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Custom Flaps & Parts for Your Pet Door

If you need a replacement flap for any dog door or cat door, locking cover, or other pet door parts, it is vital that you order the correct brand. Most parts are not interchangeable between brands or models from the same manufacturer even if the dimensions seem to match. Use dimensions to select the correct size within the brand only after the brand has been established.

However, in very specific cases there is inter-changeability.  There's miscellaneous weather-stripping, charley-bars and, of course, the absolutely essential Bug Warden--for those of you who already have a sliding glass dog door and want ventilation on warm days.

Shop our selection of custom flaps, collar keys, wall liners, locking covers, bug blockers, frames, and more. If you can't find the brand you're looking for check out pet doors manufacturer's page or contact our customer service at 800 826 2871.

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Q: Do you have Johnson replacement flaps for my dog door?

A: We do not have the Johnson brand replacement flaps because they have been discontinued. However, we do carry Pride replacement flaps which fit as a replacement for Johnson and PetSafe Ultimate doors. Tons of customer's have used Pride Flaps to replace their Johnson and PetSafe Ultimate pet doors.

Q. What are the main differences in the Johnson Replacement Flap and the Pride Replacement Flaps?

A. The main difference between the Pride replacement flap and the old Johnson and Petsafe Ultimate pet doors is the material of the flaps. They are made from a heavy duty black rubber, making them durable, but also heavier and not transparent. Some dogs might be confused by this difference and smaller dogs especially might find the weight more challenging than their previous, lighter flaps.  The locking cover could pose a safety issue since so you will want to make sure that if you close it off that the pet is on the same side as the cover.  You don’t want them to come running through from the opposite side and hit their head. With a little extra training most all dogs will figure them out, as the desire to go outside overpowers the skepticism of the new flap!

The only Pride flap that customers have had problems with is the Small size, as that does not have the screw holes at the top. The installation process for medium, large and extra large are all the same, they require no additional steps for installation. However, the installation for the Small Replacement Flap requires some work on the customers end. When installing the flap you will notice there are nubs on one side of the flap and 2 “tails” on both sides of the U-shaped flap. In order to make this flap fit properly, you must trim the nubs down and create new holes that match up with the screw locations on your frame. Also, the 2 “tails” must be cut/trimmed down so it may fit in the frame as well.

Both Johnson pet doors and Pride pet doors rely on the center flap and U-shaped piece to fit flat against each other.  On the large size, the Johnson had a magnet placed half-way up both sides to help maintain this seal. The Pride flap does not have this magnet.

Q: Is there a clear flap replacement option that I can get instead of the Pride flap?

A: The Pride flaps are made from recycled tires and are only offered in the thick black heavy rubber. None of the clear flap are size compatible with the Pride, PetSafe Ultimate, or Johnson pet doors.

Q: What is the difference between the round and rectangular Ideal flap logo?

A: The different logos signify different flaps due to manufacturing changes. The rectangular logo version signifies your flap was made in the USA while the round logo version signifies your flap was made in Thailand. Depending on which model you have (rectangular or round logo), you must buy replacement flaps accordingly, as they are not interchangeable.  Please take a look at our "Urgent Notice" for more information.

Q: Can a rectangular logo be used to replace a round logo flap for my Ideal doggie door?

A: You can't mix the logos as the flaps won't fit each other.  We suggest that you see our "Urgent Notice" about Ideal replacement flaps.

Q. How would I figure out which Ideal Replacement flap I need, based on what I currently have?

A. If you have an Ideal Original (plastic framed) pet door or an Ideal Deluxe(metal framed) pet door with a round logo, then the Ideal "Original"  round logo replacement flaps work in both. These are the newer doors made in Thailand.

If you have an Ideal Original with a rectangular logo, then the rectangular logo Ideal Original replacement flaps work.  These are the 'Made in USA' version.

If you have an Ideal Deluxe Metal Frame with a rectangular logo, then the Ideal Deluxe replacement flaps with a rectangular logo are the ones to buy. These are the 'Made in USA' versions.

If you're replacing a flap on an existing Ideal pet door or even the entire pet door then it's vital that you determine which of the three situations above applies to you. Otherwise, you may get the wrong flap for your existing door or a replacement door that doesn't fit your existing cut-out.

Q: I have an Ideal Deluxe dog door that I purchased back in 2004, which flap do I need, round or rectangular?     

A: Existing Models of the Ideal Deluxe Pet Door purchased before 2006 will need a rectangular logo design on the flap.


Q: Can I purchase the flap and frame together for my Ideal Fast Fit panel?         

A: Yes, the Ideal Fast Fit Flap and Frame Assembly are available for purchase. Please make sure you are ordering the correct logo for your specific panel.  If you no longer have the original flap, you can figure out what logo you have a couple of other ways. You can measure the entire width of the panel, as these measurements changed when the manufacturing location did.  Another option is to unscrew the frame from the patio panel, if it's one piece that screws directly into the sides of the aluminum frame, it's an old style rectangular logo.  If the frame is two pieces that screw into each other (not the metal panel directly) than it’s a new style round logo. If you still have the original flap (plastic frame), you may be able to figure out which flap and frame you need by looking at the image below:


Q: My door just says "Made in USA", how do I know which flap I need?

