Hale Standard Patio Pet Door for Sliding Glass Doors


  • Dual pane slider panel with vinyl double flaps for supreme energy efficiency
  • Custom made to fit sliders up to 96” in height
  • Available in White, Bronze, Arizona Beige, and Brushed Aluminum
  • Locks to your sliding door for security
  • Lightweight flaps are easy for pets of all sizes to use

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Price From: $840
Hale Standard Patio Pet Door for Sliding Glass Doors
Hale Standard Patio Pet Door for Sliding Glass Doors Front View

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  • Dual pane slider panel with vinyl double flaps for supreme energy efficiency
  • Custom made to fit sliders up to 96” in height
  • Available in White, Bronze, Arizona Beige, and Brushed Aluminum
  • Locks to your sliding door for security
  • Lightweight flaps are easy for pets of all sizes to use
Flap SizeFlap Dimension2Step
Pet Height*
Stock No
Small5 1/2" w x 7 1/2" h1"3"-7 1/2"01HS01
Small Medium6 1/2" w x 9 1/2" h1"3"-9 1/2"01HS02
Medium8 1/2" w x 12 1/2" h1"3"-12 1/2"01HS03
Tall Medium8 1/2" w x 16" h1" or 5"3"-16" (1") or 15"-20" (5")01HS04
Large11" w x 16" h1" or 5"3"-16" (1") or 15"-20" (5")01HS05
Tall Large11" w x 19 1/2" h1" or 5"3"-19 1/2" (1") or 15"-23 1/2" (5")01HS06
Tall Large Plus11" w x 23 1/2"1" or 5"3"-23 1/2" (1") or 15"-27 1/2" (5")01HS07
Extra Tall Large11" w x 27 1/2" h1" or 5"3"-27 1/2" (1") or 15"-31 1/2" (5")01HS08
Extra Large14" w x 19 1/2" h1" or 5"3"-27 1/2" (1") or 15"-31 1/2" (5")01HS09
Extra Large Plus14" w x 23 1/2" h1" or 5"3"-23 1/2" (1") or 15"-27 1/2" (5")01HS10
Giant15 1/2" w x 27 1/2" h1" or 5"3"-23 1/2" (1") or 15"-27 1/2" (5")01HS11

*measured from the ground to the tallest point of their back
The recommended pet width is generally 1-2" added to the width of the flap.

Still don't know which flap size to get? Here is a measurement guide to help you out

Adjustment Ranges:  

Up to 82"
Over 82" to 96" (Additional Cost)

You can estimate the panel width by adding 4" to your desired flap width.

1 Step Over is the height of the flap above the base of the pet door. We suggest that flap height + 'step over'
should about equal pet shoulder height. 
These dimensions are approximate within 1/2".
2 The overall width is equal to flap width plus 4".

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Great idea if you want ventilation through your slider on warm days.  The discount shows up in your cart.

The Hale Standard Sliding Glass Door Panel for Pets is engineered with dual-pane glass and double vinyl flaps for an extremely weather resistant and insulating fit. Unlike many other sliding glass door panels, you can secure the slider using an adapter channel, which means you will not have to separately purchase any other locking device. This panel is designed to fit into sliding glass door tracks at least 1” thick and can fit any slider height up to 96”. With eleven different flap sizes, the Hale Pet Doors for Sliding Glass Doors cater to the biggest of dogs and the smallest of cats.



  • Heavy extruded aluminum framing for the utmost durability.
  • Available in White, Bronze, Arizona Beige or Brushed Aluminum frame colors.
  • Comes in 11 different sizes to accommodate pets of all sizes.
  • Fits into tracks at least 1” thick and sliders up to 96”.
  • Clear and vinyl flaps are lightweight and easy to use.
  • Flaps are lined with magnets and weather stripping to combat rough weather and remain sealed.
  • Vinyl weather stripping included to prevent air leakage.
  • Locking cover made of King Starboard to resist sun damage, rotting, swelling, splintering, or delamination when exposed to humidity or water.



  • Dual-pane glass and double flaps improve insulation and energy efficiency.
  • Combats rough wind and weather.
  • Color options allow you to match the panel with your existing slider.
  • Lightweight flaps are easy to use and share for both cats and dogs.
  • ‘Giant’ size available, which is not commonly offered by other manufacturers.


Ordering Instructions

  • Measure and provide your track height.
  • Indicate which direction your sliding glass door closes when looking outside from the inside of your house. The sliding door front view is essential, as Hale will mount the panel lock, which is not reversible.


Please Note: Because these pet doors are custom-made, returns are allowed a 50% credit toward the purchase of a different Hale pet door. Please double check that you’ve provided the correct measurements prior to confirming your purchase.

