Endura Flap™ Thermo Panel 3e™ for Cats


  • The absolute best all around cat door for sliding doors
  • Insulated, dual pane, LoE glass in sturdy aluminum framing
  • Safe flexible flap let's you adjust magnet strength for easy training
  • No tools required for installation makes it perfect for renters and vacation homes
  • Adjustable heights and custom sizes to fit any sliding door

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Price From: $419.00

Endura Flap™ Thermo Panel 3e™ for Cats

thermo panel 3e cat door

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  • The absolute best all around cat door for sliding doors
  • Insulated, dual pane, LoE glass in sturdy aluminum framing
  • Safe flexible flap let's you adjust magnet strength for easy training
  • No tools required for installation makes it perfect for renters and vacation homes
  • Adjustable heights and custom sizes to fit any sliding door

Thermo-Panel 3e™ Patio Cat Door

If you have a sliding glass door, you won't break a sweat installing this attractive sliding glass cat door -- the only one on the market that doesn't require a single tool.

While the panel is a breeze to install, it's also sturdy and insulated, keeping winter and summer air outisde, where it belongs.

Best of all, your kitty will have no problem darting in and out of the flexible Endura Flap without getting pinched, snagged or bonked on the head.



Keep that drill in a drawer and don't worry about cutting holes in your walls or doors. The Endura Thermo Panel is so easy to install, you won't even need to modify your slider's framing. It's just as easy to uninstall should you ever need to remove it.

Once you get the panel, you'll find that the adjustable step-over (the distance from the bottom of the door to the ground) conveniently allows you to customize the height of the door to tailor fit your Munchkin or Main Coon. If you've made a mistake measuring your slider when you ordered (it happens!), the panel comes with a forgiving "anti-whoops" extension.

Check the video tab on this page to see how easy installation is.

Energy Efficiency

Your four-legged friend will quickly appreciate how easy it is to dash in and out of the house with the Endura Flap Thermo Panel 3e™. But your pet's freedom to come and go whenever they please shouldn't cause you to suffer -- or pay higher energy bills.

Lesser cat doors will allow hot or cold air to seep in, making it uncomfortable to be near them in extreme weather. But this energy efficient door's superior insulation will not only keep out the elements, it also helps in canceling out noise from the outside.

The Flap

The Endura Flap is light and flexible, which your cat will appreciate when they need to get outside in a hurry.

This flap is also built to last. Many of today's pet door flaps are made of vinyl, which will split and eventually break with repeated use. Made of recyclable high performance polyolefin-based polyer, the Endura Flaps -- backed by a 15 year warranty -- use pivots that cut down on wear and breakage.

Custom Heights

Most sliding glass doors will accommodate the three panel sizes we offer. But if our standard panels do not match your door size, we can build a custom Thermo Panel 3e for you. We can also custom make a panel for a miniature sliding glass door, provided the window track width is at least one inch. These ‘mini” patio panels can be made down to 35”, perfect for making a doorway to and from their patio.

Other Options

  • Frosted Glass
    • Pull back those drapes with our stylish frosted glass option! Designed like the windows you see in some restrooms, our frosted glass door panel will ensure your privacy. This option will require an extra 3-4 weeks to ship because the glass is custom ordered, and there will be no return option.
  • Bug Warden
    • Your pets aren’t the only critters that will want to hang out in your home. Yet, during the summer months, you might want to open your glass door to allow a breeze to filter through your screen door. Since your screen can’t block your pet door, there will be a gap that might allow pesky bugs an easy entry. Luckily, the easy-to-install Bug Warden closes the gap and keeps bugs at bay. When you purchase a Bug Warden with a Thermal Panel 3e™, you’ll get 20 percent off.
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Weight 1.0000
Your Maximum Pet Size Cats
Climate Suitability Severe-4 Season
Sealing Value Very High, High, Average, Low
Wind Resistance Very High, High
Manufacturer's Restocking Fee 0

Q: Can an intruder remove the Endura Flap dog door for slider from the outside?

A: No, the thumb screws are on the inside of the panel, so once installed, the Endura Flap Panel cannot be lifted out and removed without first loosening the thumb screws from inside the home.

Q: Does the Endura Flap dog door sliding door come with locking covers for security?

