Hale "Omni" Cat Door for Sash Windows


  • Cat door for windows
  • Double flaps for weather resistance
  • Dual-pane glass provides supreme insulation
  • Available in 4 colors to better match your home
  • Clear, flexible flaps are easy for cats to use

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Price From: $790
Hale "Omni" Cat Door for Sash Windows
The "Omni" provides a stylsish entry for your kitty that is dependable, versatile and functional.

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  • Cat door for windows
  • Double flaps for weather resistance
  • Dual-pane glass provides supreme insulation
  • Available in 4 colors to better match your home
  • Clear, flexible flaps are easy for cats to use
Flap SizeFlap DimensionStock No.
Small5 1/2" w x 7 1/2" hC07HS01
Small Medium6 1/2" w x 9 1/2" hC07HS02

The Bronze is on back order and they expect that color to be back in stock and ready for production around the middle of July.  



The Hale Omni Sash Window Cat Door is made for windows that open vertically. They feature dual-pane glass and vinyl double flaps for high insulation value and weather resistance, which is ideal for rough weather conditions. Designed specifically for cats, the flaps are clear and flexible to provide the utmost comfort and feeling of safety for your cats. This sash window cat flap is available in small or small-medium to fit cats of all shapes and sizes.



  • Durable, extruded aluminum frame fits into window tracks ⅞” or wider. Can be custom-made to fit tracks as small as ½.”
  • Frame available in three colors: White, Arizona Beige, or Brushed Aluminum.
  • Clear & flexible vinyl flaps lined with nylon pile weather stripping and magnets to keep the flap sealed when not in use, combat drafts, and prevent bugs from entering.
  • Includes extra black vinyl weather stripping to attach to the back edge of your window in order to prevent air leakage.
  • Sizes available in small and small-medium.
  • Polyethylene security cover included. Choose from which side you want the cover to load (left side, right side, top) to avoid any potential obstructions.



  • Weather resistant flaps keep out the cold and maintain a secure seal.
  • Variety of frame colors are designed to match your home’s aesthetics.
  • Clear, flexible flaps are easy for cats to use and see through.
  • Sizing range accommodates cats of all sizes.



  • Select the side of the panel in which you want the flap to be located. The position is determined from the inside looking out.
  • Provide the full width of your window. Measure under the window as far as you can go for both dimensions. The unit provided will have 3” of width adjustment.
  • Provide the height above the window when it is closed.
  • Provide the overall thickness of the window track (½” minimum).

Customer Reviews

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  • It is pretty awesome review by Jackson
    5 4 It is pretty awesome

    This door and quality are amazing. The only thing I would change is maybe add more magnets. I had a pretty good storm come through and the flap was flapping in the wind. Overall though this door is very well insulating and energy efficient. I am definitely impressed with the door.

    (Posted on 9/26/2018)

  • Expensive but works great review by Nicole
    5 5 Expensive but works great

    We got this door because apparently our track is too skinny to accommodate other inserts. They custom made this and it fit like a glove. The flap keep the cold out and my cats are all very comfortable using it

    (Posted on 9/25/2018)

  • great product review by Taylor M
    5 5 great product

    I had a thinner window track and none of the other doors were going to work for me, so the customer service person recommended this option. They custom made it to my exact dimensions, and it works great. The flap doesn't seem to bother my cats, either

    (Posted on 9/20/2018)

  • You get what you pay for review by Jancie
    5 5 You get what you pay for

    This is a really high-quality cat door. I finally decided to invest in this one since my other flap kept blowing open with the slightest gust of wind. This one will stay closed unless there is a stronger gust of wind. The flaps are also light and clear so my cats took to it quickly!

    (Posted on 1/11/2018)

  • Very top notch review by Kimmie
    5 5 Very top notch

    The doors close up really well and it makes such a difference not having to leave the window open especially in the winter! Looks good too.

    (Posted on 12/21/2017)

  • great quality, cat loves it review by vivian t
    5 4 great quality, cat loves it

    This was a really pricey purchase...but it's quite durable, aesthetically pleasing, and easy for my cat to use. Took a little bit for my cat to get used to soft flaps because she's used to the acrylic ones. We have a 3/4" track, which is thinner than some of the other panels out there, but they were able to custom make this model to fit our window.

    (Posted on 12/14/2017)

Weight 1.0000
Your Maximum Pet Size Cats
Manufacturer's Restocking Fee 0

Installation Instructions

Step 1: Before you install your sash insert, ensure that it is the correct size for your cat. If you’re not sure then going a little larger is better. While cats can force their way through smaller openings, it can be damaging over time and lead to back problems.  However, with a window installation, the size of the cat door will be limited by the size of the window opening. You will want to make sure that the sliding window can open enough to accommodate the sash insert as shown in Figure 1.

 hale omni sash in window

Step 2: Clean both sides of the glass window panes.  There will be some overlap of the window panes (Figure 1) when you are finished installing the window insert. It is very hard to clean between these panes of glass with the insert installed so cleaning well beforehand is recommended.

Step 3: Unroll the strips of fuzzy gray pile weather-stripping and feed them into the channels running along the window panel.  These channels will be on the side of the sash that your window closes against.

Step 4: Slide open the window and place the cat door into the window track.  

Step 5: Angle the stationary side of the sash into the window track.

Step 6: Insert the rest of the sash into the window track and slide the U channel into the window frame. Move the sliding plate to the side to expose the adjusting nuts.

Step 7: Tighten the adjusting nuts with your fingers. Slide the window closed to see if there are any gaps or spaces between the sash and the window. If there are any spaces, tighten one of the nuts to make the sash lean one way or the other. Once you are satisfied with the placement, use a wrench to tighten the nuts and secure the sash firmly in place.

Step 8: Slide the piece of weatherstripping at the top edge of the sash to expose the slider adjusting screws for the slider plate.  Loosen both preset screws one or two full turns.  If you loosen them too much, it might cause the slider plates to fall out.  Push the slide plates up until they stop. Tighten the screws to secure it into place and replace the fuzzy weatherstripping over it. There will be a gap above the fuzzy weather-stripping between the edge of the panel and the edge of the adjustment unit. Cover it with a piece of foam.

Step 9: Close the window and inspect for any gaps. If there are any, fill it in with the foam weatherstripping.

Step 10: Place vinyl weather-stripping on the top edge of the opening window or the bottom edge of the stationary window to seal the gap created by overlapping glass. Clean the edge of the spot that you chose with rubbing alcohol to ensure a good seal.  Cut vinyl weather-stripping to the proper length with scissors or a knife.  Remove the protective paper from the adhesive area and press firmly into position.

Step 11: If you so desire, you can put a screw or two (not included) through the window frame to prevent the window from being opened.  Note: Be very careful not to drill into the glass.  If you hit the window pane with either the tip of the drill bit or a screw, it will shatter.  The glass in the cat door comes all the way to the edge of the frame, so don’t try to drill into the cat door frame at all.


Q: What 3 things do I have to know/measure when choosing a pet door for sash window?

A: Track width, Height you can raise the window, How wide the window is from left to right.

Q: I am not sure how to measure window width and height?

A: For the Omni you need to open up your sliding window to the highest it will go, and measure from the track in the bottom to the bottom of the window. For the width you need to measure inside the track on the left and all the way over to the edge of the second track, do not go inside the track on the right. You want to stop short before going into the recessed portion.

Q: What is the difference between vertical and horizontal window models?

A: The omni is a cat sash for vertical window (sash window) installation. If you need a horizontal window cat door then you would need to take a look at the custom Thermo Panel 3e.

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