A: If your dog door just says "Made in USA," you will need the Ideal Deluxe flap with the rectangular logo if your dog door is aluminum, or the Ideal Original Flap with the rectangular logo if your dog door frame is made of plastic.

Q: What is the stock code for Ideal Original Replacement flaps?

A: The stock code for Ideal Original Replacement flaps is 10RIo.

Q: What is the stock code for Ideal Ruff Weather Replacement flaps?

A: The stock code for Ideal Ruff Weather Replacement flaps is 10RIr.

Q: Does the Endura flap replacement come with the rod?

A: The rod must be purchased separately, as 99.9% of the time the rod will be re-usable even if your pet tears up the flap. Endura Flap Replacement rods can be purchased on our website.


Q: I have a Hale Single Flap doggy door, which flap mount should I choose, inside or outside?

A:  For a single flap Hale pet door, you should select the outside flap.

Q: My Endura Flap wall mount is too heavy for my dog to push, could I replace it with a different flap that is easier to push?

A: Flaps are not interchangeable, but if your dog is having difficulty pushing the door open, you can adjust the magnet strength for training by actually moving the magnets. We have an instructional video demonstrating how to adjust the magnet strength.

Q: Are Ideal Ruff Weather flaps sold in pairs?

A:  The door itself comes with two flaps, but when purchasing replacements they are sold individually, so you would need to order a quantity of 2 to replace both Ideal Ruff Weather Flaps. This is done so you can replace flaps when they wear out (as one flap may wear down more quickly than the other).

Q: PetSafe gave me your number and said that you would have a replacement flap for my PetSafe door that was discontinued, do you have a replacement flap option that will work in my situation?            

A: Yes, we carry the Pride replacement flap that will fit the PetSafe Ultimate and Johnson doors.There are a few other replacement flap models that we previously carried, such as the Quick Fit flaps, but there is no interchangeable option for those.

Q: There is a part number of PAC11-11038 on my door, which flap replacement model do I need?

A: That would be for the PetSafe "Freedom,” “Plastic,” and “Extreme Weather” replacement flaps, as all those models start with a ""PAC..."".

Q: Which model is the appropriate replacement flap for my Pet-Eze door?         

A: The PetSafe "Classic" replacement flap is a suitable replacement for the Pet-Eze door. These flaps are being discontinued by PetSafe, so purchasing more than one might be a good choice while they are still available.  

Q: What is the difference between a single and double flap?

A: A single flap doggie door (in most cases) has one flap on the inside of the house while a double flap has two flaps, one on the inside and one of the outside of the house. Single flaps are less expensive, and depending on the climate, can be a better choice. Double flaps insulate better and are recommended for colder areas. Also, double flaps can be more difficult to train your pet to use compared to single flaps because for some timid pets, they may be reluctant to push harder to get through the door.  In cases like this, the Endura Flap and the Hale Pet Doors have adjustable magnets to help with training.

Q: Why is the double flap Endura door 1" shorter than the single flap version?

A: The single flap and double flap sizes are identical, although the space available for the pet to go through changes. The only reason we say the double flap is shorter is because you have 2 flaps that will hit each other as the pet is going in or out. Since the flap is about ⅞” thick when the first hits the second you lose that amount of space in the top. This image may give you a better understanding of the situation we are explaining.

Q: How do I determine what size flap is best for my size pet?             

A: The most efficient way that you should measure your pet is from the bottom of their feet to the tallest part of their back, to get an understanding of what height you would need. To measure for width of a flap, you can open a door in your home wide enough for your pet to walk through comfortably with a little room on either side and measure that opening. Another approach is to cut an opening in a piece of cardboard to the exact flap dimension we have listed on the size chart, and see if your pet can pass through easily. This method typically works the best for cats and small dogs. Remember, give a little extra height for a wall-through installation, or if both tall and short pets must share the same door.

Q: What is the warranty on my Endura flap?

A: Patio Pacific Endura Flap Pet Door Warranty:

To the original purchaser, Patio Pacific warranted this product, and all of its component parts to be free of defects in materials or workmanship for a period of 10 years from the date of delivery to the customer.

Endura Flap assemblies are warranted for a period of 15 years. Endura Flap assemblies employed in commercial kennels are warranted for a period of 3 years.

Damage caused by accident, improper installation, abuse or normal wear, including damage by pets or glass breakage, is specifically excluded from this warranty.

Defective materials returned to Patio Pacific, together with proof of purchase, will be repaired or replaced and returned to the customer free of charge.

Doggy doors of other manufacturers installed in Patio Pacific products are covered by the warranty of the other manufacturer and not by Patio Pacific.

Q: Do the Hale flaps come with all the weather stripping and magnets?               

A: Yes, the Hale flaps come with complete replacement nylon weather stripping, drill bit, replacement screws, and replacement magnets.

Q: I have a dog door that says PetSafe Training Systems and has a magnetic strip all the way across the bottom, which flap do I need?

