Hale Cat Door for Doors


  • Perfect blend of style and functionality to suit you and your pet
  • Durable aluminum framing comes in four color options to match your home
  • Accommodates cats of all sizes
  • Maintain or increase insulation with the choice of 1 or 2 flap models
  • Security features include a matching locking cover with pin lock

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Price From: $180
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Price From: $180
Hale Cat Door for Doors
Hale cat doors

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  • Perfect blend of style and functionality to suit you and your pet
  • Durable aluminum framing comes in four color options to match your home
  • Accommodates cats of all sizes
  • Maintain or increase insulation with the choice of 1 or 2 flap models
  • Security features include a matching locking cover with pin lock
Flap Size  &
Stock No
Flap DimensionRough Cut OutOutside Frame DimensionFlap Type
5 1/2" w x 7 1/2" h7 3/8" w x 9 3/8" h8 3/8" w x 10 3/8" hSingle
Small Medium
6 1/2" w x 9 1/2" h8 1/2" w x 11 1/2" h9 9/16" w x 12 9/16" hSingle

After you make the basic pet door choices--flap size, single vs double flap and frame color--you will have 
an opportunity to make other product selections. These include:

  • Locking Cover Load Direction (to accommodate obstructions)
  • Separate Inside Frame Color Choice (to match the inside of your home)

 Also, these same pet doors are available in custom dimensions at Hale Custom Dimension for Doors.

Single or Double Flap Cat Doors


Available in a single flap version and a  two flap version--one flap on the inside of the frame and one to the outside--with an approximate 1" dead air space between them (see "Number Flaps"column). Both flaps have magnets to stand up to wind and a brush-type weather stripping between the magnets. As a result, the Hale cat door stands up to wind much better than other single flap pet doors will and the dead air space provides better insulation than a single flap pet door.



Flaps Double flaps (one flap on each door surface) made of flexible 3/16” clear PVC vinyl. 

Inner Frame  Inner frame made of two separate metal extrusions.  Three sides entrap the security cover.  Both metals are .063” wall thickness.

Outer Frame  Extruded 6063-T5 aluminum with .063” wall thickness.  Designed to sleeve into the inside frame.

Flange  The outer frame flange is .070” smaller than the inner frame flange to allow the frame to sleeve together.

Alnico5 Magnets  A ¼” rod magnet 1 ½” long made from an aluminum, nickel and cobalt alloy known for its strength and durability.  Door size determines number of magnets.

Strikes  Made of ferrous stainless steel.  1 ½” long, ¾” tall and 1/32” thick.  U shaped with interior prongs, when squeezed onto the vinyl flap, the barbed prongs hold firmly.

Weather stripping  Flap is surrounded by ½” nylon pile for maximum insulation. Nylon is woven into a backing 9/32” wide and 1/32” thick.

Security Cover  1/4” thick King Starboard® polymer sheet.  Extremely shock and impact resistant.  Has a 3/8” diameter locking hole.

Cover Handle  A lightweight zinc alloy cabinet knob pull type handle in a satin nickel finish that is 25/32” wide, 19/32” tall and 53/64” deep with a 1/2” deep and 21/32” wide finger hole. It is attached to the cover with a 12 mm long zinc coated steel flat head Philips screw with a .70 thread size that is countersunk to prevent scratching the frame.

Pin Lock  A ¼” diameter positive action steel pin encased with 5/32” thick fabricated plated steel. 

Gap  Standard range between door frames is from 1 9/32” to 2”.  A dimension larger than 2” would normally be considered a wall unit.  Can be factory modified to collapse to as small as ¾” gap. Call our customer service if you need this change 800-826-2871.

Raincap An optional awning like attachment that hooks to the outside frame for use in diverting water and preventing it from entering the pet door from above.

Allow 3-5 days for shipping direct from the factory

Customer Reviews

Set Direction
  • Well worth the cost review by Jarred
    5 5 Well worth the cost

    This door is very well built. It insulates well with the weatherstripping around the frame and the magnets on the flap. It doesn't stick out too far from the door, so it doesn't have a huge presence like some other models do. It has a lot of options, such as locking cover direction and frame color and comes with a great warranty.

    (Posted on 7/25/2018)

  • Excellent door for cats! review by Esperanza
    5 5 Excellent door for cats!