Customer Reviews

Set Direction
  • 10/10 review by Harmony
    5 5 10/10

    This door works great for my purposes. I have a mastiff and he wouldn't fit in anything other than the giant size. It was a pretty serious install so I was glad that we had somebody to do the install, but I love that it matches up with the locks in the house. Couldn't be happier.

    (Posted on 9/25/2018)

  • Quality of manufacture is good but engineering and installations instructions are poor review by George
    5 2 Quality of manufacture is good but engineering and installations instructions are poor

    We received the door in a reasonable time and i hired a handyman to help me install it. The first problem arose when we cut the door based on the instructions. The door did not have sufficient bend to be able to pop it in to the rails as instructed. We finally cut the door down some more to fit the rails but it ended up needing shims on the bottom to have it fit sufficiently well to be able to drill it in to place. The next challenge was that the door/latch on insert did not fit the sliding glass door to make a close fit. We called the phone number for help from the company and were finally told that it was poorly manufatured and we should send the door back. Instead, we removed the handled, re-drilled the fittings and finally to the door to work. The dog loves it but the security provided is not what i expected, especially at these prices.

    (Posted on 1/27/2018)

  • Awesome door review by Jeremy L
    5 4 Awesome door

    Product works great just as I was hoping the steep price tag would correlate to. Looks/feels high quality and sturdy. Dogs had no problem going through the door at all. Wasn't really pertinent to my situation, but Customer Service did tell me that this product is NOT compatible with Anderson or Pella products. So just an FYI if you have one of those models, go for the Hale OMNI Panel instead is what they said.

    (Posted on 1/12/2018)

  • Good Solution for Large Dogs review by Nial
    5 4 Good Solution for Large Dogs

    High quality panel and flap. It had the "Giant" size I needed for my large dogs which other manufacturers don't offer. It does take a person with some skills or a handyman to install because there is some metal cutting and screwing involved.

    (Posted on 12/28/2017)

  • Would buy again review by dogmom
    5 5 Would buy again

    Allows me the freedom of leaving home for hours knowing that Indie will be comfortable...and most people don't even notice the flap in our sliding patio doors.

    (Posted on 9/3/2016)

  • Ok... But needed major retrofitting review by Babs
    5 3 Ok... But needed major retrofitting

    I was excited to purchase this door because I have two giant Great Danes who need a good door... Have had the bifold doors in solid wood doors for years and hoped this would be as good... But what happened was we needed a door company to come out and fit it properly in the opening and put proper wether strip in place. After Two months I think we got it! Wish it was available in two sided different colors... Ie. bronze one one side and white on the other...

    (Posted on 11/23/2013)

Weight 49.0000
Manufacturer Hale Pet Door
Your Maximum Pet Size Cats, Large Cats, Small Dogs, Medium Dogs, Large Dogs, X-Large Dogs
Climate Suitability Severe-4 Season
Sealing Value High
Wind Resistance High
House Locking Method Adds Lock Between Slider and Pet Door
Frame Material Heavy Extruded Aluminum
Custom Heights Available Yes
Can Fit Sideways Sliding Windows Yes
Track Width Minimum 1"
Tools Required For Installation Yes.
Insulation Value High
Possible to Add Additional Magnets for Greater Wind Resistance Yes
Flap Material Vinyl
Flap Design Double, One Part , Flexible, Thin Flap
Flap Colors Clear
High Aspect Ratio Yes
Flap Thickness 1/8"
Locking Cover Material Polycarbonate
Can Be Installed In Dual Pane Glass Sliding Glass Door, Sideways Sliding Windows, Single Pane Glass Sliding Glass Door
Dual or Single Pane Dual Pane
“Draft Stopper” Included to Seal Stationary & Sliding Panel Overlap Yes
Warranty Period 5 years limited
Return Period 30 days
Manufacturer's Restocking Fee 50% toward cost of other Hale product


  • Tape measure
  • Hacksaw
  • Electric drill
  • 1⁄64” drill bit (included)
  • #2 Phillips head screwdriver
  • #6 metal screws (included)


Step 1: Clean the glass on the patio door and panel.

Step 2: Measure the door frame height inside the track from the very bottom to the very top.

Step 3: Mark the side rails of your panel insert and cut them to length with the hacksaw. Make sure to leave clearance so that the panel can clear the rail wall and fit into the track.

Step 4: Place the panel into the track and make sure it fits.

If you’re installing on the stationary side, close the stationary panel up against the pet door and check for air gaps. If installing on the sliding glass door side, close the slider up against the pet door panel and check for air gaps. Any air gaps between the edge of the sliding glass door and the pet panel will be covered when the lock strip is installed.

If necessary, apply foam weather stripping (available at hardware store) to the side rail of your pet door panel.