A: Yes, these dog doors come with locking covers to ensure safety for your pet and home. Endura Flaps have locking covers that slide over them on the side facing inside your home and are made of sturdy, heavy duty ABS plastic. Unfortunately, they cannot be used on the outside of Endura Flap Panels as an alternative. We do sell extra locking covers in the case that the one included with your doggy door is misplaced!

Q: Do the Endura Flap panels require tools for installation?

A: Endura Flap sliding glass dog doors under 80 ¼” do not require tools, however everything above this height generally will require some tools for installation. What we call a sectional panel will be shipped in two pieces because it is so tall. Breaking the pet door for sliding door down saves the customers on shipping costs, because we are able to ship in a smaller package. The sectionals will need to be assembled with 4 hex screws and a hex wrench, all of which are provided.

Q: Under which height for a Endura Flap sliding dog door would it need to be custom?

A: If your height measurement is less than 74 3/4" then you would need to order a custom dog door sliding glass.

Q: At which height over 74 3/4" would a sliding door dog door insert need to be custom?

A: 80 ¼” is the maximum height of the more standard sizes. Anything between 80 ¼” - 93 1/4”, would need to be a custom order. Furthermore, there is a tall height range, and anything above the maximum of the tall height range which is 96 ¼” will need to be custom ordered.

Q: What is the tallest non-custom height available for a Endura Flap Panel?

A: The tallest non-custom height range available is 93 1/4"-96 1/4".

Q: What is the absolute minimum and absolute maximum custom heights for Endura Flap Panels, including all flap sizes?

A: The absolute minimum and absolute maximum sizes are as follows:

Model                Minimum        Maximum

Small #6              35"                 100"

Medium #8           42"                 107"

Large #10             48"                 117"

Extra Large #12     46"                123"

Q: What is the difference between the Endura Flap Thermo Panel and the Endura Flap Quick Panel?

A: The Thermo and Quick Panels are identical except the Quick Panels have heavy duty single pane glass while the Thermo Panels have dual pane, low 'E' glass. For this reason, the Quick Panel is a better fit for more moderate climates or where a lighter weight panel is desired and the Thermo panel is more suitable for four season use.

Q: How long is the warranty for my Endura Flap Panel Door?

A: The warranty for the Endura Flap assembly is for a period of 15 years and the warranty for the rest of the assembly (the panel) is for 10 years and excludes glass breakage. The warranty for assemblies employed in commercial kennels are warranted for 3 years.

Q: Is the Thermo Panel 3e or the Quick Panel 3e more appropriate for extreme weather?

A: The Thermo Panel 3e is more appropriate for extreme weather because of the dual pane, low 'E' glass.

Q: What is the anti-whoops feature that is included in all Endura Flap Panel Doors?

A: The anti-whoops feature is included in all Endura Flap doggie door for sliding door dog doors. If you've mismeasured, you may be able to salvage the situation: To make your sliding glass door with dog door about 1" taller, you may purchase a height extension (or make your own using 1" x lumber). To make your sliding glass pet door insert slightly shorter you may trim the top flanges that accept the height extension with a hacksaw or a jigsaw with a metal cutting blade.

Q: What does the Draft Stopper do for my sliding panel door?

A: Also known as the 'Center Post Weather Strip', it seals the gap created between stationary and sliding glass doors when a panel doggy door is installed. These are essential for an airtight seal and in fact some customers use one inside and one outside in extreme climates. We included it in all Thermo Panel 3e, Quick Panel 3 and Thermo Panel 3e Microchip sliding glass pet doors for sliding glass doors, but you can use our draft stopper with any panel pet door.

Q: Do I need an electronic pet door for my patio or will a regular manual one do?

A: Generally, we recommend that if you do not have a specific reason to get an electronic sliding pet door then you should get a regular manual one. There is less that could go wrong as far a possible malfunctioning. However, if you've got a stray cat problem or a raccoon problem, you'll need an electronic patio panel which would keep all unwanted animals out. Another aspect to think about is if your dog or cat is infirm or very old, one of the motorized panels that allows them in and out freely without them needing to push a flap might be the ticket to a comfortable and easy process for your pet.

Q: Can the Endura Flap Panel come with an electric door?

A: We have the Thermo Panel 2e Microchip Patio Panel that incorporates the SureFlap Microchip Pet Door into our dual pane glass panel.  This is suitable for large cats and small dogs, as the flap dimension is 7” x 7” and works off your pets embedded microchip. If your pet does not yet have the chip then it comes with an RFID collar key that can be used.

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