    This is a high quality door. The flaps are soft and crystal clear. I like the weather stripping along the edges of the flap to make it more insulating. For the interior designer in me, I was able to get a different frame on the outside and inside to more closely match my design aesthetic.

    (Posted on 12/27/2017)

  • Looks so nice! review by Richard
    5 5 Looks so nice!

    This looks way better than the ones in stores! I was able to get the framing on the inside and outside different to match everything and it looks like a super quality product. I was a little put off by the cost, but totally seems worth it.

    (Posted on 12/22/2017)

  • Love it! review by Cecilia
    5 5 Love it!

    I have had other cat doors in the past but this is by far the best one. I like that the flap is soft and clear, it makes it so much more comfortable for my cats to use. The quality of the construction is just so well made!

    (Posted on 12/7/2017)

  • Perfect for my cat! review by Meredith
    5 5 Perfect for my cat!

    We get lots of wind and rain and this door is the perfect combination of a weather resistant door that isn't too hard for our cat to push through. Cat also likes the clear flap because she can sit there and watch everything from inside the house.

    (Posted on 12/5/2017)

  • Great! review by Willy
    5 5 Great!

    The Pet Door has been in for maybe 10 years. It is the best
    thing we ever did for our pets. When we are gone, no worries....they can go outside into our fenced yard whenever. Sometimes, when I get home from work, they are out on the deck getting a suntan!
    It's thick and heavy duty. Our dog and our cat both use it.

    (Posted on 10/14/2016)

  • As good as expected review by Lynne
    5 5 As good as expected

    Pet door has performed as expected. This is not our first Hale indoor-outdoor door. Keep up the good quality. Our glazier installed it in the panel of glass that replaced the original panel between our sunroom and screened porch. Since we used one of your certified installers, Glass Guru in Indianapolis, I assume they had not trouble. The whole project was friggin' expensive, but we love our cats...

    (Posted on 10/10/2016)

  • Very impressed review by Bianca
    5 5 Very impressed

    The dogs and cat learned to use the doors without difficulty. I'm very happy with the quality and like that the covers to secure them at night are very sturdy. My handyman was very impressed with their quality and said they are the best he has ever seen.

    (Posted on 10/9/2016)

  • Great dog door review by Bianca
    5 5 Great dog door

    Bought two. My handyman who installed them said they were the best doors he has seen. The double flap with magnets work great to keep the drafts out. Love the sliding inset door to lock it at night.

    (Posted on 8/30/2016)

  • Excellent product review by loveourhalepetdoor
    5 5 Excellent product

    I bought this door to replace a one-flap dog door in our walkout basement. This new door with the double flaps seals beautifully and keeps out both rain and wind, even when the wind blows hard. The frame is a very sturdy aluminum construction and will last for many years. This door was double the price of many others we considered, but its solid construction and good seal are worth every penny.

    (Posted on 4/10/2014)

  • hale pet door review by lacoast
    5 4 hale pet door

    Good quality door. It needs pre drilled holes as I broke the bit sent with the door trying to drill thru the metal. I had to get a man to drill it for me with a new bit. Door is solid and good construction. the clear plastic panels are stiff and heavy which took my yorkie over a month of encouragement and training to get her use to a heavier flaps with tighter securing magnets. I told her "push " so much she thinks it is a command to go outside. Now she uses it regularly. it was work but worth it in the end.

    (Posted on 3/24/2014)

  • cost too high review by Cat lover
    5 3 cost too high

    It cost too much! There is nothing special for that kind of money.

    (Posted on 8/3/2013)

Weight 1.0000
Your Maximum Pet Size Cats
Climate Suitability Severe-4 Season, Temperate-3 Season
Wind Resistance High, Average
Sealing Value High, Average
Manufacturer's Restocking Fee 0

Before beginning, make sure you have all the parts needed. The complete kit should include:

- Instructions
- Warranty
- Hale Pet Door™ Door Model
- Security Cover
- 5/8” #6 Phillips Head Screws
- 7/64” drill bit
- Raincap (optional)

1. Make sure that there are no obstructions above the pet door that will interfere with the operation of the security cover (or to the side of the door if you ordered a side loading model).

2. Make sure that the rough opening will be no less than four inches from both the bottom and the side of the door. This is to maintain the integrity of the door construction.

3. Mark off the area where you want to install your Hale Pet Door™ using a level and a pencil. Make sure the opening is both square and level.

