High Tech Power Pet Automatic Wall Mount Dog Door

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  • Most dependable motorized pet door eliminates the need for your pet to push through a flap
  • Keeps out all other unwanted animals from entering your home
  • Ready to use and program, includes one MS-5 Waterproof collar key
  • Carries a full 1 year warranty

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Price From: $440
High Tech Power Pet Automatic Wall Mount Dog Door
Automatic flap opens so your pet does not need to push while giving you excellent insulation

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  • Most dependable motorized pet door eliminates the need for your pet to push through a flap
  • Keeps out all other unwanted animals from entering your home
  • Ready to use and program, includes one MS-5 Waterproof collar key
  • Carries a full 1 year warranty
Flap SizeMfr ModelFlap DimensionRough Cut Out DimensionOutside Frame DimensionStock No
MediumPX-1 w/ MS-5 Collar Key8 1/4" w x 10" h8.88" w x 11.25" h12" w x 28 5/8" h08HTPP SMMS-5
LargePX-2 w/ MS-5 Collar Key12 1/4" w x 16" h12.88" w x 17.25" h16" w x 40 5/8" h08HTPP LGMS-5

MS-5 Collar key is waterproof and recommended for dogs that swim or are more active.

High Tech Power Pet Automatic Pet Doors

These doors are fully automatic, motor driven and open completely under their own power. Activated by an ultrasonic (high frequency sound that your pet cannot hear) pet collar, this dog door with sensor does not require your pet to push it open! The motorized flap opens automatically for them. .

Features of the High Tech Power Pet Automatic Pet Door

  • Self-framing for doors between 1 1/2" and 2" thick. Wall kit is available as well!
  • Motorized flap lifts for your pet quietly and safely when they are wearing a collar key.
  • Directional sensor system reduces false signals and prevents door opening when pet isn't actually trying to use their pet door.
  • MS-5 Digital Ultra-Sonic Collar Key is waterproof; one collar key is included and more collar keys can be purchased separately.
  • Dual Sensors can be separately programmed for distance and also allow for "4-way" locking operation.
  • Flap descends by gravity only and includes a safety retract system in case of an obstacle, so your pet won’t get stuck or hurt.
  • Automatic dead-bolt locking system positively keeps out strays and other critters, including raccoons.
  • Panel includes weather stripping, draft stopper, and dead bolt lock (will not mate with existing sliding lock).
  • 1 year warranty.

Power Choices

  • Plugged in: The pet door comes with a UL approved AC adapter. Plug the adapter into a nearby wall outlet for continuous operation; the pet door will accept the plug in on either side.
  • Plugged in with Battery Backup: You may purchase an optional rechargeable battery for use along with your AC adaptor. If your household electricity should fail, the Power Pet Door will automatically switch over to battery operation. When power is restored, the AC adapter will automatically recharge the battery.
  • Full Battery Operation: You may operate the Power Pet Door with battery only if an AC outlet isn't handy. However, you will need to recharge the battery periodically (recharge interval varies with use). In this case, it will be convenient to have the optional battery charger kit and a spare battery.

Customer Reviews

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  • what i needed review by Jody
    5 5 what i needed

    This door is great. I needed something to let my dog in and out but kept the neighbors annoying dog out. My old dog door let it in and I was not happy coming home to another dog in my house. this door is great. I recommend buying the back up batter as my power went out one night and my dog was locked outside. I bought the back up asap after that so if the power goes out my dog wont be locked out.

    (Posted on 9/10/2018)

  • Good door review by Susanne
    5 5 Good door

    This door is amazing for the price. I know electronics can cost more and I was hesitant to buy this, but I needed something to keep the outside animals out. The collar key is a little weird for me to get used to but my dogs do not seem to mind at all. The flap opens quickly when my dog approaches and they have no fear coming in or out and it is safe from outside raccoons and other critters. Overall a great door.

    (Posted on 9/4/2018)

  • Good Electronic Option review by Michael
    5 4 Good Electronic Option

    Had a raccoon problem so I got this door, and haven't had to worry about them since. The door works great, but the parts can only be purchased through a dealer and after the first couple years things need replacing here and there.

    (Posted on 9/4/2018)

  • Good Choice - review by Horace
    5 4 Good Choice -

    Good choice for an electronic door. It actual raises the flap for the dog and lowers behind him. Seems to be raccoon proof,unless the raccoon steals the collar from the dog ;-) The one downside is the size of the collar key. It's kind-of big for my small dogand it uses a lot of special batteries throughout the year which can only be purchased from High Tech or a High Tech dealer.

    (Posted on 12/28/2017)

  • Works but is a bit slow review by Jackie
    5 4 Works but is a bit slow

    The pet door works great but it can be a little slow to open and close. My dog has to wait for a second or two before the flap will start to rise. It also stays open for a few seconds after my dog leaves.

    (Posted on 12/8/2017)

Weight 1.0000
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High Tech Power Pet Door



High Tech Power Pet Door Demo

Framing is not necessary if mounting in a door up to 1 ¾” thick. Your Power Pet door comes with a pre-made outer frame that will complete the look of the door around the opening. If performing a wall installation, it’s recommended that you build a frame or purchase the wall adapter tunnel. Note that the pet door dimensions on the site are for the rough cutout, not including the frame.

To begin installing, cut your opening according to the diagram, your wall location will need framing


1. Cut the hole in your door or wall according to the diagram below. Note that wall installations will require framing.

2. Install the Power Pet door with the inner frame that is attached.

3. Install the outer frame framing tunnel. You can purchase the wall adapter tunnel or build your own.



-Make sure to not over-tighten the inside mounting screws, or the housing may be affected by your door or wall and cause the panel or flap to malfunction.

-Screw covers are provided with your door to cover the screw holes. To remove these after installation, simply twist clockwise with a coin or flathead screwdriver. Do not twist counter-clockwise or they may break.

With purchase, this pet door comes with instructions including cutout assistance to make sure this is done properlyTo insert your parts correctly, be sure your frames are on the correct sides

Initial Power Up:

1. Plug the AC Adaptor into a 110 VAC wall outlet.

2. Plug the adaptor cord into one of the Power Input Jacks on the inside frame.

3. Press the front panel ON button to power up the door. Make sure the AC light turns on.

4. Press the OPEN button and check that the door panel opens/closes.

Start-up and battery operation are on the panel of the frame so you can control the settings easily

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