel Doors is 3 years.

Q: What can I do if my dogs are chewing my Endura door flaps?

A: You can mix some cayenne pepper with Vaseline and smear this mixture on the edge of the flap. It is also best not to replace the flap until after your dog has stopped the chewing behavior.

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Patio Pacific Inc Endura Flap™ Pet Door Warranty

To the original purchaser, Patio Pacific Inc warrants this product and all of its component parts to be free of defects in materials or workmanship for a period of 10 years from the date of delivery to the customer.

Endura Flap™ assemblies are warranted for a period of 15 years. Endura Flap™ assemblies employed in commercial kennels are warranted for a period of 3 years.

Damage caused by accident, improper installation, abuse or normal wear, including damage by pets or glass breakage, is specifically excluded from this warranty.

Defective materials returned to Patio Pacific Inc, together with proof of purchase, will be repaired or replaced and returned to the customer free of charge.

Pet doors of other manufacturers installed in Patio Pacific products are covered by the warranty of the other manufacturer and not by Patio Pacific Inc.