4. You will handle this step differently for wood vs metal doors:


- Drill out two corners diagonal from each other. Depending on the construction of the door you may want to use a 7/8” paddle bit or a 5/16” regular bit. If you use a 5/16” bit, drill three holes close together, then wiggle the bit until you have connected the three holes. This will allow you enough room to get a reciprocating saw blade into the holes.

- After the holes are connected, use a reciprocating saw to cut out the rough opening along the marked lines. If you do not have a reciprocating saw or drill, you can use a key saw or circular saw to start the hole and a hand saw to cut out the entire rough opening.


- For metal doors, if you have a drill and reciprocating saw, follow the directions for wood doors, making sure to use a 14-tooth per inch blade. Otherwise, drill the four corners and use a chisel at the corners to start the hole. Finish the rough opening cut with a power saber saw. The blade can dent the opposite side of the door so make sure that you are careful.

5. Separate the pet door frame into two halves and remove the security cover from the inside frame.

6. Before installing the pet door into the opening back the screws for the pin lock out just a couple turns. If you don’t they will stick out and hold the corner of the pet door off the people door leaving a gap.

7. For doors 1-⅜” -2”: Put the inside frame of the pet door (the one with the tracks) into the rough opening. Now if you have a rain cap you will need to attach that to the outside frame. Then put the outside frame into the other side of the opening, the doors should sleave together freely, and squeeze them together tightly.

For doors 1/2” -1-⅜””: Your door should have come with a build out (unless you had the frame specially modified at the factory). The build out fits behind either of the frames, so you can choose which side is better based on your door and any obstructions on it. Then follow the steps for doors 1-⅜” -2”.

8. Using the pre-drilled holes in the pet door frame and the drill bit, drill a hole through the inner edge of the exterior frame at the bottom. Put in a screw and loosely tighten it. Double check that the pet door is level.

9. Next tighten the first screw and drill and insert the rest of the screws. Then you will want to tighten the screws on the pin lock.

10. Line the top and both edges of the pet door using blue painter’s tape. Caulk the edges and any gaps you may have (especially for doors with raised and lowered panels). Do not caulk the bottom of the inside or outside frame.

11. After you apply the caulking and smooth it, you can remove the tape for a clean edge and no mess on your people door. 

12. The Starboard® cover will slide easily into place in the built in frame and can be easily locked and unlocked with the positive action pin bolt lock.

13. You may also adjust the magnets in the frame if necessary. They can either be raised or lowered so the flaps seal but swing freely. Adjust the magnets upward by twisting a flat headed screwdriver below the magnet between the magnet and the frame. Adjust the magnets downward by tapping lightly with the handle of your screwdriver. NEVER hit a magnet hard with a hammer as this may bend the legs of the magnet and cause it to eventually fall out of the door track.


Q: Does this door come in other colors?

A: Yes; it comes in Satin, Arizona Beige (Tan), White, and Bronze.

Q: Can I get replacement flaps for the Hale?

A: Yes, here is the replacement flap kit.

Q: What is the Locking Cover Load Direction?

A: This is where you would slide in the cover. It comes standard as sliding in from the Top, however if you have something above where you are installing the pet door then you can choose for it to slide in from the Right or Left.

Q: What is meant by Different Interior Frame Color?

A: Hale can make a pet door with two different color frames. So you can get the door to match your interior and exterior decor.

Q: Is this door weather proof?

A: No flexible flap door is absolutely weather proof. Although this door does a very good job, as it has a fuzzy black weather strip around the flap and magnets and to hold it shut. The flap is also quite a bit thicker than you “off the shelf” more economy style doors.

Q: Is the single or double flap better?

A: The single flap would be suitable for more mild climates (Southern CA). The double would be recommend for more extreme areas with larger temperature variations (Las Vegas, New York).

Q: If I get a single flap can I add another one later?

A:  Yes! All you would have to do is purchase a  replacement flap kit which comes with everything you need.

Q: Can you get the Hale Pet Door for Doors in a wall?

A:  Yes, they make the  Hale Pet Door In a Wall version that can also be purchased on our site by clicking on the link.

Q: How do I know what size to choose?

A:  We suggest that you  measure your pet in order to find out the correct size.

Q: Is this door durable?

A: It is one of the more durable flexible models and the 5 year warranty even covers flaps.

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