A: You will need the PetSafe “Extreme Weather,” “Freedom” and “Plastic” model.

Q: The measurements of my dog door flap is 15” x 20”. Can I buy that from you?

A: We do have replacement flaps made by Ideal in the Super Large (or XXL) size.  These are specific to Ideal so you must have an Ideal pet door in order to use an Ideal flap.

Q: What flap doors do you have that are completely clear for my doggy door?   

A: We have the Ideal “Original” replacement flap, the Ideal “Ruff Weather” replacement flap and the “Protector” pet door replacement flaps, as well as clear flaps manufactured by Hale.  These are specific to the model and manufacturer and are not interchangeable between the brands.

Ideal “Original” Flap      Ideal “Ruff Weather” Flap & Protector Flap

Q: What are some dog doors that have rigid flaps?  

A: Plexidor, Mason Pet Doors, Gun Dog Doors, Carlson Pet Doors, Magnador, Cat-Mate, and all of the electronic or magnetic employ rigid flaps as well.

Q: Why would I not want a rigid flap?    

A: Rigid flaps can pinch your pet, causing injury.  This occurs when the pet goes through only a little, as in putting a paw out, then abruptly pulls back.  Since the rigid flap doesn't bend as the flexible types do, they can get caught between the flap and frame. Also, would you want to open a door with your face if the door was hard? Flexible flaps are safer are more “dog-face friendly”.   

Q: Why is the replacement for my Pet-Eze door not long enough, is it the correct flap?

A: It is the correct flap, however, there has been a change in the manufacturing process with the newer Pet Eze doors. Some adjusting will have to be done on the customers end in order to get the flap to close tightly to the bottom.

The old Pet Eze doors have a manually adjusted bar. The newer doors had a floating magnet bar. This magnet bar is directly underneath the flap, and attracts the magnets in the flap. The magnet bar is about ½" wide and usually sticks up about ⅛" higher than the rest of the frame. At first glance it may appear that the frame is all one piece, but the center part does move. Over time, that manually adjusted bar drops too low. To adjust the flap properly, grasp the bar on the ends with a pair of pliers and pull it upward, using a wiggling motion. It will adjust out to the top of the frame where you can make it fit your new flap tightly.

Q: My Ruff Weather has a label of 10-1/2" x 17" on it, which flap size should I order?

A: You should order the XL Ruff Weather Replacement Flap (which is marked as 9-3/4" now, although the actual dimension of the flap did not change).

Q: I am replacing the springs on my large Plexidor flaps that I purchased back in 2000, do I only need to purchase the springs?

A: With the Large Plexidor we recommend that if you bought the door before 2007 that you get new springs and new replacement panels so that they will function properly.  There were small changes that could affect how well the doors close.

Q: I have a door with 3 plastic sections and rubber in between where it bends, what is it?

A: If you have a door that has 3 plastic sections with rubber in between where it bends, you either have an Ideal Ultra Flex, or the Ideal Draft Stopper Pet Door. The replacement flap for both models will be the same.

Ideal Ultra Flex, or the Ideal Draft Stopper Pet Door

Q: The only thing my flap has on it is the word "Medium" on it, what flap do I need?

A: This depends on the make and dimensions of the flap. The Ideal Original and Ideal Deluxe doors with the rectangular logo have this embossed in the middle of the flap, as well as some of the older Johnson and PetSafe Models.  If the flap is clear go with one of the Ideal choices.  If the flap is tinted and consists of two pieces, an inner and outer vinyl piece, than you would have to go with the Pride as the Johnson flaps have been discontinued.

Q: My flap slides in, what is at the top of the Large PetSafe Classic replacement?

A: There are no screws at the top of the flap for the PetSafe Classic. Instead, you slide the flap into a channel and the top.  If you look at a side view of the flap it has the shape of a "T".

Q: Do flap warranties cover chewing generally?

A: No, generally flap warranties do not cover chewing by pets. Some kennel doors, like the Gun Dog pet doors, do cover chewing. You can view warranty information by clicking the “View Warranty” link under the review stars on each product page.

Q: Which manufacturer's warranty does cover chewing?

A: Gun Dog House Doors' warranty currently covers chewing damage in their products. Check them out here:Gun Dog House Doors'

Q: Where do the Pet Safe and Ideal replacement flaps ship from?          

A: PetSafe and Ideal Replacement flaps ship from our location in San Luis Obispo, CA and normally can ship in 1 business day.  Patio panels, door mounts, wall mounts, and flap and frame assemblies made by Ideal are shipped from Valencia, CA and take 2-3 business days before shipping.

Q: Can a Pride locking cover be used with the Pride replacement flap on a Johnson or PetSafe Ultimate door?

A: No, they are not interchangeable. The widths and shapes vary in terms of the closing covers and are not the same, so even though the flaps fit, the covers do not.  You can fabricate the closing cover using a Lexan or Plexiglas material, just make sure that it is the right thickness so it slides into the channels.


Do you have a question that wasn't answered? If you do, please email it to us at sales@petdoors.com