Step 5: The panel insert should be held tightly against the door jamb lip to allow you to drill holes and screw the pet panel in place. If there is not enough of a lip to drill through, the pet panel can be fastened in place with silicone caulk.

The side rails of your pet panel are notched at the bottom so that it can straddle the wheel track in the door jamb, but it does not have to do so. You may need to set the panel on top of the wheel track in order to pull it tight enough to fasten it to the jamb lip.

Step 6: Once you are satisfied with the placement of the panel, it is time to screw it in place. Use the provided #6 sheet metal screws. Do not place the screws close to the glass. If a screw hits the pet door glass or the sliding door glass, it will break.

Step 7 (omit if you are installing on the stationary side): The lock strip will be screwed to the leading edge of your slider. Be very careful installing the screws. The latch bar which mates with the lock on the panel must face the inside of the house.

Step 8: Apply the provided vinyl weather stripping to the back edge of the slider or the front edge of the stationary panel. This will eliminate any gaps created by overlapping glass.


Click below to expand:

You would measure from the deepest part in the bottom track to the top track. Do not measure up inside the top track or the door will not fit correctly, even though this is the full sliding pet door they account for the wiggle room in the top track.

Yes, the panel comes with a locking mechanism that can be attached to your slider. The mechanism provided to lock your sliding glass door to the panel can be installed on the left or right depending on how your slider is configured. It consists of a lock mounted on the doggy door and a bracket mounted on the sliding glass door with sheet metal screws. With this the dog door would have to be semi-permanently installed. Alternatively, you can purchase a Charley Bar for added security.

There is a closing cover that is included with the pet door.

Yes, it is actually the door that we recommend for that particular situation.

This door has dual pane glass and double flaps so it does insulate very well and it good for more extreme climates.

Yes, they are a clear flexible material with magnets and weather stripping round them

This has to be semi-permanently installed, so it is harder than most other doors. I would suggest taking a look at the installation instructions on the page and see it that is something that you are handy enough to do.

They are custom, so three weeks to ship and then 1-5 business days shipping time depending on where you are located.

No, you can get the Endura Flap Thermo Panel or the Custom Ideal Fast Fit for a sliding glass door taller than 96"

This needs to be done while you are on the inside of the house looking out. You do need to specify whether your slider closes to the left or to the right so that they can mount the lock correctly.

Yes, you can take off a flap for training if you find that your pet is having a hard time going through both.

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Hale Pet Door 5 Year Limited No Fault Warranty

(All parts-including flaps-and labor)

Thank you for doing business with Hale Pet Door™.  We are sure you will receive years of excellent service with your purchase.  If the product does not meet your expectations, please contact our office for return authorization and return it within 30 days of purchase for a full refund of the purchase price.  Be sure to pack the product well as we can only give 50% credit for a damaged pet door.

HSPD Manufacturing, Inc. guarantees and warrants, subject to the conditions and restrictions stated below, that the Hale Pet Door™ products and component parts thereof, purchased from HSPD Manufacturing, Inc. shall be free from any defects in materials and workmanship.  The warranty period for all Hale Pet Door™ model pet doors is effective from the date of purchase and extends to the anniversary date marking the end of the fifth year.  We agree to exchange or repair at our expense, F.O.B. our plant or warehouse any unit found to be defective in workmanship and/or material, subject to plant inspection. (See notes A and B below)

1st year – 100% of all parts and labor
2nd year – 50% of all parts and labor
3rd year – 40% of all parts and labor
4th year – 30% of all parts and labor
5th year – 20% of all parts and labor

This warranty does not include shipping to HSPD Manufacturing, Inc. or any field service labor unless the product was installed by Hale Pet Door™.

A-Glass Breakage:  We use fully tempered glass of the greatest quality and strength available for each application.  It also meets or exceeds all safety glazing laws and codes in the United States.  Even tempered glass will break on occasion, but it is very rare.  When there is a breakage of glass for whatever reason, within the FIRST YEAR, we will replace the unit for 50% of the current total price. There is no warranty on glass after the first year.

B-Parts Damaged by Misuse or Neglect:  HSPD Manufacturing, Inc. will pay 20% of the cost of the current list price of parts and labor.  No reimbursement shall be greater than the price of the replacement part. 

C-Omni Oversize Panels: This application is not recommended.  Therefore, we will only warranty 50% of the cost of the panel for the first year.  However, the pet door itself is covered per our standard warranty.

HSPD Manufacturing, Inc. will credit 50% towards the cost of a replacement Hale Pet Door that was damaged due to mis-cutting, mis-measuring or any other damage due to no fault of HSPD Manufacturing, Inc.  HSPD Manufacturing, Inc. will not accept any responsibility beyond 50% if damage is due to no fault of HSPD Manufacturing, Inc.